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1 . Coming of age: A coming old novel is actually a novel by which shows the transition with the protagonist by childhood to adulthood through a physical, mental, emotional, or perhaps spiritual journey. The Secret Life of Bees is a coming of age new for Lily because the lady matures and loses her innocence.

One example is in chapter two Lily makes a older decision to leave home mainly because she finally realizes that how Capital t. Ray is definitely treating her is vile and un-fatherly. (Kidd 39-43). When Lily comes to the bee farmville farm, she discovers that there is many advantages in the world.

Once she finds this amazing benefits she grows up a little more and adds even more experience to her somewhat tiny view of the world. 2 . Fictional Allusions: A literary allusion is anything in the textual content that references to a thing that the audience could recognize. As an example the book references Moses delivering God’s people out of Egypt, as well as the other uses that rappel to connect together how a bees will be the one’s that delivered Lily away Capital t. Ray. Lily says the fact that bees “were sent being a special problem for Capital t. Ray. God saying, Let my child go, and perhaps that’s exactly what they’d been, a plague that unveiled me.  (Kidd 151).

This allusion is linked with the plan because the girl with referencing the bees to the classic tale of Moses, and also covers how the bees were her escape from T. Ray. 3. The bees are crucial to the tale because they are the ones who have appeared to guide Lily throughout the whole book. In the beginning of the publication she barriers a few bees in a jar but feels guilty regarding leaving these questions jar and so she clears the container to let these people free, but the bees no longer leave right away, it takes these people awhile to finally leave (Kidd 27-28). The bees continue to be a motif mainly because they signify how every bee contains a purpose, the same as each persona has a purpose.

This is important to May’s death because if perhaps one bee leaves the hive items go crazy and so May was the bee that kept and this remaining the entire beehive in a rage (Kidd 192-214). The bees are also a motif in the title since in the beehive Lily features this magic formula that she continues to keep from everyone and this is where the title The Secret Life of Bees features most likely originated in. 4. The river is pertinent to Lily’s coming of age because with this lake Lily sees death and this probably reminds her of her mother’s death. Also Lily gets a more clear understanding of loss of life because of the riv taking the life of May possibly.

The water is also emblematic because the lake makes up the stones which will make the Wailing Wall so Lily locates the despair in the wall structure and finds out about May’s pain and sadness (Kidd 80-83). With this information Lily is able to grow up and figure out even more about the world itself outside the beehive. a few. Setting: The setting is vital to the history because while using time period first of all if it happened in modern day time Rosaleen wouldn’t have become to jail, nor would those men have been out loud to overcome her up without getting struggling.

Sadly it was a time when folks treated black people terribly as if they were still slaves in a sense. Something more important that would have been completely different is definitely T. Ray wouldn’t had been able to treat Lily the way he had which is essential for the plot mainly because if Capital t. Ray hadn’t gotten aside with as an awful daddy than Lily probably more than likely have run away from home. The timeframe is important to how this story takes on out for if it had been a different sort of time period this kind of story would not have occurred. 6. 7. 8. Foil: In the story it is evident in short time frame that June is quite totally different from her more mature sister August.

While June is cool to people and shuts them out, specifically Lily, September is quiet, caring, motherly, and the queen. June is extremely protective of her home where Aug is fun loving and a few people in no matter who also they may be. One example is June would like to essentially chuck Lily on the street since she really wants to keep items easy, nevertheless August says that Lily needs to stay until she is ready to keep (Kidd 86-87). This is among the many times wherever August and June battle in individuality and this is fairly important as it moves the plot along.

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