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Kirsten Highsmith March 1, 2013 Eng & Humanities 2-1 Etymology Imperialism 1 . (Noun): A policy of extending a country’s electrical power and affect through diplomacy or armed forces force, (Noun) The system, policies, or techniques of such a government, (noun) a case or coverage of aggressive behaviour by one express against another 2 . Imperialism originated in 1826 in a Napoleonic context, “advocacy of empire, “also of Rome along with British overseas policy, by imperial and -ism.

At times in English usage with a neutral or perhaps positive perception relating to national interests or the spread of the benefits of European civilization.. Imperialism is still being used. 4. Though Imperialism originated in 1826 it had been first registered 1878. It had been picked up in Communist jargon by 1918. The term Imperialism applied to American political and economic prominence in the nineteenth and 20th centuries. (etymonline. com) 5. A modern, interesting use of the word is that “Imperialism is the name of any turn-based Strategy video game. Matrix 1 . (Noun): An environment or perhaps material by which something grows, (Noun): Quite a few fine-grained mountain in which gems, crystals, or perhaps fossils will be embedded, (Archaic)The womb, Archaic)The formative cellular material or tissue of a fingernail, toenail, or tooth, (Noun) A rectangular assortment of numeric or algebraic amounts subject to mathematical operations installment payments on your Matrix originates from the Latin, female animal used for propagation, parent grow, from matr-, mater. Its first regarded use is 1555. Its also from the Old French word matrice. several. Matrix remains to be in use, except for the third classification listed above. four. “Matrix” may be the Latin word for tummy, and it retains that sense in English. This may also mean more generally any place in which something happens to be formed or produced. The term “matrix” intended for an rray of number or algebraic quantities controlled by mathematical functions was launched in 1850 by James Joseph Sylvester. (ualr. edu) 5. A modern day or interesting use of the term “Matrix is that “Matrix may be the title of the brand new 2012 Toyota sports Car Sweets 1 . (noun): A sweet crystalline material obtained from numerous plants, (noun): Used like a term of endearment or perhaps an loving form of treat, (noun): A psychoactive drug in the form of white natural powder 2 . Glucose first originated in the past due 13 hundred years, “sugre, by Old The french language. Its Medieval Latin expression was succarum, and its Arabic word being sukkar 3. Sugar remains in use.. Sugar Old Globe home was India and it continued to be exotic in Europe before the Arabs began to cultivate it in Sicily and Spain, not till after the Crusades did it set out to rival honey as the West’s sweetener. 5. A modern or interesting use of the word sugar is that it is the brand of a American alternative rock band which was initial formed in 1992. Necromancer 1 . (noun): A person who procedures necromancy, a wizard or magician installment payments on your Necromancer originated from c. toll free, from the Aged French term nigromansere, three or more. Necromancer continues to be in use. some. The word necromancer is tailored from the expression necromancy which means a form of magic nvolving conversation with the departed. The word “necromancy” is modified from Later Latin necromantia. Early necromancy volved coming from shamanism, which usually calls after spirits such as the ghosts of ancestors. your five. A modern or perhaps interesting simple fact about the phrase necromancer is that in the popular video game Guild Wars a necromancer is known as a playable persona who can call on the spirits of the deceased, and even loss of life itself, to overpower enemies and help allies. Works Cited 1 . “Dictionary. com. ” Synonym replacement tool. com. In. p., d. d. Net. 17 By. 2013. 2 . “Etymology. inch Behind the Name:. And. p., in. d. World wide web. 17 January. 2013. a few.

EtymologyAbout Each of our Definitions: Every Forms of anything (noun, Action-word, Etc . )Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster, and. d. Internet. 17 Jan. 2013. some. “Online Etymology Dictionary. inch Online Etymology Dictionary. And. p., and. d. World wide web. 17 By. 2013. a few. Dictionary. com. Dictionary. com, n. m. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. Kirsten Highsmith February 1, 2013 Humanities II 2-1 Food Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa Food Security could be translated into many different explanations. Webster’s definition of it is, “Food security refers to the availability of food in sufficient quantity in a safe and nutritious form and one’s usage of it for a healthy and active your life. This definition for food security clearly sets out different sections included when discussing food security, globally. These kinds of sections incorporate many different areas of food security. For example: the physical accessibility to food, and economic usage of food, as well as the sustainability of such aspects to supply adequate levels of food secureness. “In Sub-Saharan Africa today, almost 33 percent from the population of sub-Saharan The african continent lack satisfactory food security( “Achieving Meals Security in Africa: Difficulties and Issues1). The region of Africa overall remains constant to frequent food entrée and absences hich will be triggered simply by droughts, floods, and economical downturns. Food Security in sub-Saharan Photography equipment households has become lowered due to countries failure to produce the proper resources to import meals. Sub-Saharan Africa is dependent upon agriculture which can be most vulnerable to climate modify making many methods of expansion futile nevertheless few methods supply satisfactory results. The application of agriculture may improve food security in sub-Saharan The african continent by changing to different farming techniques such as using mulching, composting and crop rotation. Mulching in Africa can help improve meals security in a multitude of techniques. Mulches happen to be materials positioned over the garden soil surface to take care of moisture(treesaregood). By using mulching crops and fresh vegetables are able to have moisture even under serious weather conditions. This is certainly beneficial to Sub-Saharan Africa because of the many droughts they receive, it is harder for plants and vegetables to grow and soon finish up dying. By maintaining water vegetation are able to increase healthier and stronger. Normal water conservation is usually not the only thing mulching can help with. “Coupled with conserving water mulching stops the compression and crusting of the dirt aused by simply watering, and rain( Russell). Because of the unforeseen rain inside the Sub-Saharan, the soil is definitely compressed and losses water which leads for the drying out and crusting of plants. Through the use of mulching it helps stops wetness from vacationing up throughout the soil, and leaving behind the dissolved minerals as a crust which might have blocked the plants via growing to the surface. Mulches also provide meals for earth worms. “Earthworms are a useful resource in the garden, Worms tunnel profound into the soil allowing atmosphere and drinking water to easily reach plant roots( mulchingaround).

By simply mulch getting earthworms plant life are able to get hold of water and oxygen simpler which allows the soil to become richer and grow more quickly, which is just what the dirt in the Sub-Saharan needs. Mulching helps boost food security by permitting plants and vegetables inside the Sub-Saharan to grow faster which can be collected and readily available more to different parts of the location. Tons of spend is made through Africa and usually leads to wastelands or turned into wide open dumps. Composting is a great way of getting reduce waste in the Sub-Saharan as well as helping the environment. Composting should be to fertilize using a mixture of decaying organic subject. (Dictionary). Compost decomposes each of the organic material and produces soil. By creating dirt, it allows for a lot more room to plant and produced food which makes it widely available and simple to access.. “Small-scale farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa and the complete African place can boost yields by simply up to totally through combining fertilizer micro dosing and manures application( New Farming Techniques Help to improve Food Security). By adding various kinds of compost with each other farmers in the Sub-Saharan will help improve ground and plant growth simply by 00%, this kind of percentage may drastically help to improve food security all over the Photography equipment region by making use of organic materials to help generate compost. Through the use of compost, Africa’s plant growth can improve by improving the soil that it gets its nutrition from. “Compost also has the main advantage of adding organic matter towards the soil( The newest Vision intended for Agriculture: Changing agriculture through collaboration). By having organic materials to ground it gives it the nutrients it needs to grow faster and helps include water. Generally there have also been fresh methods of composting called a “Compost toilet. Composting toilets happen to be toilet devices which handle human spend by composting and dehydration to produce a useable end-product that is a valuable dirt additive( Just what Composting Bathroom? ). Mélange toilets allow waste coming into the bathroom to be evaporated into the ambiance through the vent leaving volume of ground to be utilized as a all-natural fertilizer. Since helpful because compost toilets are they can be expensive rendering it harder for Sub-Saharan to use and can slowly but surely increase the food protection issue. Harvest rotation in sub-Saharan Africa isn’t anything at all new and has been permitting a more diverse roup of foods to grow which expands the choice of food. “A crop rotation is a series of numerous crops selected and planted in the same field pursuing the defined seasons order (merriam-webster). There is a extensive diversity of cropping systems in sub-Saharan Africa. “A three years’ trial was held in a farmers’ field in Ghana to analyze the effect of sole plants “crops which have been grown alone compared to standard crop rotation( Magdoff). The studies confirmed that harvest rotation allowed a quicker growing and even more diverse selection of food by making use of crop rotation. Through rotations, labor is usually educed and better allocated throughout the year permitting a more structured labor composition. “Crop rotation can also equilibrium the production of residues by alternating vegetation that generate few and or short-lived residues(Toensmeier). This allows a lesser amount residues left over and allows them to be taken out. With more remains removed that easier to grow more plants as well. “Many crops might have positive effects on succeeding crops inside the rotation, leading to greater creation overall(Kroeck). As a result of positives associated with crop rotation sub-Saharan The african continent has made it one of its number 1 food protection support strategies.

By enabling greater development crop rotation allows for better access to food and availability which boost the amount of food security in the Sub-Saharan and other areas. There are many different reasons why Sub-Saharan Africa suffers from low food security one of them being the effect of greenhouse gases on the environment. “Greenhouse gas emissions per person from urban waste supervision activities will be greater in sub-Saharan Photography equipment countries as compared to other developing countries, and they are increasing since the population turns into more urbanized( waste managing through composting in Africa). As The african continent becomes even more rbanized the waste turns into greater and harder to contain. The waste via greenhouse vapors effects the agriculture making it hard to grow food, which decreases its foodstuff security more. Climate transform also plays a huge position in cultivation. “African countries are particularly susceptible to climate modify because of their reliance on rain given agriculture, excessive levels of poverty(Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture). As a result of ever changing weather and the reliance on rain, this makes farming hard to be fully sufficient, if the crops aren’t getting enough rainfall and nutrients needed.

Manpowered labor is actually a necessity in increasing meals security through agriculture. “It is to be expected that the HIV/AIDS epidemic can cause serious problems for the agriculture sector in those countries, especially in countries that count heavily about manpower for production. ( V. INFLUENCE ON AGRICULTURE). Due to HIV/AIDS pandemic many maqui berry farmers and personnel have become unwell and struggling to produce plants which leads to declining yields and farming production. The reduction of production because of HIV/AIDS in Africa has resulted in food insecurity. After researching the food security situation in sub-Saharan The african continent and food security in ther countries the research demonstrates that they cannot improve if even more attention and support is definitely not given to agriculture expansion. By using harvest rotation, mulching and composting, farmers can cultivate their very own farms and use the same plots in repeatedly. Crop rotation allows for a more diverse choice of foodstuff and increased production overall. Mulching sustains moisture and improves the fertility and health of the soil. Composting is used like a soil moisturizing hair product and all-natural fertilizer. A single major benefit for these farming methods is the fact it allows people to stop using slash and burn off cultivation.

Cultivation can be the basis for sound and varied economic growth. Works Cited 1 . “Agriculture and Meals Security | World Economic Forum , Agriculture and Food Secureness. ” Agriculture and Meals Security. And. p., and. d. Net. 17 Jan. 2013. 2 . “Compost. inch Organics South Africa. N. g., n. deb. Web. seventeen Jan. 2013. 3. “CSIRO. ” Facing Africa’s Meals Security Problems. N. l., n. m. Web. 18 Jan. 2013. 4. Devereux, Stephen, and Simon Maxwell. Food Reliability in Sub-Saharan Africa. Birmingham: ITDG, 2001. Print. a few. “Economist Intelligence Unit. inch Global Meals Security Index. N. p., n. m.

Web. 17 Jan. 2013. 6. “New Farming Approaches Help Improve Foodstuff Security. inches New Farming Techniques Help to improve Food Reliability. N. l., n. d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. 7. “New Farming Approaches Help Improve Food Security. ” Solomon Moments Online RSS. N. s., n. g. Web. seventeen Jan. 2013. 8. “SECTION I: SOIL COMPACTION-CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES. inch Soil Compaction: Causes, Results, and Control. N. s., n. deb. Web. 03 Feb. 2013. 9. “Reusing Organic Sound Waste in Urban Farming in Photography equipment Cities: A Challengefor Metropolitan Planners. inch Urban Cultivation in Western world Africa. D. p., d. d. Web. 03 February. 2013.

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