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Part 1 ‘Segregation and the use shape interpersonal life in cities’. Describe how different sorts of proof in DD102 can be used to support this declare.

Segregation refers to the building of limitations between teams. These limitations can be the two spatial and social, which will creates connection within a group, but disconnection with the additional groups (Dixon and Hinchcliffe, 2014, p96). Integration identifies the concentration of a group based on anything people may have in common, one example is race. Race may result in unification of your group of people who have are of the identical race, this creates interconnection within a group however may also create disconnection from other groupings such as persons of a different race.

A more advanced example of contest segregation and integration comes with the southern states with the USA through the Jim Crow era. Through this era, where a person could live, operate or attend school was determined by their race, whether they were dark-colored or white-colored. This became a formal legislation of ethnicity segregation, and also required white and dark-colored Americans being completely separated. The two events were needed to use diverse entrances to buildings such as cinemas, work with different toilets and drink from diverse water fountains. Race segregation also occurred in South Africa through the apartheid period, resulting in the ‘Petty apartheid’ legislation dictating who the folks of S. africa could spend time with or kind relationships with (Dixon and Hinchcliffe, 2014, p96-97). These two examples create disconnections to races as a result of being segregated, as dark citizens wasn’t able to associate with white individuals. Within their racial groups this kind of created contacts based on all their race in support of being able to affiliate with one another in the same group, therefore showing integration due to legislations and laws. By being segregated, this limits and shapes the social existence of a metropolis as individuals are linked and disconnected with other persons based solely on their competition. Becoming a part of a group typically creates you possess of solidarity, a sense of prevalent belonging and creates persons feeling connected to each other, whilst feeling turned off by additional groups because of social division(Dixon and Hinchcliffe, 2014, p96).

Class divisions could also be used as an example of segregation and integration within a city. Inside the city of Stansted, the wealthier class were able to divide themselves from the poorer class in the 1850’s therefore showing segregation between the two groups. The poorest category were positioned in the working-class terraced houses within the interior ring of Manchester, and the richer course lived in provincial villas for the outer band of Manchester. This was called the ‘doughnut’ shape of the location and can still be observed inside today’s city of Manchester. School based segregation remains unchanged within Manchester however merged housing generally in most areas has become initiated to be able to amend this kind of segregation in the city (Dixon and Hinchcliffe, 2014, p96). This example of class segregation also produced disconnection between the two classes, as the richer persons indirectly would not have to live, work with or perhaps attend university with the lesser class because of being in different areas of Gatwick, however in new society both classes might integrate and connect due to the mixed enclosure that has been created within the majority of areas. Therefore different classes may are in the same areas as one another therefore preventing class section and segregation.

Portland Street in London is also one other example of just how class section can be lowered due to two classes residing in the same location, however it can also be used as an example of segregation as a result of class. Portland Street also houses to the poorer class as well as the richer school, both living on the same streets therefore it increases the chances of school division being reduced because of mixed housing on the street ranging from 5, 1000, 000 homes to homes for the poorer course. Within the same example, category segregation may also be observed as a result of poorer class living around the North side of the avenue and the more potent class living on the to the south side in the street, therefore showing disconnection between residents based on which side of the street you reside on (The Open College or university 2017, Portland Road video).

The usage can be seen once connections and relationships among two areas in Belfast are created through activities, occasions and tasks such as the Skegoneill Glandore common purpose project (SGCPP). The purpose of the project is to combine the two protestant and catholic communities collectively to create sociable capital (The Open University 2017, ‘Making Connections’ video). Social capital refers to social connections and ease in the community (The Open College or university 2018, DD102 Glossary). During the past, violence and conflicts have got existed between the two communities, resulting in the communities being segregated and disconnecting with one another. The aim of the SGCPP should be to bring both communities together to form associations and match each other (The Open College or university 2017, ‘Introduction’ video). The SGCPP includes volunteers whom help the task in many ways just like working in the city centre and helping to organise events to help integrate both communities. William’s shop was assembled by William himself to help connect members from the community. The shop offers a shared place for members of the community to shop and connect with the other person as their pathways cross regularly. The task also helps to integrate youthful teenagers and children by simply holding an after school facility and allotment projects where small teenagers and children come together with each other and volunteers that help to facilitate the teams (The Open up University 2017, ‘Making Connections’ video). This shows incorporation as users of the community are creating groups including the after school group and the allotment group, therefore connecting with one another and helping the prevention of segregation and disconnection in the community.

The make an attempt to integrate two communities even offers barriers like the fear of disorders from other communities and bias thoughts and opinions more (The Wide open University 2017, ‘Perceptions and Fears’ video). This may display connections between citizens who have share the same prejudice thoughts and opinions of members of the other community, as they hook up through prevalent thoughts. This might result in segregation within the same community. For instance , if a lot of members of the protestant community believed that they may be assaulted by associates of the catholic community, they may form their particular group inside the protestant community resulting in disconnection with the other protestants and also with the catholic community.

In conclusion, segregation and disconnections can occur because of factors just like fear, race, class and also religion. Segregation results in other folks disconnecting with each other, however connect and incorporate with each other in their own group. The evidence and examples offered show many different integration and segregation, showing the different ways that this can influence and shape a world in different metropolitan areas and countries, both in the past and present societies.

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