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Natural medicine


Recently, there has been a great unprecedented desire for alternative medicine. This rise may be ascribed to the fact that there exists some certain dissatisfaction or disillusionment with contemporary medicine. This is because in most cases, modern medicine would not give get rid of or even liberation. In addition , it is sometimes very expensive, and such cannot be afforded by many people. Modern remedies is also thought to be hazardous. This essay offers a discussion of the forms of various medicine on the market.

Types of Alternate Remedies


In simple terms it means the Science of life. This places wonderful emphasis on values. All professors of Ayurveda gave comprehensive instructions to get the proper patterns of the medical student plus the practicing doctor. The training of Ayurveda could possibly be of various types: Siddha (pure) Ayurveda, Ayurveda integrated with varying amounts of modern medicine and non-formal training, which includes apprenticeship to Ayurveda doctors (Patwardhan, 2005).


Unani treatments as used today is a hybrid involving the Greco Arab and Ayurveda medicine. The Unani physician (Hakim) offers his own code of conduct, closely allied towards the code propounded by Hippocrates. Unani practice which started out with the approaching of Arabs continues to be utilized today.


Siddha medicine is definitely practiced primarily in Tamil Nadu. The origin may perhaps be in the Dravidian culture after which it is absorbed Ayurveda. The treatment is by way of herbal and mineral chemicals.


This is something of therapy, first propounded by Doctor Samuel Hahnemann. There is a vital force which can be the fact of all lifestyle. It is necessary to take care of the vital force in a healthier state. There are certain basic principles of homeotherapy. Many of these basic principles consist of law of similar which implies that a “drug capable of producing certain symptoms in wellness will create cure of the disease with same pair of symptoms. inches In addition , homeopathy advocates the use of the minimum dose required to impact cure and use so far as possible an individual remedy which is in close conformance while using disease pattern (Mathie, 2003).


Naturopathy can be described as promotive and preventive form of therapy. There is natural human body resistance and all that is required is to support it. Even though there is disease, no remedies is given. Disease is considered because the body’s work to detox itself of the impurities that have accumulated in your body. The cure is usually effected throughout the elements of character (air, drinking water, earth plus the rays of sun) (Hechtman, 2013).

Water is recognized as as extremely important, the ideal absorption being several litres per day at midmorning, half an hour prior to lunch, midafternoon, evening and at bedtime. Additional fluids can be taken. It is crucial to eat the proper kind of food such as fruits and vegetables in time of year, preferably ingested raw. Diet is important if the person is ill and could be of three types, comforting, eliminative and constructive. Non-vegetarian dishes, pickles, condiments, alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea happen to be prohibited in naturopathy (Hechtman, 2013).

Fasting is recognized as good remedies and is important in cleaning the digestive system. The patient might take water, lime juice or fruit juices, depending on the current condition of the patient and nature in the disease. Enema is used to clean the lower bowel using plain water. Cool enema is given for inflammatory conditions with the colon elizabeth. g. in dysentery, ulcerative colitis and other diarrheal conditions. Hot lavativa is used to alleviate irritation. Drinking water prepared with neem leaves is recommended in amoebiosis and worm contaminations (Hechtman, 2013).

Popular foot bathtub is also suggested. Feet and legs will be kept within a tub filled up with water at a temp of 40-450C and then covered with a quilt for 10-20 minutes. Finally wash with cold water (Hechtman, 2013).

Heliopathy (sun bath) and Mud therapy:

Sun bathtub may be considered directly among 8am to 11am and 2 pm hours to 4pmin winter and 7 are to 9am and 3pm to5 pm hours in summer season. In dirt therapy drenched mud collected from riverbanks and cleaned of rocks and filthy particles in thin muslin cloth are kept above the patient’s abdomen. Mud bathroom can be applied to the whole physique and then exposed to sunlight for 20-30 moments until the dirt gets dry out (Eisenberg ainsi que al 1998).

Herbal remedies

A large number of people turn to herbs including ginger, garlic clove, tamarind, clove, asafoetida, and so forth However some herbal medicines could be harmful and may produce degree of toxicity, hypotension, lean meats damage, etc . Thus there is need to differentiate between beneficial, harmless and harmful remedies. The plant life have to be identified carefully while mistakes may easily occur (Barnes, Powell-Griner, McFann Nahin, 2004).


Alternative medicine just like siddha, ayurveda, heliopathy among others provide a less expensive alternative to modern day medication which most cases is usually expensive over and above the cost of many people. They individuals who view modern day medicine because hazardous to health a chance at preserving their well being without actually having to employ modern medication.

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