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Monkey Business


The exotic pet trade pertaining to primates has been a lucrative business throughout the world. People are in love with sweet, cuddly monkeys’ and just desire them because their pets. This business might have its rewards, just like playing with their very own cute Loris’, but the owners may not fully grasp the terrible experiences that these loving animals have to go through to be made in “house pets”. There have been many issues that have been completely created due to this trade including abuse from the animals, disease transmission and unexpected problems for the owners. We would like to delve into the many issues encircling this theme and explore the laws and regulations that are aiming to be put on to ensure primate and man safety.


Various people think about adopting primates for many causes.

  • Look for a partner as a alternative for a kid.
  • Affinity towards amazing animals.
  • Creates a psychologically disturbed pet.

But the result usually leads to tragedy.

  • Produces a mentally annoyed animal. (Mott)
  • Primate can never learn how to socialize with other primates. (Mott)
  • Will end up with many of self-destructive characteristics. (Mott)

Diseases can be a problem. (Mott)

  • A few trivial man diseases can kill several monkeys.
  • On the other hand, several monkeys carry diseases that can be threatening to humans.

Disease Infections and Transmission Because of Primate Pets

Different types of diseases arise because of being next to each other during illegal travel.

  • Zoonotic Diseases are a potential threat to humans. (Renquist)
    • Herpesvirus B
    • Poxviruses
    • Yaba malware infection

Whilst these conditions are harmful to arcivescovo owners, in addition there are diseases that nonhuman primates are more susceptible to that may put the lives of primate domestic pets at risk. (Renquist)

  • Case in point, Tuberculosis
    • Macaques will be more susceptible to this.
    • If macaque catches it, owner will be likely to suffer as well.

Introduction of those diseases in to the populations are certainly not worth raise the risk.

Types of primates in trade

Primates are sold from prices that cover anything from 1, five-hundred to 40, 000 dollars. (Mott)

  • Many different varieties are sold.

A few of the more common species are:

  • Spider Apes
  • Capuchin Monkeys
  • Lorises
  • Chimpanzees.

The Monkey Trade

There are many of strategies in which the monkeys are bought.

  • When discover an over-abundance of monkeys, the surplus are offered. (Mott)
  • A lot of come from breeders.

These are drawn from their mothers as early as three or more days older. (Mott)

  • Given lifeless object as being a surrogate mother: stuffed animal or quilt.
  • The majority of the primates develop irregular behaviors.
    • Case in point, rocking, self-grasping, and digit sucking.

Laws and regulations

Simply no federal laws and regulations that prohibit primate ownership.

Several states possess a complete suspend on exotic pets, other folks require lets or have zero regulations. (Stine)

  • Condition Laws
    • There are some repeat among the diverse caterogy of laws with the possession of exotic pets varies in states. (Stine)
      • the animals which might be covered by what the law states.
      • The level of regulation.
      • The charges for the violation.
  • Bans upon exotic pet trade in Florida needs permit intended for possession, exhibit or product sales.
    • Categorizes of captive Animals. Type of classes:
        • Class We
        • Class II
        • Class III
    • Sarasota prohibits product sales, use, relieve of nonnative species beginning in 2010.

Haven Stories

Many beneficial stories about primates getting acquired through the exotic pet trade. (Blair)

  • Primates were abandoned by owners.
    • Owners would not know how to correctly care for them.
    • A lot of primates become larger plus more aggressive during after sex maturity

Primates are used in sanctuaries exactly where they can live the rest with their lives in peace and solitude.


Overall overview and conclusions on the family pet trade since it relates to primates.

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