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In this record I will explain a wide range of systems used by Steve Smith.

Steve was linked to a car accident a few years ago in which he lost the application of his thighs and also hurt his spinal cord. He has used a wheel chair since that time. He works as a lecturer in imperial university where he teaches science. This has been deeply upsetting towards his physical, sociable and working aspects of his life. I am going to find out what technology he uses to make do in life and also to decrease the hardships he faces with his afflictions and also to learn how he uses these technologies for his own, social and working facets of his your life.

John is famous by every his acquaintances and is popular in his place of work. He also goes out with friends in his workplace in social events like night clubs but this doesn’t generally happen as a result of trouble this individual has coping with his impairment. Technology 1 Work Related One particular technology that John purposes of work is definitely his eyegaze. An eyegaze is a conversation and control system for those who have complex disabilities it’s a reply interface that tracks the attention allowing hands free computer operation.

By looking for certain switches a person can perform almost anything at the. g. switch his residence light’s on and off, open specific doors in the house and use the internet. The eyegaze is an excellent system used by lots of disabled persons. John has a eyegaze personal computer attached to his wheelchair. For his university or college he can monitor his college students and utilize interactive light board in his classroom to exhibit his learners pictures or set all of them question for class work. His eyegaze can also get connected to his printing device wirelessly in order to print out problem that he has set his course for home work or modification sheets because of their test.

Advantages Advantages of a great eyegaze will be that it allows people with sophisticated disabilities just like spinal cord paralysis to browse the web and do daily tasks that could normally have recently been impossible within their current point out of well being. The eyegaze allows them to do all their work and play games that they would normally have been unable to do due to the fact that they might not have had the opportunity to reach its keyboard counterpart with their handicap. The eyegaze allows these to surf the net, keep in touch with others all over the world and have video conferences.

Cons The eyegaze has many drawbacks is that it’s harder to use then a typical keyboard mainly because it track you’re eye in the event you make the smallest twitch it can follow and go onto the things you looked at. It is rather difficult to work with as it will follow every approach you vision make as well as the slightest twitch could change the page or perhaps delete the sentence you were in. It could likewise turn off the lights when you wish them upon or closed a door you need open.

Eyegazes are also extremely expensive and if they break down it take along time for you to replace since a small fraction of business produce the technology also the technology needs to sent from other countries and that takes a lot of time. The way the technology complies with the Needs of the adult in a work related environment: To Steve his eyegaze is a great ease and comfort as he has to mark his class’s function and as he is disabled it could take along time with regular pen and paper thus his students send this to him by email. He works on the special program which allows him by using his voice to mark their particular work and send it back to all of them on simply by one.

His eyegaze permits him to do this without putting a great pressure on his back whereas by using a keyboard and mouse could have put an excellent strain in the spinal cord and caused him a great deal of soreness. His eyegaze is very useful to him at work related conditions as it enables him to look throw his work and lecture notice quickly with no strain or perhaps pain in the back. WHAT WOULD THIS INDIVIDUAL DO WITH NO THIS PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY With out his eyegaze John wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on his students in class or perhaps set these people work simply by email.

As well he would have to use a normal mouse and keyboard to monitor his constant stream of e-mails which he receives coming from students, his colleagues great doctors and this would have been a continuous strain in the back and would have put him in a lot of pain. He’d also be unable to automatically turn on lights or open doors because his eyegaze is linked wirelessly to his residence and permits him to control his environment. Technology a couple of Socially Related 1 technology that John uses in his personal life is his electronic wheelchair which allows him to move around anywhere without the hassle of pushing the rims. His electronic wheelchair includes a portable eyegaze computer linked to his electrical wheelchair enabling him for taking his assist him on the run.

He uses his electric wheelchair in a number of personally related activities. Because of his power wheelchair they can move everywhere around his house and area with no straining his back by having to manually push the wheels. Advantages Electrical wheelchairs have many positive aspects including since they’re power supply powered there is no hassle of moving it instead you push the control stick ahead and the tires move that belongs to them accord.

This can be excellent because John has spinal paralysis which means that he cannot work with his as well as if he had a manual wheelchair then simply someone else would need to push him around and John features told me that I don’t like having persons wait about me?nternet site had problems coping with the realism i cannot work with my back or hip and legs anymore. Down sides An electrical wheelchair has many cons like: it really is dependant on battery packs therefore it is not going to work if it has no demand. Another disadvantage is that this cannot be folded away and be put into the shoe of a car.

It is also incredibly heavy it will be a significant nuisance when ever going up the university stairs as he demands his learners help while the security are on lack of of grounds and it will take him an hour to get from his car directly to the backside to his lecture hall. His wheelchair is also very expensive and if it breaks down it will take along a chance to repair. How a technology fulfills the Demands of the adult in a socially related environment: For Ruben his electric powered wheelchair can be one the very best pieces of technology he can use as it is quickly and trusted and permits him to look everywhere without the hassle and strain of a normal manual wheelchair.

Also, it is a great alleviation as his back is often in soreness and thanks to the wheelchairs exceptional cushions he can lie back and have the special in-built massagers take his backs soreness away. WHAT WOULD THIS INDIVIDUAL DO WITHOUT THIS PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY With out his wheelchair John can be unable to maneuver around as efficiently as with his electric one particular. Also it could have put elevated constant stress on his spinal cord and put him in a lot of pain. He would be unable to take his use him away from home as there is no battery pack to connect the wires to.

Without his electric wheelchair it would take him much longer to go searching or proceed anywhere else. Technology 3 Personally Related Another part of technology that John uses is his single fingered keyboard. The single fingered key board can be described as special type of keyboard which in turn follows a brand new style of keyboard allowing the disabled person to be able to type on his/her computer without putting a lots of stress on themselves. Another definition for a single fingered keyboard can be: The Maltron Single-handed keyboard is rounded, with a single recess.

It gets in left-handed and right-handed variations and is broken into four main blocks of keys: * 1 block for the fingers 2. 1 prevent for the thumb 5. 1 toned panel of keys aside * one particular row of function important factors along the leading The keyboard has push-on push-off functions to get the change, control, and alt tips. The prevents for the fingers and thumb happen to be mirror pictures of one an additional in the left-handed and right-handed versions (whereas the flat block and performance key line are identical in both). Advantages There are a great number of advantages of a single-fingered key pad like the fact that it doesn’t put a lot of strain on the person using the keyboard.

Another advantage is usually that the special condition and structure takes into account from the letters found in modern day inputting. This is completed make the layout more efficient than the usual normal QWERTY keyboard and can save tension and needless movement between keys. An individual of this type of keyboard will find input than is ideal therefore it’s suggested that the consumer used a predictive term processor just like TEXTHELP or perhaps prototype to speed up access and avoid disappointment. Disadvantages A lot of disadvantages of using a single fingered keyboard is the fact that it’s very sluggish and will take long time to process a sentence you wrote and longer for any paragraph.

Likewise because of it’s design you’re hand may be to small to reach the buttons or perhaps too big and you may press the incorrect button meaning that you would need to wait until the complete word or perhaps letter or perhaps sentence made an appearance before having the capacity to change it. Needs of the adult in a privately related environment: John loves writing paperwork and content articles for numerous scientific magazines. Thanks to his keyboard and software that increases the acceleration of presence of words and phrases he can compose fast with no straining his back or being frustrated at the slowness of his keyboard.

This kind of piece of technology allows him to type fast when he is a quickly single fingered typer plus the keyboard permits him to do this without the anxiety about him hurting his back again further. With out this technology John seems that he cannot have a similar hands on influence to his work like so many of his colleagues. WHAT WILL HE PERFORM WITHOUT THIS KIND OF PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY Without his technology Steve would have to use a Braille computer keyboard which in influence would have recently been more comfortable to use thanks to the exceptional polymer that enables the user to type with his on the job the surface of the stand but this may have harmed John further as he are not able to strain his back as that may increase his recovery further.

BOTTOM LINE In conclusion I feel that the systems available to incapable people have been enhanced exponentionally as more people these types of day’s concern the well being of the handicapped. This means that there exists more recognition now than there was several years ago. The technology in our decade has also been increased therefore the progress newer, even more practical technology are easier to generate.

The technologies in John’s life imply that he can now appreciate lifestyle and enjoy encounters like a usual, healthy person. However there exists still area for improvement in the technology in our life today. In the future we should expect existence to become far better for the disabled because there has been considerably more research into how our body works so their could possibly be development in flexible equipment for the disabled.

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