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In short , describe each one of the major theoretical perspectives in maladaptive patterns. Which with the perspectives will you believe may be the ‘right’ perspective, or do they offer a ‘right’ point of view?

Biological Perspective: Suggests that most disorders physical or behavioral have natural causes. Causes may rest in heredity, genetic car accident, or body infection, or trauma(Sarason, 2005) Psychodynamic Perspective: Point of view that emphasizes thoughts and thoughts as the most significant determiners of behavior. Standard ideas come from the work of Sigmund Freud(Sarason, 2005). Behavioral Perspective: A theory of behavior based on the idea that a great deal of person’s behavior is learned instead of genetically structured. According for this view, actions are based on previous experiences while using environment(Sarason, 2005).

Cognitive Point of view: Point of view that considers tendencies to be the reaction to information processing and find solutions to problems. Emphasis can be on mental processes which the individual is aware or can easily become aware(Sarason, 2005). Humanistic-existential Perspective: The concept all individuals are unique and really should be liberal to make their own choices about life guidelines. Emphasizes the creative independence and potential of the individual(Sarason, 2005). Community Cultural Perspective: Viewpoint very much maladaptive patterns results from poor living conditions, discrimination, and so on.

Emphasis is about preventive activities(Sarason, 2005). I know believe each perspective is very important, I do not think you could be better compared to the other, because the human body in its parts is indeed complex, whether it is your culture, genetics, your uniqueness, learned behavior etc… I just consider it can be a mixture of perspectives depending on the individual available.

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