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1 ) What is Mark’s attitude, relating to Jungian theory? Present evidence to your answer.

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Mark is usually “outgoing and happy. He loves lifestyle and lives it to its fullest. He basically an introspective person. ” According to the Jungian theory, Draw is a great extrovert. He’s defined as this sort of by his excited tendencies while getting active, socializing, and the focal point. In addition , Mark’s job is consumed by constant activity and hazard.

2 . What is Mark’s outstanding function, in accordance to Jungian theory? Give evidence to your answer.

Tag states that at work he “does certainly not feel dread, but rather extreme care. ” As such, Mark’s excellent function is a irrational useful of sensing. He uses his pure intuition to perform his job being a firefighter and, ultimately, to appreciate the world.

a few. According to Jung’s theory, what archetype has mark been affected by? How can you know this kind of? How does it influence his behavior? Is definitely Mark aware about its effect? Explain.

Mark’s career path of choice offers regarding that he was influenced simply by archetypes of strong brave heroes.

This would business lead one to believe he have been influenced by hero archetype. Mark feels a need just to save others, through acting on this desire he believes he could be making a difference. Expanding about that believed, as he is aware that supporting others conveniences him and offers him a purpose in his your life, it can be deduced that Tag is aware of this influence and that he is aware the praise makes him feel great about himself.

4. By what level is Mark presently, according to the Jung theory? Specify sub stage if ideal, if suitable. What types of occasions should be happening at this stage?

Presently, although Draw is twenty-eight years old, his actions present the possibility that he is still inside the childhood level of creation: Mark is in the youth stage, according to Jung’s terms. It is possible that Mark is catagorized into the monarchic stage of childhood creation: he attempts thrill, yet shows the introduction of logical and abstract thinking.

5. For what stage, in Jungian theory, was Mark if he was pretending to be a superhero? Specify sub-stage if appropriate.

Under the Jungian theory, although Mark was pretending to be a superhero, he was most likely inside the archaic sub-stage of the childhood stage. This would explain his constant failing of being a superhero.

Theory Comparison Questions

1 . Work with another theory, besides Jung’s, to explain Mark’s career choice. For the purpose of this question, We are using the theories of Sigmund Freud. As a result, Freud could delve into and further elaborate the influence of Mark’s child years. Freud would view Mark’s childhood activities of playing superhero online games to explain his behavior later on. In conclusion, Freud would believe these experiences meant Tag was very likely already predestined to obtain a profession such as being a firefighter.

2 . How could environmental factors, such as reinforcements and punishment, explain Mark’s career choice? Exactly what are some reinforcements that encourage this behavior? How is the focus of this description different than those of Jung’s theory in describing Mark’s career choice? By means of the multiple “thank you’s! ” plus the continuous compliment he will get as a firefighter, Mark’s behavior of operating like a super-hero is sturdy. These philosophy of his awaken his unconscious idea that this individual needs thank you and compliment in order to attain the high-esteem of male organ.

3. How do Eysenck’s concept of extraversion make clear Mark’s career choice? How many other behaviors could this concept describe? Eysenck’s explains that extroverts are friendly and energetic, both of which can be present in firefighting. Even as a child, Mark achieved very vibrant qualities. Consequently, he continued down an extroverted path, per declare, which business lead him towards firefighting. Mark’s other manners that display a need for constant activity, renovating your kitchen of the flames station during his spare time, explain idea.


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