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The smoothness of Amanda Wingfield in “The A glass Menagerie” supplies an example of a fancy individual in whose communication and actions supply a slightly irritating and lonesome mother. Scene IV of “The Glass Menagerie, ” demonstrates these unique attributes of Amanda. The scene takes place around seven am the day after Mary and Amanda get into an important argument. Out of this scene we could reveal that Amanda’s certainly an overstressed and psychotic single proper care taker with insufficient mothering skills.

Amanda’s stubbornness and complexities always irritates her son Ben (the narrator of the play). Although Amanda is hysterically stuck in her earlier, she is a woman of great liveliness. Amanda’s earlier experience with her husband made her nasty, and that resentment is what motivates her for making her kids become anything. Her mischief, stubbornness and selfishness makes her vicious to her children without the objective. Amanda, Mary, and Laura all fantasize and have their own individual means of escaping from their particular realities.

In this instance, Amanda goes out reality by simply fantasizing about the lady callers she had before, however she denies the very fact. She doesn’t tolerate her children’s fantasizing, which makes her blindly hypocritical. Amanda loves her Kids dearly and she wishes them to become happy and possess good fortune.

Tennessee Williams shows Amanda’s frame of mind in field IV, when she’s talking to Tom following he apologizes to her. The girl takes the rap so the lady can indulge him into finding Laura a gentleman caller. This makes Amanda appear very selfish because your woman uses Mary for her own desires.

Amanda, expects Laura to fulfill the dreams Amanda once got for herself which pushes Laura into doing issues she’s not prepared to do. Amanda features hope in her crippled, (that she refuses to admit) and timid daughter who isn’t in a position of fulfilling Amanda’s dream. Amanda procedes pasteurizing Mary about finding someone for Laura, but small things such as this aggravate Tom and make him want to leave without come back. This kind of small scene gives the reader an image of Amanda and how she contributes for the play.

Her attitude and her values shape the other characters as well. In retrospect it truly is understood that a person of the main reasons Tom left in the end from the play was because of his mothers selfishness, her constant nagging, and the many desires Amanda acquired for her children that Jeff didn’t need to put up with.

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