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This kind of paper shall review selected readings in neuro-scientific architecture that directly cope with sensory perception and reactions to the created environment simply by architects just like Juhani Pallasmaa, Stein Eiler Rasmussen, Philip Zumthor, Steven Holl and Alberto Perez-Gomez. Most of these texts lament the ‘visual hegemony’, the prominence of perspective over a multi-sensorial approach to the design of spaces.

We shall initial see what the texts write about the concept of senses and perception, then simply go into detail about every sense, as well as the architectural stimuli that develop responses.

More Than Just Five Detects

Thinker Rudolf Steiner claimed you will discover no less than twelve senses, which in turn he labeled into 3 groups, although since all those are outside the scope on this paper, they will shall not be discussed.

The psychologist James T Gibson relation the feelings as “aggressively seeking mechanisms” rather than “passive receivers”. This individual categorizes the senses in to five physical systems instead of five detached ones ” the aesthetic, the oral, the taste-smell, the haptic and the basic-orienting systems. Pallasmaa himself offers stated in his essay ‘Architecture of the Seven Senses’ that besides the five classical feelings, exist two more: a sense of movement (skeleton and muscle) and a sense of bodily understanding.

Ocular centrism

Ocular centrism is defined as “the perceptual and epistemological bias rating vision above other senses in Traditional western cultures. inches according to the Oxford Dictionary. From the times of Plato and Aristotle, who also associated sight with cause and prioritized it over the other sensory faculties, to the present day time, where we all prefer the created word over the spoken 1. Even prevalent phrases just like “Seeing is believing” “see it for yourself”, we all say “I see” once we understand some thing, we picture things “in the mind’s eye”.

“See” what I mean?

During the Renaissance Times, a process of structure existed where vision was considered the many superior with the senses, ranking down to the lowest being the sense of touch. Introduced of point of view representation positioned the eye in the heart of the perceptual world.

It lost its importance during the Pre-Modern times (1800-1880), but the reintroduction of the aesthetic bias by the Modernists (1890-1940) is well illustrated by the statements of Modernist pioneers such as Le Corbusier: “I exist in every area of your life only if I can see” and “one must see obviously in order to figure out. ” (Corbusier, 1991) and Walter Gropius: “He [the designer] has to adapt understanding of the medical facts of optics and thus obtain a theoretical ground that could guide the hands giving form, and create an objective basis. “

This kind of domination from the eye that ran seite an seite with progress, gradually segregated us from our sense of self as well as the world. All of us began getting into a meaningless emotionally drained journey as mere race fans, viewing, yet never engaging.

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