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In the short account “On your walks bleeding, ” by Evan Hunter, the writer makes us feel compassion for the key character simply using a variety of techniques such as characterisation, plot framework and dialect. The story starts with the primary character, Andy, who has just been stabbed because he is within a team.. Unfortunately it is too late to improve what had happened and thus the reader seems immense pity for him when he dies. This brief story contains the topics of regret and how team violence triggers loss of identity.

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First of all the author makes the reader truly feel sympathetic toward Andy through the use of effective techniques to emphasise the agony as well as the painful stage that Andy is going through. The author says that Andy is in a great deal pain that no audio comes away of his mouth. The passage says, “There was not a voice in his throat the particular bubbling of blood between his lip area. “

With this quote, alliteration is used with the words “bubbling of blood.

” Mcdougal uses it to highlight how much pain and terror gangs can make. This is also powerful as it creates a gruesome picture in the reader’s mind of Andy in his current situation. Therefore we all feel sorry to get Andy as he cannot possibly call for help.

Another way the author makes all of us sympathise for Andy can be how the publisher uses the thought of Andy becoming isolated from your rest of the globe. Andy is usually lying in the alley far from help and he can listen to music but nothing or no-one is able to support him. We see this if the writes says, “He viewed the world transferring, ” and also the quote, “He could hear the faint noise of music today, from and long, long way off. ” These two components from the passage illustrate that although Andy is declining the world continues to be moving and no one cares about you or even discusses Andy. But it shows to us that Andy can be isolated from society. Now in the history Andy understands that staying in a company has unattached him from your rest of the universe and there is no going back. This kind of relates to the theme of feel dissapointed as Andy starts to repent the choices he made in life. You starts to think even sorrier for Andy as he starts to repent what he has done but he can’t whatever it takes to save him self now as it is too late.

Furthermore, throughout the account the author has established characters which pass by Andy but regrettably for Andy they avoid help him for different reasons. When the third useless person comes into the alley, Andy is in hope that she could help him but sadly she doesn’t. The story says, “An outdated lady ended at the opposite end of the us highway like a california king. ” In this quote the writer uses a simile to show us how the outdated lady was acting and just how she regarded herself nothing at all less than a full. This quote makes us sad while Andy has now had 3 attempts of surviving but all of them have got slipped aside just because he could be in a gang. This as well relates to the theme of just how gangs trigger loss of personality as if this individual wasn’t in a gang he’d have had for least a single chance of making it through out of the 3. This again makes the visitor sympathise to Andy.

Furthermore feel sorry to get Andy by utilizing personifying the jacket and the knife. Andy knows that he’s dying and wants to be known as someone and not a royal. The quote is, “Had that they stabbed him, Andy or had they only stabbed the coat and the subject, and what good was your title in the event that you where dying. ” In this representation is used to stress that the adults only stabbed Andy mainly because he was a royal and show that the blade had zero hatred to Andy only the jacket and the title. The jacket represents the royals and the cutlery symbolises the guardians to indicate how much hate is between two gangs.

Similarly this idea is definitely further produced when Andy blames the jacket for him losing his life. Andy starts to realise that if there was no jacket there more than likely have been a rumble in the first place. The brief story says, “The jacket was a foolish meaningless point, which was taking him away his lifestyle. “

The jacket and title features ruined his life and future. The phrase choice of “meaningless” shows that in which once the title and the coat was so important to Andy and how he was proud of this, but now precisely the same jacket and title indicate nothing to Andy but rather detests these people. Also personification is used to help make the knife and jacket appear to be people. This suggests that things are more significant and this dates back to the concept of the when you sign up for a gang you lose the identity. The theme below shows that as you join a gang you are no longer a person but you can be a gang affiliate instead.

Finally Andy towards the end of the account was embarrassed with being called a royal fantastic new id. Andy attempts to tell the world that this individual not a hoheitsvoll but only Andy. Someone sees this kind of when the writer says, “I’m Andy, ‘ he cried wordlessly, ‘I’m Andy. ‘” Reputation of Andy’s name emphasises to us that he wants to end up being known as Andy and not a royal before he passes away. Juxtaposition of “screamed wordlessly” is used to show that Andy is trying to scream but he only can in his mind when he is in too much pain of talking. By this level Andy is utterly helpless and can’t do anything. We think pity toward Andy as he can’t actually speak his feeling therefore there is no probability of him making it through.

In conclusion mcdougal has used many techniques of writer’s art such personification and language to make the visitor sympathise towards the main persona Andy. While not much action happens inside the short account, the author even now manages to generate us feel sorry for Andy as Andy goes through his life and realises that he has done nothing significant in his life expect help to make stupid mistake of signing up for a team which leads him to burning off his life.

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