Biomolecules in numerous brands of baby biscuits

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Biomolecules In a variety of Brands Of Baby Biscuits ProductsAbstractIn Malaysia, the practice of feeding cookies to infants aged 6 months and previously mentioned is elevating. Biscuit is yet another source of foodstuff for babies aged six months and over. It is also very easily consumed foodstuff after dairy and toddler formula. Five sample of 5 brands of baby biscuit amongst local and international brands were selected (Heinz, Baby Bites, Baby Puff, Milna and Baby Rush). Benedicts, Lugols and Sudan IV reagents were used to test out the presence of minimizing sugar, starch and lipid respectively in five sample of baby biscuits. Baby bites provides lowest attentiveness of lowering sugar, Heinz and Milna contain low amount of reducing sweets, while baby puff and Rusk contain moderate concentration of minimizing sugar. Only Baby Puff and Baby Bites company biscuits confirmed the presence of starch. When the selections were examined by Sudan IV, simply Baby Attacks showed zero changed shade while others gave a good results that showed they have lipid.


As we know, newborn baby are unable to eat sturdy food in their childhood. It is recommended in order to breastmilk considering that the day they were born until at least the 1st six months of birth.

This is because it offers ideal nutritions for infants. After couple of months, babies may start to consume solid foods. It is better to start with baby biscuits as it also contains a whole lot of macronutrients such as carbs, protein, body fat and macronutrients that are important for the development of the expansion of baby such as straightener, zinc, calcium supplement, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B-12. Fat isvery important for babies because it is required for their development and growth of head and stressed system. Once introducing stable food towards the baby on the stage of 6 months and above, experts recommend to not give such foodstuff that contains high sugar and salt content as sugar can cause dental problems at the childhood and sodium can only end up being consumed simply by babywith volume of 120-230 mg each day. Ready dishes such as fast porridge and baby biscuits for toddlers sold at the financial markets usually include high sugar and salt content. Thus, it is recommended for some parents to make certain they give their particular babies a balanced diet and suitable foodstuff for them. This experiment was conducted to ascertain which type of baby biscuits suits baby the most. Besides, it also teach us about how exactly to determine and comparing the biomolecules contains in five different brands of baby biscuits by using specific reagents for every single test. The end result would enhance specific coloring as indicator of the biomolecules present. All of us perform 3 tests to ascertain if the three macromolecules are present. For lowering sugars, Benedicts solution is used to test out to get simple sugar, such as sugar. It is a crystal clear aqua green solution. In the presence of simple sugars, the green solution improvements color to green, yellow, orange and brick-red, with regards to the amount of sugar.

The highest attentiveness will be in brick reddish in shade, followed by orange, yellow, green and green green. The closer the final colour is to brick reddish colored, the higher the concentration of reducing sugars. For starch presence, Lugols solution will be used. Lugol’s answer is used to evaluate biscuits sample that will give positive results that change color from lumination brown to blue black. Meanwhile, Sudan IVis accustomed to find out whether the food consist of lipid or perhaps not.

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