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Excerpt from Organization Proposal:

Mounted on the side of the post are a couple of solar panels created by F3 Photo voltaic that are able of generating approximately 80 Watts. Of electric power.

-No lamp changes – sealed forever.

-Fully manageable with excellent colour performance

-Multi combination outputs.

-Remote electronics.

-LED Life expectancy – 25 years +

Prices fluctuate by supplier

Green Column ( as well as green_column. asp)

The wind and solar driven solution delivers free, renewable energy which is trapped in a power supply ready to be consumed when ever darkness falls. Green Content are already used all over the UK on walkways, playgrounds and car parks. (Note: Product’s current battery continues up to 10 days in gentle weather, nevertheless only 4-5 days in inclement weather circumstances. )

Prices vary simply by distributor

The following questions will probably be submitted to potential suppliers for the solar and wind run street LED light systems needed for the initiative envisioned herein.

1 ) What is your common length of the masts?

2 . What material is they made of?

3. Do you have you alternatives available?

some. What IP level are there?

5. How many w and v?

6. What brightness carry out your lighting fixtures produce (do you have any kind of measurements on this)?

six. Which size of batteries carry out your lamps use?

Exactly what the physical dimensions in the batteries?

almost 8. Where within the lamp will be the batteries located?

9. The length of time does your lamp operate on 1 charge?

10. How much LUX dos your lamps supply, and what wind velocity / sunshine is minimum to achieve this level.

11. Referrals for your finished projects.

The responses to these questions as well as the prices which have been quoted intended for delivery to the Norway center will identify the optimal tactical partner with this enterprise. In order to take advantage of their particular expertise in this area, the working group expects to collaborate together with the national commercial development agency, Innovation Norwegian, for this purpose.


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