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Excerpt from Business Plan:

Business Plan for Key Golfing Wall plug

Company Information

Keys to Success


Marketing Program

Marketing Concentrate

Retail Market

Focus on Markets

Internet Success

Golfing is a video game that can be appreciated by any individual, regardless of size, shape, or perhaps age. For that reason, it has become one of the popular sporting activities and enjoyment activities in the usa. Main Playing golf Outlet should target followers of all ages, groupings, skills and genders. Main Golfing Store chooses the particular most technologically advanced golf clubs to sell to our respected customers.

We could aware that there are plenty of stores and websites that sell playing golf merchandise. However , they do not cater to golfers of most skill levels and backgrounds. For Main Playing golf Outlet, bettering customers’ game titles is each of our only business. We are dedicated to selling our customers the very best products for individual needs. Who is a seasoned veteran, and a mild approach within an unhurried environment, we will coach each of our customers through their purchasing experience. Our strong determination to customer happiness is displayed by our money-back guarantee.

Business Description

Primary Golfing Wall socket is a small enterprise aimed at bringing a smile to every golfer’s confront when they observe how wonderful all their new machines are. Our aim of excellent customer service and satisfaction is going to take dedication for all staff members and suppliers. The eyesight manifests alone in three ways:

Selling precisely the same outstanding top quality results again and again.

Be acknowledged as the top golfing merchandiser on the internet.

Be steadfast to our commitment for customer satisfaction and fulfillment.

Keys to Success

Each of our keys to success will probably be providing good quality merchandise, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service as our hallmark.

Main Golfing Wall socket is currently found in San Francisco, LOS ANGELES. We will have a staff of twelve, with plans to expand to a full-time procedure within the next five years. The business is established as being a home-operated, part-time sole proprietorship. It is the intention of the company to develop product sales and expand the client bottom so as to get a full-time organization. The company will offer a full array of golfing items.

The president of Main Golfing Wall socket has a very long history like a golfer and business owner. A graduate of UC Berkeley’s Haas Organization School, his business and e-commerce expertise are remarkable. The owner owns all of his technological equipment; consequently , only nominal financial cost is required for the merchandise. Since Main Golf Outlet is known as a home-based business, overhead is low. Salary for the owner will probably be withdrawn through the year-end cash once the business is established and profitable. The owner is trading $10, 1000 from his personal savings, along with another $10, 000 from a private friend. This limits the short-term personal debt to $12, 350 through the owner’s credit rating union, that the business is pre-approved.

The company will offer a wide variety of products, including: golf balls, golf sets, clothing, improvement tools plus more.

Main Golf Outlet will aggressively look for local suppliers to form strategic alliances in order to reduce the cost of supplies and gives more companies to the client.

Many of this white-collar experts are golfers. Golfers use approximately $26 billion annually for golf-related items and services. Primary Golfing Store will reach this target audience by focusing on clients of those existing market segments. We is going to fill a current need for the consumer by devoted to providing playing golf merchandise intended for golfers of most skill levels and backgrounds. Through advertisements in the print multimedia, brochures, and establishing working relationships with golfing specialty businesses seen by our potential client base, we will certainly highlight our quality items.

The essential threats to this business venture will be:

Sudden adverse change in the neighborhood or nationwide economy, due to the fact that this is a luxury sport.

Elevated competition in the Internet market.

Not successful partnerships with golfing groups.

Main Playing golf Outlet’s competitive edge is its commitment to customer satisfaction and satisfaction. We offer a multitude of products, superb customer service support, and have the latest technology to revise our web commerce site. By Main Golf Outlet, golf equipment is the primary organization, not a sideline or hobby. We understand golfers and how to get the right elements together for a good game. We are patient, and our number-one goal is usually quality outcomes.


Main Golfing Outlet is a small enterprise aimed at getting a smile to every golfer’s encounter when they see how the right gear improves all their game. Each of our goal of superior customer satisfaction and pleasure will take determination on the part of all staff members and vendors. The vision manifests itself in three ways:

Generate the same exceptional quality results time after time.

Be recognized as the most notable golfing merchandiser on the Web.

Become steadfast to our commitment pertaining to customer service and satisfaction.


Today’s environment presents the buyer with a multitude of choices. Primary Golfing Wall socket strives as the best choice for the client. Featuring quality products, competitive pricing, and good customer service can be our characteristic. Golf, possibly in a good economy, is known as a luxury; consequently , our consumers will receive the particular best products designed to help them improve their video game. This will be performed through consumer interviews and patiently hanging out with every customer for making them comfortable in their fresh equipment. Through consistent, top quality results our company is committed to offering each client with worth and satisfaction.

The key to success for Main Golf Outlet comes with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We are responsible for guaranteeing a high degree of professionalism in three areas:

Consistent satisfaction of the clients expectations.

Competitive pricing for the quality and array of providers offered.

A fair and fair profit on each of your sale.

Products and Services

Describe the thing in lingo free-language. How can it smell? What does it do? What differentiates this from all of those other whatchamacallits to choose from? How does it improve peoples’ lives? What prevents another individual from carrying out the same thing even more cheaply? What style of equipment do you require? Do you have, or can you acquire, patent safety? Put your self in the shoes or boots of the investor and ask yourself what you yourself would want to understand before tallying to spend a large amount of money (“large” getting most likely for least hundreds and hundreds of dollars).

Promoting Plan

This marketing strategy is designed to give us a system for promoting our new online retail store, Main Playing golf Outlet. We have included a complete market examination, target market summaries and other relevant discussions.

Our ambitions for this marketing prepare include:

Using Internet and direct-mail marketing campaigns to build community promotions and marketing books.

Devising rewarding promotions which will draw benefactors from feasible strategic lovers. These marketing promotions are step to our approach of increasing the strategic units through cross-promotions.

Identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Discovering the local marketplace forces, focus on markets, and promotional chances.

Marketing Emphasis

During the past a long period, the golfing industry has exploded dramatically. With the 50 , 000, 000 golfers around the world, at least half live in the United States (Seaman, 1995). The top ten says ranked simply by total number of avid golfers include Washington dc, Florida, Nyc, Texas, Kentkucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina and New Jersey. Billions of dollars are spent on equipment, clothes and shoes and boots. In addition , golf players generally tend to be a fairly wealthy group.

Competition is much less fierce since direct mail and Web competition. They at present do little or no marketing and few company-sponsored events. We will not exclude the possibility that they could do so down the road as a response to our expected success in such promoting.

Our direct selling are supported by each of our current set of customers and Web co-marketing. To date, we now have allocated nominal funds to marketing over the Web. We now have relied on word of mouth, cost-free banner exchange programs, our printed catalogs, and World wide web reviews to drive revenues to the site. We all count around the world readers of such magazines as The game of golf magazine and Outdoor Excursion among each of our target immediate audience.

Retail Market

Our three main focus on markets happen to be weekend players, hard key golfers, and the curious. We predict that the number of hard core golfers will grow faster compared to the number of weekend golfers. Golf is becoming more and more technical, an “insider’s sport, ” and we believe this will likely fuel the expansion of dedicated, highly complex golfers. At the same time, amateur expansion is leveling off.

Goal Markets


80% U. S. buyers.

15% European customers.

five per cent Other countries



75% male

25% feminine

Males buy gear through catalogs and the Web more often than girls. This skews the direct sales toward man customers. Internet customers usually be more youthful than catalog shoppers, and a larger percentage of them are locals or native to the Usa.

Web Accomplishment

Main Golf Outlet’s important assumption is that two factors are required to be successful in attaining Web success:

Lack of significant Web sites inside the chosen industry

The ability to deliver an integral part of the market’s services or products for the Web.


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