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Produce a superior quality products 2. Diversity and variety in products offered * Significant market share (16% of global boots market) * Major recruit for a number of global sporting events * Purchasing of Reebok * Adidas has a Global Existence with more than 2400 retailers worldwide in several regions. These kinds of alone are the cause of nearly €2.

8bil. 5. Famous sporting activities stars marketing products – Adidas provides a series of sports superstars who have wear and advertise goods, including David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Sophie Gerrard and so forth Weaknesses High prices in certain products 5. Online customer support not “helpful” or easy to find * Not really utilizing Reebok * Hard competition and similar big brands means customers possess high brand switching 2. The products can often be costly due to innovative technology or creation method 5. E-commerce is limited to UNITED STATES Opportunities * Entering the Asian industry, China is the fastest developing economy in the world. * Entering the female marketplace * Interpersonal trend and recognition of networking communities such as Facebook, allowing Nike to interact directly and create relationships with potential and current buyers.

Sponsorship of global sports events which enhances the company’s global manufacturer. These include a great 11 12 months sponsorship around the NBA, the 2012 GIGABITE Olympic Games and the continued support of the FIFA WC. 5. Tie-up with emerging sporting activities teams/clubs/players internationally * Work together with other trusted online retailers to offer Nike products Hazards * Nike competition. Nike has strong reputation in the footwear and apparel market * Global economic downturn. * Increase in the buying price of Raw materials 5. Competition from designers including Hugo Manager and Lacoste. * fake imitations affect brand photo

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