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Kate is affected with an “indescribable oppression” (Chopin 8) that fills “her whole backed by anguish” (8) that can be traced back to her family and partner. Edna, also, had problems bonding with her kids. While these people were much more aged than the narrator’s child in “The Discolored Wallpaper, ” Edna’s children to not help to make her more maternal. The lady struggles with this and that we can see that she does not cope with it very well.

For example , she would not feel very much angst pertaining to leaving her children after moving to the pigeon house.

While the girl happy to observe her children after becoming separated from their website for a week, we do not accumulate a sense of longing or hoping to back in the home again. In fact , when Edna stands on the brink of suicide, her kids do not appear as angels of hope but rather “antagonists who had get over her; who had overpowered and sought to drag her into the soul’s slavery for the rest of her days” (Chopin 151). Her friends and family cannot take her away of her depression because they are clearly a cause of it.

Both equally authors focus on their character’s mental declares with symbolism. In “the Yellow Picture, ” the wallpaper is the most prominent sign, tearing away from wall in bits and pieces. It might be the narrator’s prison and, as a result, your woman sees nothing but death inside the images on the paper. The woman she sees in the newspaper is crawling and coming around just like the narrator truly does in her own head and in her tiny room. The woman “crawls around quickly, and her crawling mixtures it all over” (Gilman 8) and the narrator does not desire anyone else to see her. The lady in the picture becomes the one thing with which your woman can relate. In “The Awakening, inch the most powerful symbol is definitely the ocean. Edna enjoys becoming near the marine because it allows her to “realize her position in the universe being a human being, and to recognize her relations as an individual to the world inside and about her” (Chopin 17). We also know that the ocean seduces her in a way that no lover could. We browse that it invites Edna’s “soul to question for a mean in abysses of solitude” where she can walk in “mazes of back to the inside contemplation” (17). The symbolism in every story will help us understand each figure in her own environment.

Things are hardly ever what they seem to be. “The Yellowish Wallpaper” and “The Awakening” are two stories that force all of us to confess this. When dealing with people, we must never lose look of what they are trying to say to us when they do not speak. The narrator and Edna are not in order to express themselves entirely and they undergo because of that. Each woman is usually trapped within a cycle of depression that is not addressed since each of them lives in a society that does not take them seriously. They will lose as they are not just struggling a mental illness – they are also fighting their partners, family, and friends that reinforce the absurd notion that they ought to simply progress.

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