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The moment then Chief of the servants George Wallace ordered express troopers to disband the marchers, using tear gas, clubs and whips, President Lyndon Johnson federalized the National Shield and the 03 continued (Modern 157). The national multimedia coverage of these events led Congress to the Voting Rights Act of 65, which banned discriminatory voter-registration tests, and authorized federal registration of persons and federally implemented voting types of procedures in any political subdivision or perhaps state that discriminated electorally against a particular group (Modern 157).

Nine days after the murder of Full on April 4, late 1960s, Johnson agreed upon the Municipal Rights Act of late 1960s, which restricted discrimination for most housing and provided charges for those looking to interfere with specific civil legal rights, thus adding protection to get civil rights workers yet others (Modern 157). Additional laws added adjustment provisions towards the federal government’s rules with regards to discriminatory mortgage-lending practices, which means that all lenders must are accountable to the federal government the race, gender, and salary of all mortgage-loan seeker, in addition to the final decision prove loan application (Modern 158).

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 considerably increased political participation by simply African-Americans, through 1980, a few 55. 8% of African-Americans of voting age in the South had been registered to vote (Modern 158). In the 108th Congress, there were thirty-four African-Americans, and in 1989, Va became the first state to choose an African-American governor (Modern 158). In 1989, General Colin Powell became the first African-American to be leader of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and in 2001, became Secretary of State (Modern 158). In respect to a 1958 Gallup poll, only 38% of the open public said they can vote for an African-American intended for president, yet, in 2003, the percentage had come to 95% (Modern 158).

Even though African-Americans had been the focus in the civil legal rights movement, the legislation that resulted through the movement taken advantage of all minority groups, including Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, and Native Alaskans (Modern 158). Moreover, political participation improved among different minority groupings, resulting in Latinos gaining political power in several states (Modern 158). Yet, despite the increased political participation by minorities, the number of personal offices held by users of fraction groups remains to be disproportionately low compared to their particular numbers inside the overall populace (Modern 158). In fact , collectively, minorities have become the majority of the foule in Washington dc, Hawaii, and New Mexico, and it is predicted that by 2010, fraction populations is going to collectively out number whites in Texas and New York too (Modern 159).

Many feel that the civil rights movements did not go quite significantly enough, and that the nation has to address concerns such as poverty and metropolitan violence that effect underclasses in all ethnic groups and this until these issues are dealt with, race consciousness will still divide the region, particularly African-Americans and white colored Americans (Modern 159). As a result of racial profiling media stereotyping, education, and many

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