Colonialism as well as the african experience

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(p. 135). Finally, the author ends the chapter with a discussion of whether colonialism helped or injure Africa.

The author makes a incredibly valiant and effective attempt to remain neutral and to present the information in an unbiased way. However , mcdougal makes a number of assumptions about the material shown. First, the writer makes the presumption that the Europeans were exploitative when the colonized Africa. Whilst acknowledging that Europeans might have rightly believed that they needed to spread Christianity and otherwise “civilize” Africans, mcdougal makes it crystal clear that these morals furthered their own political and economic daily activities, and could not need been the only motivating aspect. Those happen to be assumptions that, while most certainly true, are based upon personal belief and never fact. However , the author also seems to deduce that colonialism benefitted Africa, through things such as the introduction of European medicine. This kind of conclusion seems weak which is based upon the assumption that, absent colonization, Africa probably would not have been in a position to incorporate a few of the benefits of Traditional western life. When one looks at superpowers such as China, which have incorporated a number of the beneficial areas of Western lifestyle without being colonized, it becomes obvious that assumption is unfounded.

The file makes it clear how much colonialism changed the eye of modern The african continent. Until Western european colonized The african continent, most of the place, especially areas outside of the Middle East, were relatively primitive. The social changes that occurred in a few decades were incredible and were directly associated with colonialism. The document also makes it very clear that colonialism helped gasoline much of the racism that plagues specific areas in modern day Africa. What the article would not really describe is whether and just how colonialism afflicted the relations between warring tribes, which includes put a large number of modern Photography equipment countries in the throes of civil warfare. Did colonialism exacerbate existing tribal rivalries, create new rivalries, or perhaps actually work to limit the amount of inter-tribal strife? One change that is certainly clearly associated with colonialism is the fact that that Christianity is one of the predominant religions in Africa. One other change that is certainly linked to colonialism is the fact that lots of Africans have access to a Western-style education. In addition , African wealth is still disproportionately focused in Western european hands. Colonialism is directly responsible for individuals three key facets of contemporary African life.

Standing by itself, this document does not include any real historical value. It is not a historical document, in that that reflect events at a specific time in background. Instead, it is a document that discusses record. non-e with the information contained within the document uncovers information that is not available elsewhere. However , the document truly does do a good job of describing the Western colonization of Africa, and exactly how such colonization impacted Photography equipment life, the two during colonization and in present times. Consequently, it is an essential work for any person seeking to be familiar with impact of colonization

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