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Research from Composition:

By the hour Nurse Rounds

Critiquing Validity and Strength of Exploration in Hourly Nurse Times

There are different types of studies which might be carried out inside the nursing discipline to examine several issues in patient attention. An understanding of those issues needs examining these types of studies to gain insights and inform practice. This conventional paper evaluates two studies around the impact of hourly nurse rounds in lessening declines, pressure ulcers, and call mild while elevating patient fulfillment based on evidence-based practice.

Olrich, Kalman Nigolian (2012) executed a qualitative study to measure the impact of hourly nurse rounds about fall prices, use of call up light, and patient satisfaction in an inpatient unit with medical-surgical individuals (p. 23). The statement is well crafted and organized with clear name, accuracy and unambiguous. The authors never have provided an investigation question that reflects the identified sensation and guides the research method. The analysts did not execute a comprehensive report on numerous studies as evidenced in their reliance on couple of articles.

As the sampling technique is described, there is inadequate details about sample size though the participants are suitable for updating research. Info collection and analysis approaches are plainly described as the researchers implemented the steps from the selected data analysis method, which likewise contributed to the achievement of data saturation. Yet , the article would not provide info regarding honest considerations pertaining to the research procedure. The findings of this research are provided appropriately and context of existing proof on the trend. The purpose of your research has been effectively addressed and recommendations provided for future study.

On the contrary, Meade, Bursell Ketelsen (2006) accomplished a quantitative study to determine the impact of hourly doctor rounds on patients’ usage of call light, safety, and satisfaction (p. 58). The research lacks a clearly described and balanced literature assessment that is based on recent sources since literary works review is incorporated inside the introductory section. Moreover, there is also a lack of a theoretical or conceptual structure to guide the investigation though nursing framework is definitely seemingly employed.

The experts have also created a clear speculation, which tutorials the research process. However , the researchers clearly identify the point population and demonstrate the way the sample was selected and the inclusion/exclusion standards. In addition , the operation explanations of the research methodology happen to be clearly defined along with clear information of data research strategies. That they conducted a statistical examination of data through STATS application and discussed the results comprehensively in relation to their significance for upcoming studies.

Types of Information

Through exploratory study approach, the qualitative study provides information regarding the significance of hourly nurse rounds. Truly, the study mostly contributes to existing body of knowledge regarding hourly rounds while an important process for increasing patient pleasure and clinical outcomes. The advantages of this approach include creating increased understanding of phenomenon under investigation, marketing concept assessment, producing improved conclusions, and contains flexibility of data sources. In comparison, the cons include possibility of outrageous findings and likelihood of ambiguous conclusions. For instance, while the analyze demonstrated the importance of hourly nurse models, patient pleasure and call mild usage would not improve (Olrich, Kalman Nigolian, 2012, p. 26). They were bizarre studies since sufferer satisfaction was still found to further improve anecdotally.

On the other hand, the qualitative study provides evidence and justifications for administering on an hourly basis nurse times in order to support hospitals make necessary operational changes to cater to this practice. Since it’s based on a quasi-experimental design, the quantitative study apparently focuses on building cause and effect marriage among parameters. The advantages with the approach contain similarity to true trials, probability of higher conclusions, usage of adequate test, and effective demonstration of relationships between variables. Nevertheless , it’s unimportant in the sense that there lack of manipulation of variables, makes more burdens in determining causes, and likelihood of unknown variables to affect final results. For instance, although this analyze showed that nurse hourly rounds increase patient safety and pleasure while lowering call light use; their findings had been influenced simply by other adjustable i. at the. operational alterations, which was not really under exploration.

General Observations

Qualitative exploration should be considered because real scientific research because judgments on if research approaches are clinical should be depending on strength of the study rather than the type of data collected. Generally, qualitative exploration provides experts with descriptive insights as it’s based upon observation, interviews or case studies (Polit Beck, 2012, p. 487). On the contrary, quantitative research supplies researchers with numerical or scientific information regarding the trend under analysis (Polit Beck, 2012, l. 201). It indicates that equally qualitative and quantitative studies can provide valuable insights to researchers according to their advantages rather than the sort of data accumulated.

In conclusion, qualitative and quantitative studies give valuable information and observations to experts as demonstrated in research regarding the effects of per hour nurse times on sufferer satisfaction and clinical outcomes with regards to protecting against falls, ulcers, and call lumination usage. These different analysis approaches provide different kinds of details that can be used by researchers for further studies and decision making regarding the specific issue or phenomenon under research.


Meade, C. Meters., Bursell, A. L. Ketelsen, L. (2006, September). Effects of Nursing Rounds on Person’s Call Mild Use, Satisfaction, and Safety. American Journal of Nursing, 106(9), 58-70.

Olrich, Capital t., Kalman, Meters. Nigolian, C. (2012, January/February). Hourly Rolling: A Replication Study. MEDSURG Nursing, 21(1), 23-36.

Polit, D. F. Beck, C. T. (2012). Nursing exploration: generating and assessing evidence for breastfeeding practice (9th ed. ). Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA: Lippincott Williams Wilkins.

Review Template for a Qualitative Research

Week six Assignment: Software: Critiquing Quantitative, Qualitative, or Mixed Methods Studies (due by Day 7 of Week 7)

Date: January 15, 2016

Your name?

Article reference (in APA style):

Olrich, T., Kalman, M. Nigolian, C. (2012, January/February). Hourly Rolling: A Replication Study. MEDSURG Nursing, 21(1), 23-36.


What is a critique? Simply stated, a critique can be described as critical examination undertaken for a few purpose. Nursing staff critique research for three major reasons: to improve their very own practice, to broaden their understanding, also to provide a bottom for the conduct of your study.

When the purpose is always to improve practice, nurses must give exceptional consideration to questions honestly:

Are the study findings suitable to my practice environment and scenario?

What additional research or pilot research need to be done, if any kind of, before including findings into practice to ensure both security and performance?

How might a proposed change in practice trigger changes in different aspects of practice?

To help you synthesize your learning throughout this course and help prepare you to utilize research in your practice, you will be critiquing a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods study of your choice.

In the event the article is definitely unavailable within a full-text variation through the Walden University Collection, you must email-based the article like a PDF or Word attachment to your Trainer.


Exploration Issue and Purpose

Precisely what is the research question or concern of the referenced study? Precisely what is its purpose? (introductory exploration of the purpose. )

A. The problem is to investigate is definitely the impact of hourly rotating on the rates of fall, usage of call light and patient fulfillment in in the hospital medical-surgical individuals.

1 . Investigator Pre-understandings

Does the article add a discussion of the researcher’s pre-understandings? What does the document disclose about the researcher’s professional and personal perspectives around the research difficulty?

A. The content discloses the researchers’ professional and personal perspective based on all their work as medical-surgical clinical nursing staff and breastfeeding research. Additionally, it includes a discussion of the researchers’ pre-understandings since the study was based on a previous quasi-experimental study that was carried out by Meade, Bursell Ketelsen in 2006. Therefore, the researchers are well up to date of the phenomenon under research.

2 . Materials Review

Precisely what is the quality of the literature review? Is the materials review current, relevant? Can there be evidence which the author critiqued the books or merely reported this without critique? Is there a built-in summary with the current know-how base about the research problem, or does the literature review contain view or anecdotal articles without the synthesis or perhaps summary with the whole? (Sometimes the literary works review is definitely incorporated in to the introductory section without being explicitly identified. )

B. The literature review is current and highly relevant to the research since it’s depending on studies which were carried out within just 5 years before this research. Yet , the literature review can be seemingly low since it counted on couple of articles and lack review by the experts.

3. Theoretical or Conceptual Framework

Is a theoretical or perhaps conceptual structure identified? If perhaps so , what exactly is it? Is it a nursing framework or one drawn from another discipline? (Sometimes there is no explicitly identified assumptive or conceptual framework; in addition , many “nursing” research studies bring on a “borrowed” framework, elizabeth. g., anxiety, medical pathology, etc . )

C. Irrespective of conducting nursing research, the article does not explicitly identify a theoretical or conceptual platform. It is uncertain whether the exploration was depending on any theoretical or conceptual framework.

5. Participants

Who had been the members? Is the placing or examine group adequately described? Is a

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