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Mother Readings: Summary/Critique

In these readings, the role of single-motherhood and other non-traditional friends and family models are examined for their role inside the intergenerational perpetuation of low income, especially in lumination of current United States assistance and taxation policy concerning children of single moms and basic family assistance. Garfinkel ain al. (1998) trace the development of current awareness of single-mother families and other nontraditional family arrangements to the social stigmas and resultant policies with the decades pursuing World War II, during which time a noticeable move in receivers of family assistance occurred, moving away from widows and to divorcees and females who had under no circumstances been hitched. Much of their very own case regarding the cultural dogma that are behind policy is made from a great interpretation of divorce proceedings of the 1960s and 70s. The authors view a strong relationship in the removal of a sexuality preference in custody things to the degree of private support available, plus the wide variation of judgments produced in this latter regard disclose the level of discretion used by all judges on each case (Garfinkel ou al. 1998).

In an before paper, Garfinkel and McLanahan (1986) concentrated more specifically in government assistance for single-mother families, specifically noting the dramatic within emphasis on job requirements during the years preceding publication. The authors as well contend that issues of support had been exacerbated by rise in unemployment rates caused by macroeconomic plans in the Reagan era, but agree with the administration’s reassurance of the self-reliance of sole mothers (i. e. standard employment providing you with adequate income) (Garfinkel and McLanahan 1986).

The remaining studies in these blood pressure measurements detail two other specific indicators of intergenerational lower income. Parke (2003) uses a thorough historical evaluation to come to a pro-marriage conclusion, citing a wide array of statistics to compliment his assertion that children coming from people in which the neurological parents are committed and cohabiting are less likely to fall under the poverty line themselves. In addition they achieve bigger levels of education on average, and other indicators of success happen to be likewise more widespread amongst this sort of children than in those reared in single-mother or various other nontraditional people (Parke 2003). Schiller (2008) sees an in depth relationship between poverty levels and family members size, specially in creating/perpetuating intergenerational poverty. This individual does acknowledge that the concern does not have a very clear causality – that is, significant families and poverty possess a sort of chicken-and-egg relationship, in fact it is unclear which is a predictor pertaining to the other. Ultimately, it appears as though large relatives size is related to the extension and worsening of low income, even around generational lines, but it features little a result of actually bring families in to poverty (Schiller 2008).


As in most of the other readings, the studies here are also reductionist inside their approach and analyses in the issue currently happening. Though probably including a wide array of economic and other figures, such as the case of Garfinkel ainsi que al. (1998) and Garfinkel and McLanahan (1986), the extensive real word difficulties of solitary motherhood get short shrift, if they are covered at all. Financial considerations and also other factors that can be boiled down to numbers and statistics only provide half of the necessary data in such cases, and less quantitative interpersonal elements need careful consideration prior to further insurance plan change is definitely implemented.

The apparent naivete exhibited by some of the authors is disingenuous at best, in addition to

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