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Ted Bundy, Conflict Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory, Conflict Of Interest

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Developing Theory, Critical-Conflict Theory and Ted Bundy

The Part of Behavioral Theory and Conflict Crucial Theory upon Ted Bundy

There are many ideas that can be examined in order to try and explain how come crimes take place. Among these types of theories will be development theory, conflict, and critical ideas. These ideas seek to describe behaviors that influence criminal offense and criminal behaviors. While conflict and critical ideas seek to describe why criminal offenses occur based upon an individual’s part in contemporary society, developmental theory seeks to describe why criminal activity occur depending on the development of an individual’s persona. Regarding serial murder Ted Bundy, it can be contended that the putting on developmental theory can make clear his actions moreso than conflict and critical hypotheses.

Conflict theory argues that “crime is a result of conflicting pursuits and ideals among people of a community; groups with less words in a contemporary society are at risk for being cured as lawbreaker when they react according for their intents, especially when interests turmoil with those in power” (Arrigo, 2006, p. 319). In order for issue theory to get applicable, there should be a set of passions and values that are agreed to – a social deal – people within a society agree to follow. These regulations are intended to build a safe culture and many occasions protect the rights of individuals that consent to living within a community. Ted Bundy’s actions contradict these proven laws and regulations. Bundy’s crimes included rape, kidnapping, murder, and necrophilia (Bell, n. m. ). The heinous nature of these crimes contradicts the values of countless individuals that live within society. The punishment for these criminal activity is also deemed so severe that being charged and convicted of these crimes will result in a long incarceration and possibly the death penalty. In Bundy’s case, this individual received 3 death fines in two separate trial offers for the crimes that he determined in California (Bell, n. d. ).

Critical theories explore “the idea of what justice is usually and for to whom justice can be served; ideas suggesting that those who create and implement laws as well manipulate these people, and these types of laws function to gain the demands and interests of those who have govern and oppress and pacify the ones that are governed” (Arrigo, 2006, p. 319). It can be asserted that these important theories aren’t applicable to Bundy because there is no sign that this individual gave virtually any thought to his actions; the impulsivity of his criminal offenses also indicates that creating a critical and organized opinion for the matter has not been something that this individual considered.

Developing theories, on the other hand, analyze the organization of an individual’s personality based upon psychoanalytic, behavioral, humanistic, and sociocultural and biosocial points of views (Arrigo, 2006, p. 20). Based on these kinds of perspectives, developing theory can help explain Bundy’s actions and help identify elements that led to criminal situations. Psychoanalytic approaches, within the overarching developmental theory, contend that unconscious and repressed causes, in addition to feelings and situations, impact personality development (Arrigo, 06\, p. 22). Given the instability of his years as a child – being unsure of his neurological father and being left in the care of his grandma and grandpa at an early age – psychoanalytic factors may possess contributed to the formation of his psyche. In addition , the development of

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