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Creativity is usually an essential sizing of lifestyle and it is found at every standard of existence. The planets and stars will be creative inside their own approach. Animals will be creative inside their own technique of innovation and adaptation.

But what about people? Are we creative to find beauty within our lives and add beauty to others’ life? The very fact of development of body from a single cell zygote to a multicellular body is the creativity of nature. But the human mind has in some manner lost the ability to imagine new tips and change the earth.

There is a global institution that is certainly labeling huge numbers of people as failures just because that they failed to memorize few details and statistics. This establishment is our so called “education system”. The particular aim of education is now limited to a class with a blackboard packed with 40 to 50 students with one elderly person dictating them the actual should master. No music, dance, artwork or online games but an authority of examination can there be to test their very own intelligence. Volume of studies carried out on children have shown that children prior to school had been very imaginative and as that they continue using their schooling, their particular creativity can be lost.

This current education system kills creativeness, stifles creativeness, and ruins curiosity in children- bushed the brand of learning. Major technology giants facebook, Apple, Microsoft would not have already been there in case their creators had not dropped out of formal education. The very best of all minds-Einstein did not take the time to remember his own address or phone number. India had as well seen a few of the great personalities- Dhirubhai Ambani who demonstrated that even a common guy can become a billionaire, M. S. Subramaniam who built Indian self-reliant on meals grains, Pandit Ravi Shankar who is the ambassador of Indian music to the universe. Such people are not the products of this education system.

Experienced it done so, there would have been large numbers in quantity. We are taught to be a part of a rat-race striving to gain excellence simply by mugging up theoretical principles to get a leading rank and maintain up with the cut-throat competition. That is where creativity is being slaughtered and excellence will be sacrificed on the altar of expediency. Rather than reducing college students to test-taking machines, they must be encouraged to produce mistakes in order to learn to improve themselves.

Several initiatives have been completely taken to inspire Gandhi’s model of education-an education system with human ideals. Swaraj school is the type of example where youth comes with skills to deal creatively with complexity, collapse and alter the world. Even more such reconstructs should be produced.

The children needs to be encouraged to perform job of their interest so they enjoy all their work rather than seeing it as an obligation. The education program must be renewed to create enthusiastic young people to keep all their creativity and dreams in one piece.

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