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4. 1 Explanation of the Current System

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Processes that are being conducted on the current state of the Lady from the Sacred Center Learning Middle Inc. starts from giving an answer to all the insuiry of a pupil applicant or the guardian of your applicant with the aid of school flyers and other elements needed for a great enrollment query. The next step is the presentation of a photocopy of both delivery certificate and baptismal license for a fresh student customer at the Vestibule Office.

Pertaining to transferee college students they must present a photocopy of Type 138 (report card) in the Admissions Office. After presenting all the required files for the admission, the applicant should certainly pay for the entrance assessment fee in fact it is made straight to the Tickets Office. The computation for the repayment is being computed by the use of calculator, and the payment is simply being recorded in a logbook. Following your payment with the entrance assessment fee, students will be planned for an examination.

The next step is obtaining the result of the entrance examination at the Accès Office. In case the student can qualify, then simply, they will send all the required papers at the Accès Office intended for the enrollment.

Enrollment procedure starts via filling up a registration contact form. After completing all of the requirements and completing all the information inside the registration form, the applicant will proceed to the evaluation. The enrollment staff will be transferring all the information filled by the applicant inside the registration form in a logbook designated to get the registration of the scholar. The analysis staff will probably be gathering all the info of the applicant. Based on the data gathered by assessment personnel, the examination staff will be giving the overall price pertaining to the enrollment of the candidate. The previous procedure, which is the assessment process is simply made by the use of calculator for calculation and logbooks for the records. The assessment process will decide the tuition of the applicant.

The student will be paying the assessed fees at the cashier’s office. The cashier will be offering a receipt for the enrolled pupil. Just like the other processes, calculator and logbooks are the equipment being used by the cashier. Together with the registration contact form and the invoice, the student is going to proceed to any office of College student Affairs to get the Identification (ID) cards processing. If the student is officially enrolledand already finished with the Identity (ID) cards processing, students together with all their guardian ought to attend the scheduled alignment.

The student and guardian’s positioning is very vital for students, because this is the time for purchasing the student’s school standard, student’s function book, and the issuance from the student’s school diary. The student’s school diary is the moderate of interaction of the college regarding towards the student’s record, performances, marks, school situations, and the student’s balance for his or her examination lets to their father and mother. Once the scholar acquired their schedules with their classes through the orientation and acquire all the things needed for all their studies at the school, they can be considered enrollment at Each of our Lady in the Sacred Center Learning Centre, Inc.


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