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I would not really send these people into Dracula’s at the break of daybreak; though Dracula was incapacitated during the day, this individual heard the cockcrow and saw sunlight rise with Harker in the mornings. Instead, I would give the part of Dracula’s house approximately two hours following sunrise. I might arm the hunting party with garlic clove, a large number of crucifixes, wild increased, wood lung burning ash, long swords, hatchets, guns, and cutlery. The people of the hunting party will include Harker, Van Helsing, Morris, Seward, and Mitt.

In the book, there are numerous figures that would be willing to battle Dracula, and it would be vital that you utilize all of them in any combat against Dracula.

However , I might not make use of Holmwood to kill Dracula; Dracula recently killed Holmwood’s fiancee, that we think will make Holmwood as well distracted and personally spent to be an effective killer. Additionally , though Holmwood gave Lucy his blood for a transfusion, he was much less involved in her illness and treatment because others, like Seward and Van Helsing, and it is doubtful whether he would believe that Dracula was a vampire. Finally, he may not become willing to decapitate Lucy, if perhaps she was present for Dracula’s regenerating place, and posed a danger to him or any other member of the hunting get together.

A also have reservations about including Seward in the hunting party. At first blush, seems as if he’d be helpful within a vampire trip. After all, this individual studied Renfield, and could recognize the same type of impact and infatuation if Dracula chose an additional minion. Yet , one may possibly hesitate before you choose Dr . Seward for this kind of expedition due to his reliance on chloral to sleep. (Stoker, 161). Dependence on any drug is a probably fatal weakness, and Dracula appears adept at exploiting personal weakness. Therefore , Seward could possibly be a liability in hunting. However , if one may be certain that Seward did not work with any medicines while on the expedition, his experience might prove invaluable. After all, Seward saw the steps that Van Helsing accepted counteract Dracula’s impact on Sharon. Therefore , in the event Van Helsing were to fall season victim for the vampire, the hunting party might have some possibility of success.

Of course , the hunting party will need to include Van Helsing. With the Western Europeans in the book, dr. murphy is the only one with actual understanding of vampires. He diagnosed Lucy’s illness as the result of vampire attacks, even though he would not share this knowledge. Furthermore, he knew that to stop Lucy growing as a vampire, one would need to cut off her head and remove her heart. (Stoker, 262). Because he is the only person in the book who illustrates the knowledge showing how to kill a vampire, he must be included in the hunting party.

Morris and Harker would be in the hunting get together for the same reasons that they would be in the investigation mission. The inclusion of Mina inside the hunting party might seem foolhardy, but the girl seems one of the most sensible person in the entire book. Contrary to others, your woman was all set to accept the potential of a vampire. Furthermore, the girl seems to offer the grit and determination to fight a vampire, if that is needed. More importantly, Dracula appears incredibly drawn to females, and her presence in his execution might give enough distraction for the men to get the job done. Additionally , I do not really believe that her presence at Dracula’s execution would distract Harker via his task, because Harker knows enough of Dracula to be aware that Mina will never be safe provided that Dracula is definitely alive.

I would send the members in the hunting get together into Dracula’s home, with each other in a group, to explore the conceivable hiding areas. Once they got determined wherever Dracula relaxed, I would have got Van Helsing approach the sleeping vampire. I would include Van Helsing act as if he had been going to drive a stake of wood ash in to the vampire, mainly because I was not sufficiently certain that Dracula cannot reply during the daytime. While Van Helsing was distracting the vampire, I would have Morris, who seems to be the best, wield the long blade to serious Dracula’s head from his body. If perhaps one hit was not enough, or the very long sword proven inefficient pertaining to the job, I might have Morris and Seward using hatchets on the throat. Harker and Mina will be engaged in seeing for any of Dracula’s wives or girlfriends, animals, or perhaps human minions to get in the way in the process. Once Dracula’s mind was cut from his body, I would have Van Helsing take away his center. I would then simply rely on Vehicle Helsing’s expertise to

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