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Staff behaviour is defined as an employee’s reaction to a particular situation inside the organization. Personnel need to respond sensibly at organization not just in gain appreciation and respect from others but likewise to maintain a wholesome work lifestyle. An employee needs to adhere to the guidelines and rules of place of work. Workplace basically the place where you may shout about fellow staff, spread whispers, and criticize your manager. You should not be rude together with your group people. Be simple. Do not forget that you’re not the only one doing work, there are other folks around as well.

Management of Sri lanka Telecom Mobitel

Managers enjoy an important part in impacting on the behavior of individuals at the organization. It’s the responsibility of leaders to set a path for team members. In most the circumstances, it has been observed that employees do not feel as if going to function when they include strict managers. You need to prepare your employees always. Guideline them and help them inside their day to day functions and help these people acquire rewarding and update their knowledge. Make them feel crucial. As a head, you need to be a strong source of ideas for your subordinates. If you do not reach office punctually, how can you anticipate your affiliates to adhere to the principles and regulations of organization? Employees should be asked to accomplish what greatest they can execute. Do not overburden employees. Cause them to become upgrade their particular skills every now and then.

We all introduced regional managers to increase our reach to all employees, especially those in more dispersed areas. We carry out a Regional Employee meetings that aggregates all staff and relevant management professionals from a certain region to discuss and resolve any problems that may be present. Through these awareness programmes, we witness that our outstation employees have very few HR-related problems, and much of their concerns lie about technical and material grounds (such since service-quality matters, contractors and so forth ). (SLT, 2016)


Employees need to feel comfortable at your workplace for them to stay positive and happy. Rules and regulations should be same for every employee. Making simple reporting systems. Transparency at every levels is crucial. We offer a range of benefits to the employees. For instance , initiatives to improve awareness about work-life stability, events such as financial wellness camps, publication sales, and e-sales, and a flood-relief fund to provide assistance in the case of hardship.

Some of the further services that SLT reaches its staff are thorough below:

  • Medical insurance
  • Front-line staff outfits
  • Concessionary prices on mobile phones and portable packages
  • Kopierschutzstecker and data connection
  • Hommage on the purchase of desktop and laptop computers
  • Gift idea vouchers pertaining to new-born babies
  • Birthday vouchers and cards
  • Death relief fund
  • Funeral wreath
  • Job Responsibilities(SLT, 2016)

Relevant Communication to employees

Managers need to talk effectively with employees. The moment, employees experience left out, they lose interest in working qualifications. They need to have a word in organization’s main decisions. Be sure to let them express their views and express all their problems. Grievances need to be tackled immediately. We all possess comprehensive mechanisms to get the controlling and resolving of any and all employee issues. Any problems can be reported to supervisors or line managers, that can consequently be brought to the notice in the HR office. If a boss or manager is related to the matter, the employee can easily directly contact the HOURS department. The HR office will then take appropriate procedures to correct the issue under matter, to the good thing about all spent parties. (SLT, 2016)

Personal Lifestyle of employees

Personal life arguements with your loved ones in the morning, you really feel stressed the entire day. It has been noticed that individual workers with a troubled background or perhaps problematic friends and family tend to behave irrationally at work. Employees who may have strained human relationships with members of the family like to take a seat till later at work and spoil the work culture. Persons from not of very good families possess a instinct of thieving office stationery and taking them home. Conflicts in personal your life lead to stress and illogical behaviour. Also, employees should try not to provide their personal problems to work. Make an effort to keep your personal and specialist life individual.

Relationship of the employee toward SLT Mobitel

You ought to have friends at the office. You need persons around approach, discuss and promote experiences. It is definitely not possible to work in isolation. Not allowing employees to interact with fellow workers brings about frustration and stress for workplace. Prevent arguing with team members. Throughout the year, we prepared a range of social and sporting activities, as well as voluntary pursuits. Some of these included the Telecommunications Games Provincial Meets, the Telecom Games Inter-Provincial Satisfy and Local Awareness Programmes designed to increase the relationships among regional personnel. SLT has holiday bungalows in numerous locations throughout Sri Lanka. We make an effort to operate extra units by new places, as well as improve the conditions of existing kinds. We even more grant funds for any gross annual divisional outings that may happen. (SLT, 2016)

Leadership style employed in SLT Mobitel Negombo part

At Mobitel, the previous CEO Mr. Suren Amarasekara initiated the transformational command at Mobitel. He totally changed the established culture at Mobitel to give shared authority and responsibility towards the employees. This kind of encouraged the followers as well to contribute to decision making and turn into leaders when it is necessary. This transform along with a prudent investment decisions, contributed Mobitel to become a profit making company from a damage making organization within a incredibly short period of your time. The CEO Mr. Lalith de Silva to present CEO MR. Nalin Perera ongoing the same strategy even further by segmenting not routine tasks to tasks and getting project managers giving total authority and responsibility to them. With this initiative, a manager in one job is a fans in a different project.

The study within the leadership style of Negombo branch, Sri Lanka Phone system Mobitel that was eliminated that it utilized the Transformational leadership style. The term”transformational leadership” was initially coined by J. V. Downton in Rebel Leadership: Commitment and Charisma in a Revolutionary Process(1973). Transformational Leadership, recommended by Can burn and expanded by Bass and co-workers, has been conceptualized as a more complete model of leadership than that advocated by the characteristic, style, a contingency, or exchange theorists.

A transformational leader can be described as charismatic supervisor who feels he has a vision for the future of the firm that will bring success to the whole staff. This individual motivates by simply getting staff enthusiastically aboard with his ideas for the future and then continually uses the eye-sight of a nicer future as the incentive for employees to be more beneficial. The transformational leader creates a comprehensive cover success that he gives to personnel and points out how each employee may have a role in the organization’s success.

Life changing leadership design as noticed by personnel at mobitel are found being positively co-related and remarkably significant with the Employees Dedication towards SLT Mobitel.

A successful head in an firm often conveys the following attributes

  • A demeanor of positivity, reliability and pro-activeness
  • Obvious vision of business goals
  • A firm determination towards conference defined goals
  • A great ability to successfully communicate their very own vision
  • Commitment to their staff and to their particular organisation
  • Skilfulness in planning and growing strategies
  • A spotlight on inspiration and placing clear directions
  • The flexibility to engage while using views and desires of team members
  • An capacity to inspire employees to meet goals
  • An commitment to the pleasure and well being of their crew
  • Honesty and openness with the team

There is also a structural linkage of Transformational Command to Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs. Life changing Leadership will fit into the bigger levels, mainly because it requires a dangerous of authenticity, self-esteem and self actualization to successfully be a Life changing Leader. Beliefs are higher in Maslow’s Hierarchy, which in turn does put into practice that reduce concerns such as health must be reasonably safe before persons will pay critical attention to the larger ones.

How leadership style motivates personnel to archieve objectives

Various sites and websites defines determination in their exclusive words while explaining the leadership theory. Motivation may can be defined as: wish to do the function, aim, motives and needs etc . The exact expression motivation can be extracted from Latin term group”To Move”. Motivation is a process of generating the force that is within human to get the desired goals or endeavour that may be set in a person’s mind. Accordingly there is 3 basic factors, Needs, Hard disks and Offers. Anyhow, when ever there is disproportion that being human the need of nearly anything is created. To complete the requires and desires there is a push that promotes achieving the needed satisfaction, and this force is motivation.

It has been researched and mentioned by numerous people that life changing leadership has positive and significant effect on employee inspiration. Transformational leader act as position model pertaining to the supporters by receiving challenges have to face at a later date by encouraging their workers to accomplish the best results. Earning aware their particular followers regarding the eye-sight of firm. They encourage the subordinates for work and encourages them if you are paid more. Followers when ever encouraged to get express some new ideas they freely complex their interior feeling and distinctive concepts as they think that their suggestions will be backed.

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