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“The standard tool for the manipulation of reality is the treatment of words and phrases. If you can control the meaning of words, you may control the individuals who need to use the phrases. ” -Philip K. Dick

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In the novel Enders Video game the author Orson Scott Greeting card shows us a complete diverse world than we are used to. Set into the future, the world just recovered by a damage alien warfare that was won by a fluke of luck by our troops. Although this time around we will certainly strike backside, in prep for the upcoming “Bugger war the worlds smartest children receive drafted to participate the battle school software set in space to learn combat form an early age.

One of those kids were Andrew “Ender Wiggin, the six yr old was stripped of his childhood, taken away from his family and sent to battle institution. All his life Ender has severe pressure on him mainly because six yr old Ender was meant to save the world.

Throughout the book Orson Scott Card fog the slim line between appearance and reality, throughout the concept of “games two diverse examples of this kind of are Enders stays for Battle College and then again in Command School, throughout equally Ender was constantly played out and altered for the “greater good.

While at Challenge School Ender was objected to isolation, due to the jealousy of the other children. Ender grew accustomed to the hostility and tried to certainly not let it bother him as much as he could. In the exclusive study time given to your child soldiers these were free to carry out what they wished. Not having many friends and never finding the studies overly challenging Ender might play the games on the Battles School’s program. Ender quickly became engorged in a role enjoy game known as the Titans Drink. This game was deemed extremely hard but Ender became obsessed with it and reached levels no one acquired ever found before. Ender could not stand to lose by anything thus he went to any serious needed to further more him hanging around.

Ender was going to always remember the main points of this game, because to complete the exact level time and time again Ender had to enjoy maliciously and evilly, he had to play being a murderer and a cheater all the features reminding him of his brother, Peter who Ender despised and wished to never turn into. Down the road into the story Ender is usually told to find new planets to colonize. While on his mission to find new planets to live in Ender stumbles upon a plant that seemed to experience a little toofamiliar having an uncanny similarity to the scenery and composition of the plant of his childhood complete time game, The Leaders Drink. Only to discover this kind of planet was created for him as a means of communication by “Buggers.

“He had played out here a lot of times as a child not to understand this place. But it had not been possible. The computer in the Challenge School wasn’t able to have possibly seen this place

A game form his past, what he nevertheless was mere mush of pixels and graphics proved to become a truth. Orson Jeff Card built us imagine throughout the story that The Giants Drink was just a video game. Whereas it absolutely was actually often a top secret place only Ender got ever went to, making it best to use as a secret method of communication. Orson Scott Credit card pushed us beyond what we should thought was quite minor and made that more or less one of the most important event to take place in the novel. Simply by not sticking to convention and going above and beyond making us think even more about how what was just a game turned into fact. Furthermore while at Battle University all the solider had to participate in “Battles again each other. These Battles were often the features of these little one’s days, when Ender became a leader and got his own army to train for anyone pretend Challenges.

He quickly learned that he was never going to be treated good and that all odd will almost always be stacked against him often trying to defeat him. Time and time again Ender received the Challenges he took part that, having a excellent win streak. This infuriated many and Ender made many adversaries, even the teachers seemed to be against Ender give him multiple battles a day and in addition giving him two soldires as oppositions instead of the typical one. All his existence Ender was isolated and treated improperly so non-e of this was new to Ender. Whatever scenario was thrown at him Ender turned out at top rated because of his intelligence, natural born leadership and yearning to win. Though these challenges seemed to be only a game to tear apart the children the skills learned in this video game could be the difference between life and death, once again perplexing us by what is the impression in all of it.

Ender graduated through the Fight School program faster than anyone and got transferred to the next phase, Command School. The first little while in

Order School was spent in complete isolation, it was more terrible than Battle College which Ender thought had not been possible again only staying left with the companionship of the games that they offered. After a year of complete privacy Ender discuss with his advisor, teacher, good friend and opponent Mazer Rackmen, the man who was responsible for conserving the human competition from the second “Bugger intrusion. Mazer was your only person Ender at any time got to be able to be with. Jointly they experienced anything and everything that could possibly be an aid to Ender when the “Buggers attack. Mazer got Ender to play the simulator online games again nevertheless in a complete different method, it was will no longer a one gentleman game, Ender verses The Computer but now it absolutely was Ender Powerful different squadron leaders.

The leaders which turned out to be the tiny group of good friends Ender acquired accumulated more than his stay at the Fight School. Together they proved helpful amazingly, using Enders brains and wonderful leadership abilities. With Enders desperation to always get they constantly came out of challenges victorious, he may have lost his friends along the way of becoming this phenomenal leader but he gained their finish admiration and respect. Nearer to the end on this novel, Mazer gives Ender his final examination, being sick of it all Ender just wanted to get rid of it the moment he can.

Not into it at all Ender plays half-heartedly in the bigining, when being faced with his challenge Ender steps up knowing having been once again set for failure. Not seeking the teachers to have the pleasure of One Upping Ender this individual plays in ways he hates, as a be a cheater but it appears to once again become the only way to achieve these online games. After beating his final examiniation Ender finds out each of the simulations this individual played with his squadron frontrunners were not game titles but they were they real “Bugger conflict which Ender had battled and earned without even being aware of what her was doing.

“You made hard choice, youngster, All or nothing at all. End these people or end is. But heaven understands there was not any other way you could have performing it. Congratulations. You beat these people, and it’s all over. 

“Real. Not a video game. Enders head was as well tired to handle it all. 

Absent mindedly Ender features annihilated a complete species, making him a murderer. Pondering he was playing a game Ender had fought against a galactic war.


Orson Scott Card hazes the thin line between appearances and your realities. What Ender thought was a game was a lifestyle or loss of life situation. If perhaps Ender would have listened to his heart and lose the last game, he could have kept an intelligent species, but we all never understand our effects until the decisions have been completely played out and it is past too far to change our mind. Orson Scott Cards highlighted the simple fact that every small thing in somebody’s life constitutes a huge effects. As minor as it may appear everything provides a purpose. If Ender hadn’t played these games to win the “Buggers may be alive but not knowing their intentions, letting them live was too big a risk.

Almost all throughout his life Ender had been played with, an object of constant treatment and head games. Challenge and Control School were no diverse from Earth from this aspect. On the planet Ender was bullied and manipulate in doing what he wants by Enders evil big brother Peter, while at Battle University, Colonel Graff the head administrator never failed to lie to Ender, only tell him half the truth plus manipulate him, When Ender got to his last training course Command College Ender was manipulated and lied to in a way he could not even begin to envision

“Of course we deceived you in it. That’s the complete point. 

At the end Colonel Graff also admits that every the manipulation, lies and hostility to Ender was a part of his and Mazer Rackmens plan. Ender previously being lied to and cut back to his murderous side, the part of him he hated the most. Ender was furious and could not bear to check out anyone and went back to his place. Orson Jeff Cards showed us that it’s preferable to not trust anyone. Everything you think is actually happening might just not really always be happening and you should always continue to keep a check on your own reality compared to your illusions.

Throughout the new Orson Jeff Card fog the slim line between appearance and reality, throughout the concept of “games. At times it is very difficult to knowledge your performances verses the realities because you acquire too caught up in the tiny things that you just forget to end and look on the bigger picture. Only if you look at your life via a fairly neutral perspective are you gonna be able to inform what is seriously happening and what is a fragment of yourimagination. Orson Scott Card illustrated this point incredibly throughout this novel.


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