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In natural legal rights philosophy, a small government is a system limited to protecting organic rights which does not impact other aspects of life. Learning from the trend in Great Britain, colonists created this country? s limited government so that they can protect their very own country coming from abuse of power. Both equally equal protection of the rules and credited process of regulation help limited government in preventing the abuse of power.

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Credited process of regulation is certainly one of our country? s earliest constitutional rules.

Taking a cue from the Magna Carta, it requires that the actions of government be conducted according to the rule of the law. It is the most important protection against arbitrary secret. Government representatives were right now just as responsible for their actions as anyone more. A officer, or even the leader, were right now held towards the same criteria as the average citizen. With the addition of due process of law for the constitution in 1791, pioneers basically shot down the menace of corruption by declaring that simply no government can be above the rules.

Much just like due procedure for law, Equal protection from the law is one method of protecting and regulating the use of power. A requirement of the fourteenth amendment for the U. S i9000. Constitution, similar protection states that condition laws may not arbitrarily discriminate against folks. Protection in the law signifies that no group or specific can receive special liberties or be deprived of certain rights under the regulation. It reestablishes the belief that the rights will be God-given, and government does not have right to deprive us of your unalienable rights. Along with due procedure for law, equal protection is one of the key rules of American Constitutionalism.

In reference to the 14th amendment, Senator John M. Howard, one of the 14th Amendment? s authors, once stated,? That establishes equal rights before the law, and it gives, to the humblest, the poorest, the most despised? the same legal rights and the same protection ahead of the law as it provides to the most powerful, the most wealthy, or the the majority of haughty?. With no this rule of similar justice to all men and equal safeguard under the defend of the regulation, there can be no republican government and none that is worthy of maintaining. Collectively, due method and equal protection of law help checkand stability the use of power in limited government. They will protect the natural rights while at the same time steering clear of interference inside our lives.


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