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Café Vancouver is known as a new restaurant at Granville and Robson Street in Vancouver The downtown area. The busyness of downtown need a calm, fast-paced lifestyle make people think tired, we want our consumers to relax when enjoying a coffee. Café Vancouver’s team will make the very best effort to create a unique place where clients can get along with each other within a comfortable and relaxing environment while savoring the best-brewed coffee or espresso and breakfast style treats the town center.

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We will be available of supporting our consumers to relieve their particular daily challenges by providing peace of mind through great ambience, easy place, friendly customer service, and products of consistently top quality. We everyone should be open guests numerous; we can assurance each guest to enjoy top quality coffee. Vancouver Downtown has its own companies, offices and shopping centers, with a good customer base and revenue possibilities. Meanwhile, 365 days a year we all will have not any holiday keep, to make sure that we now have opportunity to provide guests at any time.

We all also have a practical management staff.

Head is the General Director; he contains a degree in Economics in the Russian Far Eastern University, and has more than six years of experience in operation operations. He is the general director, and a cafe investor. Team1 supervisor is usually Supervisor1 with four years of broad knowledge working in coffee outlets and restaurant industry. Team2 supervisor is Supervisor2; this individual has 2 years of encounter in the cafe industry. You can expect training for up to three months, including company culture, coffee preparing, food security, and so on. Most employees of our company will be well-trained and enthusiastic pemandu. The financial position of the firm is essential to build up the company’s economical data, which include investment, net profit and so on. After the budget and success assessment, in three years of operation, all of us expect to have profit of about 818, 700 dollars (net revenue after tax), with typical annual net profit of 272, nine hundred dollars can give adequate financing for our company. Compared with different coffee brands in the industry, all of us expect to expand faster. Inside the long-term, we will consider opening new cafes in different locations through Canada. The organization and Sector

Business desired goals

Espresso is more than the usual beverage; however , it is a memory space, anticipation, and a lifetime of consoling moments of modest pleasure stiched into existence. Coffee’s success as a beverage undoubtedly is in debt for both towards the caffeine that harbors and also to its sensory pleasure. Coffee lovers come to associate the energizing lift from the caffeine with all the richness and aroma of the beverage that delivers this. Our Organization goal is usually “to produce our customers return to the straightforward concept of coffee, quietly enjoying every mug of coffee. ” Were planning to wide open two shops in the Vancouver area within three years.

The business

Quest statement

“We want each of our customers to return to the simple idea of coffee, calmly enjoying every single cup of coffee. “

Vision Declaration

“To grow the business and protect the rapid advancement the venture. “

The Industry

Even though Canada will not have the appropriate climate to get growing espresso, Canadian-based businesses do importance raw materials to get processing and resale in to domestic and export market segments. Coffee created for full and Meals service market segments has been an important part of meals and beverage processing in the area for many years. Coffee is the most well-liked hot refreshment in Canada using a total of 14 billion cups consumed annually. An estimated 64% of Canadians beverage coffee daily, which is comparable to 6. eight kilograms of green caffeine or doze. 7 pounds of roasting coffee per head, with 86% of adult coffee drinkers consuming the drink in the morning or perhaps for breakfast. In-home continues to be the dominant place for intake with just over half of Canadian consumers (51%) drinking coffee at home.

Among adult caffeine drinkers, the share of cups (80%) of traditional coffee from our own home is 8 times greater than the reveal of cups purchased through the market (11%).  57% of coffee purchased at caffeine shops. The coffee is also the top beverage in the Canadian Foodservice category. Canada includes a highly produced away-from-home espresso market and is also second simply to Italy in highest percentage of total cups of coffee used outside the residence. Other buyer demands include information on the origin/source, and locally grown, fair-trade, organic, and green caffeine products. The coffee sector has been quick to respond for this lucrative marketplace, worth regarding $650 million a year canada. Products and Services

The Café Vancouver will happily offer its customers the best tasting coffee and tea beverages with breakfast design treats inside the area. Our highly trained personnel with a passion and ability combined provides the best customer support in competition. The friendly and courteous staff may also provide a warm environment can be to make them feel house, and every staff member will be required to give million dollar smile to our customers. At a later date, we will be looking forward to train each of our employees in further buyer and coffee-making services. These products we offer will certainly taste better than anything inside the competition. This will be achieved with the high quality elements and items, by totally believing in providing quality.

The menu will cover caffeine, steeped niche teas, espresso latte and beverages, traditional hot beverages, cold beverages, espresso in ice, fairly sweet baked goods, yogurt, and barbequed sandwiches and wraps. The Café will probably be offering cost-free books; magazine, daily paper and WI-FI for eating in clients to make them feel entertained and calm. By keeping in mind the importance of internet, we will give you speed WI FI for the customers. People also be four televisions for display in the café, which is playing programs on popular demand. Through the normal working hours of our café there will always be entertaining music playing to get our customers. In future, we will be updating the product and services with the popular demand. With the strategy there is a menu given below that will provide even more details about the merchandise we offer.


Coffee organization in recent years has become a bright spot for those who need to

start-up their particular business. During your time on st. kitts are a volume of other businesses out there many categories facing poor sales, unfavorable balance bedsheets but coffee cafes are continuing to exhibit strong expansion. It’s very clear that Canadians love caffeine continues all year round.

Target market

The area for each of our Café Vancouver business is situated at the intersection of Robson Street and Granville Streets, which is inside the downtown and one of the best spots for the coffee-house intended for opening up our cafe. Down-town is the main element of Vancouver and remains busy all throughout every season. According to our research all of us found there is year round tourist activity all over Vancouver as well as there are lots of businesses nearby each of our place. Robson Street is famous for its purchasing stores around Canada. In target market, we will focus on people via young to senior citizens. With the intersection, you will discover excellent car and people traffic by place that may give some customers daily. There are most popular areas and Sky educate stations all around our place so we are able to attract residents or travelers passing through The downtown area.

Market size and tendencies:

According to the census 2009 The Robson Street is regarded as a third BIA (business improvement area) in Vancouver. The full and services business is absolutely higher on Robson street because of its recognition and there are 29% eating and drinking locations on the Robson street. The retail organization is 69% on Robson and 24% in the rest of Great Vancouver. It is one of the primary shopping places in Vancouver. As the target market intended for our merchandise and support is mainly visitors, local residents, business people, and students. You will find 79, 140 residents and 145, 500 daytime employee bases; inhabitants density can be triple than Vancouver typical. The growth to get the market got increased via last year as a result of innovation; lots of people emigrated generally there because of work at home opportunities. According to the census there are 39 commercial houses and 222 businesses within the Robson Avenue. By focusing on all market segments, Café Vancouver will not focus on one particular segment of industry like for many other caffeine shops. Café Vancouver is going to avoid these kinds of barriers in corporate with a client mix of every segments and coming years we be ready to increase the market share in coffee business.


Café Vancouver will uniquely place itself in the most competitive area of Vancouver the downtown area. The place chosen for a cafe has competition such as Blenz coffee, Starbucks, cafe crepe, Tim Horton’s, Waves caffeine, 7 12 and David’s tea. It will probably be challenging to compete with well-researched business, yet cafe will give most delightful products for very reasonable prices. Our primary competitors (see Appendix # 1): Blenz coffee ( Blenz opened their first coffee shop in February 1992 on Robson and Bute Street. They may be famous for hand made coffee. They may have 61 retailers in Britich columbia. They also are doing business internationally like in Asia and Thailand. Their retail outlet cost range from $225, 500 to $400, 000. Harry Horton’s ( The Bernard Horton’s string was seen in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario.

The chain’s focus on top quality, always new product, worth, great services and community leadership have allowed that to advance to the largest quick service cafe chain canada specializing in often fresh coffee, baked goods and home-style en-cas. Wave’s coffee ( The Waves Espresso House operation was founded in 2005 for Hastings and Richards Road in down-town Vancouver Britich columbia. In 08, Waves coffee was identified by the Brand Coaches as the “Hottest Manufacturer in Canada”. They have recently been recognized as the “Best of Brands” by over you, 500 coffee retailers. Today there are thirty-one Waves around British Columbia and Alberta – with more to come. Starbucks ( Starbucks is certainly one of our prime competitors located near area of Robson and Granville. Starbucks is one of biggest coffee firms in America with hq in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks has 20891 stores in 62 countries and 1324 of them are canada with generating revenue around $13+billion. Café crepe ( Proven in 1999; coffeehouse crepe imports tradition of the European café to United states, Café Crêpe specializes in Parisian sweet & savory crêpes, French fl?te sandwiches, and grilled Italian Panini.

As an international café, Café Crêpe also offers globe classics just like a half pound certified Angus burgers, pommes frites (French fries), slender crust pizzas, and a complete traditional lunch break menu which includes Eggs Benedict and a fantastic variety of omelets, among additional specialties. Furthermore to providing exceptional Italian roasted Lavazza coffee, Café Crêpe is definitely fully licensed, giving a vast choice of alcoholic beverages and cocktails, along with select beers and wines. 7-eleven ( Since 1927, six Eleven is continuing to grow and evolved into the planet’s largest operator, franchisers and licensor of convenience stores. The organization operates franchises and licenses more than 8, 600 shops in the U. S. and Canada. With the more than 7, 800 stores the company operates and dispenses in the United States, a lot more than 6, two hundred are dispenses.

Estimated sales and market share:

With the focusing on mix that people are centering on, we anticipate the average of 400 to 600 people per day during the first 12 months. We have predicted our consumer expenditure about $3. your five due to superior pricing on some of the items. We presume the fact that total expense of sales will be about 14%. We anticipate the growing of our revenue to 700+ customers every day for the second year of operations. And when the business will be stable and well-known we are able to reach the amount of 800+ buyers per day. The Marketing Strategy


There are many aims of pricing that individuals will concentrate on


Profit maximization

Market share desired goals.

Charges Depends on various factors:

Internal Factors-

Promoting mix strategy


External Factors-

Nature in the market


Competition Based Pricing- We may also be using this technique at some stage when we get yourself a stable number of customers available in the market and then we are able to look at a prices level among our direct competitors, so we could adjust the prices in accordance to that. Promoting Penetration strategy- We can impose slightly much less what the direct opponents are charging for the same product. The Penetration strategy is usually intended for quickly reaching a high amount of sales and also to attract buyers. Under this strategy product is widely promoted and price is held comparatively low. As we will probably be new in the market, we will definitely go for a penetrating, this way we are able to have a bond with regular buyers and can catch the attention of new customers. We all created a thorough list of prices which we are going to start-up the café with (see Appendix # 2).

Advertising and Promotions

Magazine and Magazines- This will end up being a good way of advertising of your product to sell. We can promote our most current product in daily or weekly newspaper to give the customers as an offer for the first day of recent product. We will be giving advertising in neighborhood newspaper forty five days before the opening of your Café. The newspaper fees about $6 per column inch, so an advertisement that is two columns vast and two inches taller would be $24 for each day time. Putting up Indications in Neighborhood- This is also an exceptional way to attract customers. The signature of our restaurant will be put in different spots, so persons can see the ad of recent coffee retailers and they may possibly come to try something totally new. For 100 boards it will cost around $900. Hand out ideals cheque- We will attract customers by giving benefit cheque worth $10 to first 75 customers. They shall be eligible to redeem the money at any giving level of time. Once we open a store, it will produce a big appeal to buyers. Hand out flyer discount offer- We will certainly distribute flyers by falling it to mail boxes, fixing any price cut offer prove first espresso, sandwich or any snack. All of us will make the flyers in Closest to DL (95mm x 210mm) so it will be inexpensive to create 50 flyers will cost $9. 74+ tax. So a thousand flyers will definitely cost $194. 80+tax.

Social Media- We can also promote the café through social media just like Facebook, Facebook and YouTube. We will tweet the promotional offer on tweets, so buyers can provide an access to discount coupons online. Website- We will create our web page and advertise all our products there, so people can easily know about each of our products. You will have some discounts on the website, the client could printing it and redeem at any time in the store. You will be charged us for a basic web page $2500 to $3000 also to manage the site and to develop it $75 to $100 per hour. So this will be more affordable than social networking and individual company website can give persons better choice to have a look at each of our menu and daily or perhaps weekly special offers. Development plan:

Development status:

Our strategy is on developing level. We have an excellent plan to begin our organization, having the past experience of several partners may help us managing the coffee-house. We are going to rental the place in Vancouver The downtown area on the intersection of Robson and Granville. We are intending to start the development work first, after that all of us will give top priority to the room work. Subsequent, we will certainly arrange and fit the machines and dishwashers in accordance to our structure. Along with the customer support we are rendering customers with free WI FI hotspot, cable television and comfortable chair and couches. So the customers can enjoy their coffee while sitting down and viewing television or searching the Internet.

Exclusive issues:

This is the trademark for our café. It is going to distinguish our services from those who are doing precisely the same business on the market place. The registration of trademark can be not necessary but we are going to register that before the beginning, because it gives us apparent proof of title. Furthermore, we will test each of our products just like coffee and other eatable products through the CISPR EMC screening laboratory within the Canadian normal association as well as we will certainly test each of our café underneath UL screening laboratories to get safety. After getting the endorsement, we gives some cost-free samples to potential customers intended for promotion and feedback. Operations plan


The coffee shop will be by Granville and Robson Street in Vancouver Downtown (see Appendix # 3). It could be an excellent place with constant shoppers during the week as well as business people and those who work in Down-town during weekdays. The cafe will be ideally in the heart of the most well-known shopping area in Vancouver and close to the Vancouver Metropolis Centre Heavens Train station, which would allow appealing to more transportation people. As a result of enormous marketplace size, the growth at this region rate can be considerable. The Vancouver Café will give very comfortable car seats for twenty four customers with hours of operation coming from 6AM to 8PM.


The total space available for the café of 600 sq . feet offer the space for the lounge seats area, fireplace, bookshelf, backside room, handicap-accessible washroom, and kitchen (See Appendix # 4). The premises are available for lease in an asking charge of $30 per rectangular foot, net. The total twelve-monthly rent would be equal to $180, 000, which in turn equates to $15, 000 per month, as your chance agent knowledgeable us the fact that lessor is definitely willing to decrease the monthly payment coming from $18, 500 to $15, 000. We will be eligible for the discount in the event of a rent contract for for least 36 months term. The lessee will be expected to give a personal ensure together with a security deposit of $10, 000.


To start-up the business, a variety of equipment are required. As mentioned inside the “Development” section, we will likely need to buy a list of equipment costing in total of $ twenty eight, 344 (see Appendix # 5). Every one of the equipment will be brand new and prices listed contain delivery and setting in place. All the items will be purchased via Stealth Espresso Systems Inc. As we currently negotiated, we might be eligible for an extra discount of 5%, in case the amount will be paid within just 90 days after the purchase. Therefore , the predicted amount with discount will probably be paid for the equipment equals to $26, 927. Installing the equipment will surely cost us additional $ twenty-five, 000. Business lead time for the delivery with the equipment is 3 to 4 weeks. The device will be amortized by using the straight-line method with an estimated valuable life

of 12-15 years.

Source Chain

Pacific Coffee Charcoal grill has been decided to be the main supplier for top specialty coffee. The company is conveniently situated in Downtown, close to our coffee shop. Pacific Espresso Roasters is a broad collection coffee distributor which will gratify all our source needs. The inventory will be checked twice a week to make certain that we have enough in again stock. The entire inventory will be placed simply by dates of receiving to adhere to the “first in initially out” system. We are seeking to place requests and acquire new inventory on a each week basis.


To operate the coffee shop all of us will need to seek the services of six cashiers to divided them up in two clubs (see Appendix # 6). The previous restaurant experience will probably be required, but exceptions may be made. Each of the hired personnel will receive an extensive training. Later on, for new personnel we will use on-the-job teaching technique to increase their performance and decrease the time of the training. A starting income for a cashier will be $10. 25 each hour; also we will use an added bonus system based on the employee’s performance.

Supervision team

May be the Manager from the Vancouver Café and will be in charge of overall operation of the organization. Head received a degree in Economics through the Russian Far Eastern University 5 years ago. In addition , he is currently going after a Business Management Diploma for Douglas University and he will graduate from the program in December 2014. Brain has an considerable experience in strategic planning, as he had been working for a production business in Russian federation from 06\ to 2012 as a Organizing Manager. ……. is the Vancouver Café’s Boss of Group 1 and will also be in charge of operating day-to-day procedures. During top hours, he will probably be helping to his personnel. Supervisor1 currently studies by Douglas University on Business Management plan and will graduate in December 2014. He offers 4 years’ experience in the restaurant sector, as he worked well at espresso shops in Vancouver. His experience varies from a cashier to a manager of the cafe. Through the job history he received a sufficient amount of expertise to run the café’s procedures. He will result in the selecting and training all the café employees. At this position, Supervisor1 will report to the Cafe Manager. ……. is the Vancouver Café’s Boss of Team 2 and you will be in charge of running day-to-day businesses. Supervisor2 presently studies for Douglas College on Organization Administration software and will graduate student in August 2014. He provides 2 years’ experience inside the restaurant sector. He will become supervising his staff and helping out during peak hours. He will be responsible for the getting supplies and management in the supply bottom. At this placement, Supervisor2 will certainly report to the Cafe Director.

SWOT Examination

Opening a coffee café is certainly not about knowing the difference among mocha, latte, and cappuccino but much more than this kind of little portion. Creating a SWOT analysis — identifying the excellent, bad and potential unpleasant, our buyers, overcoming the competing espresso shops and strengthening each of our marketing prepare — for our organization is essential ahead of moving forward.


Easy to get financing.

Easy to start up organization.

Fresh talents coming from partners.

Extensive refreshment menu.

Cost management.

Value based customer satisfaction.



Not enough experience.

Unknown business history and qualifications.

Divided authority.

Number of competition in the market.

Too many products to start with.


Continuously expanding.

Reel in different types of drinks from various areas of world. Broaden into franchisee based business.

Joint venture with different firms (e. g.: Gas stations, food markets, cinemas and much more that can let our cafe in their organization ). Require keen investors into the organization to expand.

International markets.

Online market.


High risk of failure.

Conflicts might occur among partners later on.

Position as a completely independent coffee shop.

Change in coffee trends.


Rises in the price of raw materials.

Shortage of particular coffee beans by suppliers because demanded by market. Change in technology in operating caffeine making equipment’s. Change in authorities policies.

Setup schedule

A great implementation routine ensures the accomplishment of each stage in the business plan. The expansion plan was divided into four phases: the initial phase, beginning phase, partially completion, and final stage. The team was successful in creating a strategy after a month’s collective work. The beginning phase will start after the preliminary stage. In this phase the business enterprise will be listed and thus the business becomes

eligible to take financial support from monetary organization. Semi completion stage will begin after two weeks. During this phase, the staff recruiting, menu planning, marketing and advertising tactics will be carried out under the direction of specialists. This phase takes a month and a half. A final phase will begin immediately after the semi achievement phase. This phase involves deciding the interior theme, home furniture, appliances and also other facilities to become provided on the café. Economical plan

Money Requested

To be able to start our business, the capital cost can be covered beneath the fixtures and equipment, installation of the features and gear and decorating which are 26, 927, twenty-five, 000, and 10, 000, respectively, to get a total of 61, 927. Basically, our company is doing our financing by debt and equity purchase which The Canadian Imperial Lender of Business (CIBC) has agreed to fund a large percentage of this expenditure.

Our 85 % with the Capital value is covered by CIBC by using the government-granted Canada Business Financing Action (CSBFA) program. Interest rate will be prime in addition 4. twenty-five per cent, which includes a 1 . 25 per cent operations fee paid out to the federal government. We can do monthly payment about seven years in order to pay out all the personal debt. CIBC offers agreed to that loan for dollar 178, 090 which covers remodelling expenses, personal guarantee in the owner pertaining to 25 % of the loan quantity.

The owner is usually planning the fact that balance in the funding will come via a money 19, 787 remaining harmony, allowing him a 75 % from the common stocks in the company.

Financial Output

Café Vancouver is supposed to make a profit of $ 168, 200 in the first season of businesses, which is a good sign for the business. The $657, 000 can be estimated intended for the initial year product sales figures is catagorized way over a breakeven level by $186, 787(where because B-even is $470, 213). Not only this, since indicated in the cash flow projection, the initial CIBC loan and $19, 787 equity investment give the procedure more than adequate cash flow. This gives a way to our business to repay the money faster.

Risk Factors

In order to start a new company venture, there are numerous risks that needs to be taking into consideration. Listed here are the some of the risks associated with café business: 1 . Flames Safety: Café Vancouver can limit the effect of a flames by ensuring the business enterprise has reimbursement, insurance safety, including enough business areas insurance and business interruption insurance. 2 . Inadequate Capital: Despite of a solid business plan various Cafe fails because that they lack satisfactory funding and planning. So to decrease these risk Coffee shop Vancouver is planning to have several months of funding to cover the costs of salaries, meals and expenses. 3. Foodstuff Safety Problems: If virtually any customer becomes injured on the premises or perhaps where a disease is related to product the $ you, 000, 000 compressive standard liability insurance policy will make sure the business has adequate legal responsibility. 4. Shortage of supply: This kind of risk is considered as not really important because there are wide variety of suppliers in down-town might be picked in case of shortages with source.

Divestiture/Harvest Technique

In case of virtually any quarrel, any partner would like to exit the business enterprise or if perhaps sales can not be made then your assets with the business will probably be sold away individually. First of all, company will endeavour to sell this kind of commercial espresso making tools locally although if the quenched established cannot be built locally then this equipment will be sold on the internet. The money via selling this equipment will be used to pay off your debt obligation from the business and remaining money will be paid to the owner.

However , this may not be supposed to happen because the strategy has significant upside latent, builds good market share. In the event everything should go according to the program, it is supposed to attract the attention of large countrywide. The owner

would promote the business just and only if the healthy income is given by a buyer.


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