Evaluate Two of the Cognitive Approaches Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

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The cognitive approach has two main strengths. These two strengths are that the cognitive approach is medical and that it has an application of therapies. The first power that the cognitive approach has is that it truly is scientific the reason is , it is done within the laboratory.

This is known as lab research. We can rely on the studies because it is carried out under a controlled environment. Helping to make this a strength. The 2nd strength which the cognitive strategy has is a application of these types of therapies. We can say that this is power because it provides a very high success rate and is quite effective.

This is why the NHS uses this approach. The cognitive strategy helps people across the world. The Cognitive approach also has two weaknesses, the two of these weaknesses which i am going to examine are it is difficult to confirm and the mechanistic reductionism. The cognitive procedure is difficult to prove that functions because thoughts are not observable and are certainly not measurable.

This really is a weak point because physiologist have to depend on the accuracy of people because there is not any solid facts what the sufferer thoughts happen to be. The second some weakness I am going to examine is the fact that the cognitive procedure has a mechanistic reductionism; this means that the mind is compared to a pc. This is a weakness since the mind is more complex that the computer e. g. your brain can suppose and appreciate someone’s feelings.

So Mechanistic reductionism shows that psychologist happen to be downgrading the mind’s capacity.

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