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My key aim in this essay should be to discover how both poets identify and share their thoughts. I will try this by concentrating on their utilization of linguistic techniques and what effect it has given around the reader. Moreover, I will centered one the way the poets have got structured the poem, by carefully examining it.

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Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou is one of the most renowned and influential words of our time. She has many titles just like memoirist, novelist, educator, dramatist, producer, presenter, historian, filmmaker, and municipal rights bustler.

She was created on the fourth April 1928 in St Louis, Missouri. At the age of dua puluh enam Angelou analyzed modern dance and beautifully constructed wording; however her studies did not stop there. She visited Cairo, Ghana, New York and in this time she had perfected French, The spanish language, Italian, Arabic, and Fanti. In 93 she composed a composition at Bill Clinton’s inauguration; it was viewed live on air all around the world.

Stanza 1

“You may publish me straight down in history, together with your bitter turned lies you could trod me in incredibly dirt but nevertheless like particles ill rise in his opening verse of the poem, you automatically detects Maya’s frame of mind towards the visitor and I believed as though the girl was spearing the reader with these words and phrases by saying “your bitter by doing this I believed that if made someone feel as though they had done all this to Maya, therefore it made the reader feel psychological.

Maya Angelo published at the start of her poem “Your bitter twisted lies in this quote Angelou is presenting her feelings by simply harshly saying you can do whatever you desire with you bitter twisted is.

The word “twisted shows the reader how wrong these lies are and just how hurtful, and unpleasant, these types of lies are to her. Just like when you take a piece of paper and also you twist it, the wrinkles are difficult to take out. Then simply she says the term “bitter this kind of shows someone how distressful this is to her and reveals the reader that this really hurts her. “Trod me in very dirt by expressing this she explains her self and says that, you can do what ever you need but it will not bother me, still unwell get there. The girl shows that she’s full of stiffness and perseverance and nothing will stop her. In that case at the end with the Stanza off she publishes articles “but still like dust particles ill rise by writing this the lady shows someone how comfortable she is. We are able to prove this kind of because Angelou has used a simile “like dust simply by writing this kind of she implies that just like dirt rises surrounding this time and you are not able to see it increasing, in the same way will certainly she go up.

Stanza a couple of

“Does my own sassiness raise red flags to you, how come you beset with gloom, cause We walk like I’ve got oil wells pumping during my living room Maya is definitely questioning someone and I thought that this was an extremely effective way to get the viewers attention, she says, just because I am just passionate and lively is the fact upsetting you, why are you jealous of me? I think that Cyber purposely composed this mainly because she planned to show the target audience how unfair it is and just how cruel it can be that a person can’t be themselves.

Then Cyber writes “cause I walk like I have got petrol wells pumping in my living room I think that this was a really successful and essential line in Angelou’s composition. I thought that Maya utilized a powerful metaphor “oil bore holes pumping within my living room I thought that the word petrol stood pertaining to something significant. If a person has an olive oil well they will maybe extremely rich as well as the fact that she gets used this, shows that this wounderful woman has something exceptional inside her, Maya is usually showing her perseverance because just like if you have olive oil a person can become very powerful in the same way Internet is saying no one will be able to prevent her since she has something special which can be determination and courage.

I will start by analyzing the next stanza

“Just like the suns and moons with the assurance of tides, just like expectations spring high still sick rise With this stanza Angelo shows her desperation and desire to achieve this goal, to end elegance. Moreover, Angelou refers to the sun, moon and tides to symbolize her mother nature. She says that just like the certainty that the sun will within the east and set in the west and the celestial body overhead will appear inside the night and tides will certainly wash out-and-in of shorelines in the same way she could achieve this goal. Moreover coming from my wisdom I think that Maya motivates the reader by saying “with the certainty of tides desires spring high she is impacting on the reader by simply saying that your hope will usually rise and that it is natural in a persons life just like the tides arriving and away are all-natural and the sunshine rise and set is normal.

“Did you would like to see me broken bowed head decreased eyes, shoulder muscles falling just like teardrops, destabilized by my soulful cries

It thought that all this stanza was on of the most successful; this was since Maya genuinely expressed her feelings and showed her true inner self. Contrary to the additional stanza’s My spouse and i realized that Cyber Angelou hardly ever wrote “I’ll rise at the end of the phrase. This was since she wished to show the target audience how much discomfort and stress discrimination features caused inside her. I think what made this kind of stanza incredibly special was the fact that, the first time Maya confirmed her drawback, and by doing this she advised the reader that the pain inside her that discrimination has caused is usually something that will stay their forever inside her, and however she are unable to rise above that pain. I think that this made the stanza very mental because this was something that Maya Angelou wasn’t able to rise above.

Stanza 4

In this stanza My spouse and i felt that Maya was showing her id and who have she is.

“Does my haughtiness offend you, don’t you consider it awful hard what she intended by this is that just because I feel I’m higher than every one otherwise and Now i am proud of personally, is that annoying you, the key reason why I thought this is because Maya wrote “cause I chuckle like We have got precious metal mines digging in my personal backyard plus the word “laugh proves this because it implies that she is happy. I thought that was a seriously powerful stanza because Maya, put over the message that, these people are so arrogant and jealous that just because she actually is proud being who she’s and she actually is proud that she’s black, these people hate it (don’t you take it awful hard) what she means by awful hard is that when a white person was proud of his or her home and was proud to be white would we hate it? Zero so why aren’t she become herself?

Stanza 5

“You may take me along with your words, you may cut me personally with your eye, you may eliminate me together with your hatefulness but still like air flow ill rise in this stanza I believed that Maya made someone feel responsible, this was because she was putting the rap on the person who was studying by declaring “you may. I thought this was a actually effective means of attracting focus;

What Maya Angelou meant when the girl said “you may blast me together with your words, you could cut myself with your eyes, you may eliminate me along with your hatefulness is that you can do what ever you like, whether its the lies “shoot me together with your words, you could have all the jealousy inside you “cut me personally with your eyes, have all the hatred inside you “kill me along with your hatefulness, yet probably none of those things is ever going to stop me personally “but nonetheless like atmosphere I’ll rise, she is saying its not going to stop myself so its pointless. However, we know that this stuff hurt her inside because she says “but still just like air I am going to rise. My estimation of this is that, she meant that just like you may contaminate surroundings, but you can hardly ever stop it from getting there. Just as she is representing that, each of the lies that have been said about her, and the hate, it does hurt her but it will never end her from reaching this goal that she has always wanted. “I’ll rise.

Stanza six

“Does my personal sexiness raise red flags to you, will it come as a surprise what Maya was trying to show is because she’s sexy and she is dark-colored, it comes as being a surprise to them to see that a dark-colored person stands apart, and a black person to fully stand up for himself, what she is trying to state, is that this upsets these people and they are irritated to see this. I thought that the really confirmed the character of these white persons and the big difference it manufactured if you were dark or white on how you had been treated. Furthermore, once again Cyber Angelou directed this at the reader simply by saying “you and this produced the reader think as though we were holding one of these white colored people. Then when I was analyzing this, I think that they had been many different techniques for interpreting the phrase “sexiness.

My personal interpretation was that Maya published this mainly because she was speaking on behalf of the dark people in the world and not just himself and what this meant was that your woman was saying that all blacks are “naturally attractive basically they, include something normally special inside them, and in order to unveil it, they have to stand up and rise and become themselves. Internet is saying for all black people who stand up for your own and you will be the winner in the long run just like she actually is a winner. My own proof of this is, that at the end the composition Maya wrote “I rise instead of “I’ll rise this kind of showed you that the same as she has stated she “will rise but know she has risen “I rise and also Angelou published “that We dance just like I’ve received diamonds with the meeting of my thighs this revealed the reader that know she has got anything to really include about. To boost that I thought that Maya was a real ideas to the black community.

My second meaning of this stanza was that Cyber wrote this kind of because the girl was unique, and the girl was an icon to other dark-colored people, and this was very unusual to find out in a dark person to stand up and turn a leader, and my evidence of this is the lady wrote “does it be met with a surprise

Stanza six

“Out in the huts of histories waste, I rise here Internet Angelou talks about that out of all what has happened in history she gets risen previously mentioned. Another reason was that by simply saying “histories shame your woman meant that exactly what a university humiliation and an distress it is to all of mankind intended for humans to fight one other and for discrimination to possibly take place. In that case she produces “I rise by producing this the girl with saying that, no matter what has occurred in history this wounderful woman has know grown above. Something that I got noticed was that at the start of the poem and through the central Maya had written “I’ll rise and toward the end it had been “I rise I thought that this stud being a symbol together a which means. My presentation was that Cyber had written this kind of because the girl was demonstrating that after every one of the hard work and hard times this wounderful woman has fought through, finally this wounderful woman has got were she has always wished for.

Stanza almost eight

“Up coming from a previous that’s grounded in discomfort I rise This confirmed the reader just how much pain this lady has been complete and not only her but her family and her generations. We know this mainly because she publishes articles the word “rooted. The word rooted has a significant effect because just like the origins of a tree keep growing and still have different braches. In the same way soreness has passed through her ages and understand finally the girl with the one to stand up preventing this “I rise.

Stanza 9

“I am a black marine, leaping and wide, welling and swelling I within the tide, leaving behind night times of dread and fear behind I think that this was obviously a powerful stanza because Maya was object rendering an image towards the reader of her valor and electricity, and also interior strength.

By saying that she’s a marine, first of all the girl uses a metaphor and I thought that increased the result and secondly if you are and ocean then simply how can any individual escape you and she is exhibiting that if anyone wants to deal with then they will never be able to break free. My examination was that the girl was an ocean carrying fish and plants (people), and without that ocean these fish and plants could suffer, just as the dark people might suffer from elegance. To add to this kind of I thought that she is saying that know this wounderful woman has a responsibility to carry these folks and to protect them, in a apart she is expressing that this surprise she has received has understand been unveiled, and the girl with know were she has always wanted to be, she gets power and know one can stop her, in the same way find out one can get rid of an marine. The fact that she is saying she is leaping far and wide shows us that she is still fighting to get freedom and know for those black persons in the world.

Stanza 11

“into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear I rise right here Maya focuses on the point that know that this wounderful woman has this electrical power, ahead of her lies another that is and so clear and exciting.

Stanza 12

“bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave I rise Maya Angelou used a metaphor “gifts which made me think about what I was studying, by stating this this made the queue emotive. She actually is saying that for years this present has been completing on, and yet know one has been successful enough to discover it and to use it, and know that person is her. The metaphor “gifts represents that the rising above elegance and putting a stop to it and after this she has performed this and we can prove this kind of because your woman writes “I rise.

Stanza 13

The last few lines of the composition was  I am the dream and hope of the servant, I rise, I surge, I rise I thought that Maya seriously summarized the complete poem by simply saying this kind of because in the end her goal was intended for blacks to acquire rights, for blacks to have their flexibility, for blacks to discover they’re gifts that they most have, and then for them to meet high anticipations, and by saying “I climb, I rise, I rise shows that this lady has done this and been successful and find out she has transformed the life of black persons In the world. I realized that towards the end in the poem instead of using anger to convey the message rather Maya used emotion, and hope, and by doing this it made someone believe that no matter what happens in the world Maya will always rise above that.

Now I am going to give a simple summary within the life of Tatamkhulu Afrika.

Born in 1920, Afrika was born and bought up in Cape Community, South Africa; he had an Arab father and a European mother. In Africa individuals were classed based on the color of their particular skin, On the other hand Afrika rejected the chance to always be classed while white as he chose to become Muslim which that time was categorized because colored. Down the line in his years he became a member of the African national congress and yet 3 years he was arrested to get terrorism and was suspended writing or speaking in public pertaining to 5 years. He perished shortly after his 82nd birthday; he was stepped on by a bus just 14 days after the publication of his final book “bitter Eden he left a number of unpublished works, poems, plays, and novels.

Let me start now by analyzing the first stanza.

In the early lines in the first stanza, he makes an image of district half a dozen and says some of it is characteristics below I will provide a few cases, “Small circular hard stones click underneath my pumps. In the first quotation he talks about that in district six, the governments don’t have taken much care to develop roads, which leads me personally to think, it would be very rare to see any kind of modern ways of transport. Then it follows in “seeding solide thrust bewhiskered seeds in trouser cuffs he clarifies that, no person is irritated to cut the wheat so when you walk the wheat or grain is in your trouser cuffs.

Moreover, I thought that these two words “thrust and “bearded gave an unwelcoming feel to the audience. “cans trodden on This provides the reader a feel that district six is a place where no body cares, zero body can be bothered to throw all their litter in the bin their just left on the floor. Tatamkhulu rounds the first stanza off by saying “crunch in tall, purple flowering, amiable weeds after talking about the uncut wheat as well as the litter on to the floor, he then says that though district half a dozen has all these problems he can used to this kind of he views them as friendly, and a part of him.

The second stanza starts with the poet writing “District six, no table says it is, but my personal feet understand, and my personal hands, plus the skin about my our bones, and the gentle laboring of my lungs To increase tension Afrika is using repetition, simply by starting the verse of by “and three times. He demonstrates that even though you will find no symptoms that claim its section six, inside him this individual know it is, if you look in more detail on the quotation you’re certain that the poet person is conveying the concept that he has already been below “my feet and “my hands and “laboring of my lungs by saying that his toes know fantastic hands that proves that he has been here just before because his feet bear in mind the “clicking stones beneath his heels and his lung area remember the polluted ambiance that was caused by litter box “cans trodden on.

Over the following two lines of the poem Afrika is using anger to express his thoughts. “And the hot, white, inward turning anger of my personal eyes simply by writing white colored with two commas upon either part, from my experience as a result the reader focuses more about this word “white Afrika provides deliberately carried out this to improve the tension and to make the reader think just how angry he is. The same as when you temperature coal up, and it reaches the hottest, that turns white colored.

Now I will begin by studying the third stanza

“Brash with glass, brand flaring like a flag that squats, in the grass and weeds

Through this quotation, Tatamkhulu Afrika initial describes seen the building he admits that the word bold, this means to stand out too much and be energetic and blustering, bragging. Then it says “name flaring like a flag it squats, in the turf and weeds this talks about to the target audience that this building and the name of it merely sits there( squats), it will not belong their particular and won’t fit in with the visual encircling in this case the “grass and “weeds that surround home. Afrika has used two highly effective describing verbs “brash and “squats this significantly increases the tension besides making the line remarkable.

In these following few lines that I will analyze, the poet describes his adverse experiences.

“Incipient port Jackson trees, new up market haute cuisine Protect at the gate post white’s only inn incipient port Jackson woods where shipped to The african continent from America in the late 1970 when the region six had been colonized by whites. His negative experience comes from the fact that there is a fresh market and a luxurious cuisine, however , there is a safeguard at the gateway post making sure no dark person also comes in, “whites only inn Afrika feels that blacks happen to be being dejected in their own land.

Next stanza

“No sign says it is although we know were we belong

What is Afrika’s attitude to whites?

Afrika does not share his feeling through anger he expresses them through sarcasm we could prove this kind of because he publishes articles “we understand were all of us belong he can referring to the black persons, saying that the whites have their dishes and fresh markets yet we know had been we are supposed to be. Moreover, Afrika deliberately utilizes a small stanza, this gives it exceptional sparkle which boosts the tension on this stanza and attracts someone attention.

With this next stanza I will be studying in depth and showing Tatamkhulu negative experiences.

His unfavorable experience is the fact that that there is that there is still segregation between whites and blacks and nothing is promoting, no one offers cared to do anything about it this individual feels that black are being dejected. We know this because he produces “I press my nose area to clear the panes, find out, before I realize them, you will see crushed ice light glass, sheets and pillowcases falls, the only rose Afrika is trying to get the message that the white individuals are treated well, with luxurious and ease and comfort “linen is catagorized, the single rose but then in the next verse this individual compares this kind of to how blacks are treated “working mans cafï sells rabbit chows.

Consider it with you, take in it at a plastic tables top, wipe the fingers in your jeans throw a little on to the floor: it’s in the bone. Afrika uses a juxtaposition I thought this was a seriously clever approach because it showed the reader just how vulgar and old fashioned the black mans cafï was. Here he talks about that if you go into a white man s cafï they have tissues at the desk top and crushed ice within a white a glass. However if you walk into a black mans cafï then you definitely eat over a plastic stand top, wiping your hands with your jeans.

The poet specially compares the linen declines and the plastic material table because this gives the visitor a feel that just because with the color of all their skin they get remedied differently.

In these next couple of pages We are analyzing the similarities inside the style, use of linguistic methods, and the composition and layout of the composition.

Tatamkhulu and Maya have a lot of similarities relating to their background childhood. I believe their publishing represents their childhood and exactly how they have been cared for and the terrible times they’ve been through. Because of this it make an enormous effect on the reader, i will give a good example. Maya creates “a past that’s seated in main this is a very emotive series and represents Mayas background, the lady tells us that all these years she has been through this torment and her background shows this. The phrase “root demonstrates it’s not only her who has been tormented, yet it’s her ancestors as well that have been through slavery and injustice. The same as the roots of the tree have different channels and can be very long, nevertheless they all do the same work.

Then Tatamkhulu also shows this, yet he does this in a slightly different but clever way and I did not find Maya use this in her poem, but since she would I think her poem could have been a lot more effective. He writes “no board says it is nevertheless we know had been we belong by declaring the word “we he is discussing the blacks and saying even though there isn’t any board we understand were our company is going. He uses sarcasm to acquire his point threw for the reader, and I think that it’s a really effective approach.

Another linguistic technique which i saw was repetition, that was used by the two writers in an exceptional approach to get through to the point. I discovered that Cyber repeated a similar word “ill rise after the end of each stanza. I do think that this a new big effect on each stanza because the reader pays more attention to the words that have been repeated, therefore with the meanings of the word staying repeated. In cases like this Maya was portraying the message that what ever they are doing whether it’s their bitter is or the splendour; she will always rise above this, whatever takes place and by duplicating this for end of every stanza simply shows how much courage, passion, and determination Maya Angelou has got.

Replication was also used by Tatamkhulu Afrika, even so he utilized this in a slightly different design, and even so I don’t think that it was since effective since Angelou’s, this was because it had not been repeated enough times for the reader to really believe that having been fully devoted to end the segregation among whites and blacks. It of the composition was “nothings changed and Tatamkhulu repeated this at the end, this showed the reader just how frustrated he was the notice that nothing could be done regarding the segregation between white wines and blacks and that nothing at all had been carried out. By reproducing this this did not simply increase the impact it had around the stanza, but showed and represented the poet’s emotions. Tatamkhulu concluded his poem in more associated with an emotional method whereas Internet ended her poem in more of a flexible and confident approach.

I will be taking a look at the style of the poem and the way they may have used anger to show the communication and their commonalities.

I think that because the a couple of poets utilized of anger this completely an huge impact on the reader because it made you imagine twice by what you were reading.

I believed that the two poets would this exceedingly well. In the poem nothings changed, Tatamkhulu Afrika showed his anger to represent his feelings he did this kind of on a large number of occasions, I will just examine a few of these. Afrika writes in his poem “the hot, white, inward turning anger of my eyes I thought this was an outstanding collection which actually did demonstrate poets feelings. The word white colored really demonstrated the reader how angry Afrika actually was, just like as you heat some thing up as this gets hotter the color starts to change then when it’s in its hottest it turns white, I thought this was a really powerful line which really engrossed the reader.

Additional example was when Tatamkhulu wrote “hands burn for the stone, a bomb, to shiver over the glass here he is as well conveying the message through anger and saying that his “hands burn for a stone by this this individual means that inside him there is certainly this precipitation to break the barrier among whites and blacks “to shiver throughout the glass and the fact that he writes “hands burn shows the yearning he has inside him break up this segregation among whites and blacks wonderful desperation.

Maya also employed the same strategy to convey her message, your woman writes “you may publish me down in history together with your bitter twisted lies, you could trod me in extremely dirt however like dust particles I’ll rise. She uses harsh phrases “bitter “twisted, however Maya uses precisely the same method nevertheless using a diverse style, she actually is pin directed the reader. It seems as though she actually is blaming the reader, I thought this was a very good way of getting the point across because this built the reader guilt ridden. More above, I think that if Afrika had utilized the same technique his composition would have been more effective.

Similarities in structure use

From my opinion the structure in the stanza was actually important as it increased the result, which in come back had a significant effect on the poem, here I will give a few illustrations: Tatamkhulu Afrika used this method a lot in the poem.

Inside the 7th stanza of his poem Afrika purposely wrote a very tiny stanza, “No board says it is, nevertheless we know had been we belong I thought this stanza got exceptional talent, it really caught my attention, Afrika purposely did this kind of because to start with it raises tension and he needed people to know just how they can be being remedied and how difficult it is for them to live excluded from other elements of the town. The term white must commas upon either aspect this is because he wants all of us to pay more attention to that word white-colored.

Then again Afrika used precisely the same style once again “and the, white, inward turning anger of my eyes Afrika is demonstrating us his anger. The phrase white has to commas upon either aspect this is because he wants all of us to pay much more attention to that word white colored.

Now I can give another example in continue to ill rise.

I thought Internet Angelou methodized her composition exceptionally well. After every various other stanza Internet wrote Items rise, I am going to rise; I am going to rise on separate lines. From my estimation I thought that by doing this that made you one hundred percent sure that Maya was absolutely dedicated, and that showed just how desperate she actually is and how much courage this wounderful woman has, and how very much commitment.


One terminology technique that we thought was brilliant was your fact that Tatamkhulu could display and identify the clashes in the way blacks and whites were remedied. I thought that had an immense effect as it made the line emotional. One example of this was “I press my nose area to clear the panes, understand before I see them it will have crushed ice white colored glass, bed linen falls, the only rose this individual shows the luxurious and the quality that whites have been provided, and the contrasts this with “down the street working guys cafï markets bunny chows, take it with you, eat it at a plastic dining tables top, remove your fingers on your jeans, spit a bit on the floor: it is in the bone he displays the difference in luxury between a white-colored and blacks cafï also because he do this I believed that it was quite effective and created emotion to make the reader feel sorry for blacks. On the other hand I thought that if perhaps Maya would this her poem is a little more powerful.

One more thing i spotted was that both copy writers ended their poem in another way.

These shocked me mainly because they were both black and were fighting a similar problem.

Cyber Angelou ended her poem with “I am the dream and hope with the slave, I rise, I actually rise, My spouse and i rise your woman showed a sense of achievement and hope, mainly because by saying “I rise three times demonstrated the reader that she has her accomplished her mission of rising and ending over discrimination.

However Tatamkhulu finished his in anger and irritation by simply saying “hands burn for the stone, a bomb to shiver over the glass, nothings changed.

Below he confirmed anger on the other hand their was obviously a sense of hope, although by producing this, this told the reader that their very own was still splendour between whites and blacks, But this kind of made someone feel psychological whereas Maya’s was more a feel of accomplishment.

To conclude, I thought that the two poetry where excellent, however , We enjoyed Cyber Angelou’s many. This was mainly because she blamed the reader and by doing this it made you feel emotional. Although “nothing’s changed was exceptional My spouse and i still thought that Maya’s was slightly better.


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