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Computed densities of metal samples from measurements of mass and volume level

This experiment was conducted to exhibit how density is afflicted with mass and volume. Measurements of mass and volume were taken of two solids and two liquids, one noted and a single unknown for each. Their densities were calculated, using the formula: d = m/V (density = mass / volume) I..

Trial and error

Three metal cylinders were tested each pertaining to volume and mass with this experiment. Among the cylinders was aluminum, and the two other folks were not known. The first measured test was aluminum. A sample beaker was positioned on a range as a holder, then zeroed out. The aluminum was placed in the beaker, and the mass was recorded. A graduated cylinder was filled to the 15. 00 mL indicate with distilled water, plus the aluminum cyndrical tube was put into it. How much displaced substance was scored and recorded. The managed to graduate cylinder was then emptied and then filled up with 15. 00 mL of tap water. The aluminum sample was put in the managed to graduate cylinder plus the amount of displaced smooth was measured and registered. The mass of light weight aluminum was divided by every single measurement of volume to get the density in the sample. This method was repeated with both not known samples, unknown A and B.


From your densities and properties from the unknown precious metals, their identities were established to be iron, for unfamiliar A, and copper, for unknown B. The metallic with the denseness closest to that particular of unknown A was iron. Unknown A contains a density of 7. 72 g/mL, and iron has a denseness of 7. 87 g/mL 3.. Unknown A also had the sterling silver color of iron. Unknown W was established to be birdwatcher because of its physical properties. The calculated density of unfamiliar B would’ve suggested it turned out nickel or cobalt, however the sample had a bronze color, which is a real estate of copper mineral. These computations matched tightly to the accepted values with their respective alloys, and the observed properties coordinated as well. Unadulterated and plain tap water both developed the same results when ever calculating thickness. Possible options for error may have been from misreading the managed to graduate cylinder, or inaccurate tools.


The purpose of this kind of experiment was going to calculated the density of numerous metal trials from measurements of mass and volume level, and to discover the unidentified metals depending on observations and numerical info. With a great experimental error of zero. 986 for aluminum, 1 . 91 pertaining to unknown A, and 0. 781 intended for unknown N, it is concluded that this fresh process was valid and did not should be drastically improved because the most percent errors were under 5 percent. The results on this lab give irrefutable data that size is not important. Although every single sample had the same measured volume, unknown A and B could be considered more massive compared to the aluminum sample, in technological terms, because they had more mass.

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