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My own great-grandmother, who is ninety-five years of age, recently delivered me a picture of himself that I had never viewed before. Although cleaning out the attic of her California home, the girl came across a studio family portrait she experienced taken of a year before she committed my great-grandfather. This picture of my personal great-grandmother as being a twenty-year-old young lady and the story behind it include fascinated myself from the moment My spouse and i began to ponder over it. The young woman in the picture contains a face that resembles my very own in many ways.

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Her face is a bit more oblong than acquire, but the gently waving brown hair about it is identical. The small, directly nose is the same style I was delivered with.

My own great-grandmother’s mouth is closed, yet there is certainly just the slightest hint of the smile onto her full lips. I know that if she had smiled, she would have shown the same extensive grin and down-curving “smile lines” that appear in my snapshots.

The most haunting feature in the photo, nevertheless , is my great-grandmother’s eye. They are a precise duplicate of my own huge, dark brown kinds. Her eyebrows are plucked into skinny lines, that happen to be like two pencil strokes added to emphasize those fine, luminous eyes.

I’ve also carefully analyzed the clothing and jewellery in the photograph. Although the photo was considered seventy-five yrs ago, my great-grandmother is wearing a blouse and skirt that can easily become worn today. The blouse is made of weighty eggshell-colored satin and shows the light in its folds and hollows. It has a turned-down cowl collar and smocking within the shoulders and below the training collar. The smocking (tiny rows of gathered material) looks hand-done. The dress, which covers my own great-grandmother’s calves, is straight and made of sunshine wool or flannel. My great-grandmother has on silver drop earrings. They may be about two inches lengthy and approximately shield-shaped. On her left arm is a coordinating bracelet. My great-grandmother won’t be able to find this bracelet today, despite each of our having put in hours looking through the attic room for it. For the third little finger of her left hand can be described as ring using a large, square-cut stone.

The storyplot behind the style is as interesting to me since the young woman it captures. Great-Grandmother, who was generating twenty-five dollars a week like a file clerk, decided to offer her boyfriend (my great-grandfather) a picture of herself. She spent almost two weeks’ salary around the skirt and blouse, which in turn she purchased at a fancy department store downtown. She took out the ear-rings and bracelet from her older sis, Dorothy. The ring the girl wore was a present by another young man she was dating at the time. Great-Grandmother put in another portion of her salary to pay the portrait shooter for the hand-tinted print in classical tones of brown and tan.

Just before giving the picture to my personal great-grandfather, your woman scrawled in the lower left, “Sincerely, Beatrice. ” While i study this kind of picture, We react in many ways. I think about the trouble that my great-grandmother went to to be able to impress the young man who had been to be my personal great-grandfather. I actually laugh after i look at the diamond ring, which was almost certainly worn for making him jealous. I smile at the significant, formal inscription my great-grandmother used at this time of the budding relationship. Occasionally, I am filled with a combination of pleasure and sadness once i look at this frosty long-ago moment. It is a moment of magnificence, of love, and—in a way—of my own previous.

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