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T: Based on the name of the name, I forecast that the lyrical poem is around the quickly ride through life, and just how you should quit and smell the roses sometimes, to cherish lifestyle. P: This can be a narrative lyric that tells a story about a girl with a rough life. Nevertheless she uses her cost savings from when she performs at the ease store to look for happiness with her fan in a bigger, brighter place. In the end the unhappy son and young lady become happy, get married and possess kids.

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The husband, nevertheless , becomes an alcoholic just as the wife’s dad. Which will remind her just how she discontinued his studies to support him when he cannot support her. This must remind her about the strength she has in order to get to where she is today and she doesn’t desire to be like that ever again, so the girl uses that strength to divorce her husband, therefore he can locate his way to a better place also.


Simile: “The speed therefore fast I thought that I was drunk (Chapman 30). This can be a simile referring to how a car was going therefore fast your woman could not observe properly. This kind of simile is very important in the words of the tune because it displays how tough her existence was, and since soon because she received a way to leave, she remaining and went away as soon as she can, which explains why she was driving a car so quickly. Metaphor: “But is it fast enough so we can fly away (Chapman 26).

This really is a metaphor towards an improved life and very quickly. Traveling by air seems thus graceful and stylish, which is why it is used to get to the better, more elegant life. The woman just wants a better lifestyle as fast as the lady can since compared to wherever she is at this time, she basically would like to fly to bliss, and thisis her hell. Point of View: ‘So I give up school and thats what I did (Chapman 24).

The idea of watch in this story is in first person. It is so vital that you have this in first person because it is a story concerning this girls existence and how the lady wants to have got a better one particular. A: The authors attitude throughout most of this lyric is very unfortunate and gloomy. It must be miserable because the music has a slow, sad ” cadence “, so it pieces the feeling and the lyrics are very profound and unfortunate, so it the actual most sense to have the frame of mind and diction sad and depressing because it is about how much a girl will not like her life.

S: There is a move from the moment she has an extremely rough period taking care of her alcoholic father and having to drop out of high school to also fund her relatives, to when she leaves town and gets married, which is heading from so sad to happy. Nearly every stanza “You got a fast car can be described as repeated lyric that starts the stanza off, this repeats itself numerous times since every time they have that lyric it alterations the time framework of what she is carrying out and how shes changing her life.

In addition, it says “And I had a I could be someone, always be someone, become someone (Chapman 34). There is certainly an emphasis on “Be someone because the lady never seems like she is self-employed or provides a life until they set off on their voyage to be within a better place, and become anybody that she wants to end up being, instead of the individual that she resented before.

(Negative to great shift) To: After examining the poem I think it means that her wanted to leave her “old life as fast as the girl could, and just how this fast car signifies her life. She packages up her life and leaves into a bigger and brighter place which is just like coming from Belleville and going to Nyc, bigger, richer, faster spaced and all you may wish for.

Big t: The topic in this poem is desire. Throughout this narrative lyric she experiences the worst things yet all the girl hopes for is much better things, a better life. In the event that she failed to have hope she would always be living similar unhappy, gloomy life, she’d not have obtained all the things your woman worked so difficult. Because of desire, she discovered to be hopeful and work harder for those things she would like.


“The speed therefore fast I felt like I used to be drunk Town lights lay out before us(Chapman 30, 31). This jogs my memory of when I moved to Belleville 3 years in the past, from living in Brockville intended for 8 years. I had not been happy such as the girl in

this kind of lyric, I had been more raise red flags to than I possess ever been. The afternoon I moved was therefore overwhelming and sad that when we were generating I seemed I was giving my hometown faster than the speed of light. Because upset as I was, I see a bigger community with interesting things which i never found in Brockville.

I started to be more positive about the very fact that I was leaving, although I was even now overly annoyed about leaving my “old life behind me. Given that I live here My spouse and i begin to realize that my “old life is a part of me personally, all of my personal old recollections will always read on00 and the friends I have will always be my friends. I have more of friends because I moved and attained new fantastic people.

As being a teenager, like myself I believe as though you must live up to other folks expectations. Nevertheless I have never felt like I possess lived up to lenders expectations, which is how the woman in this composition felt when ever she stated “But myself myself I acquired nothing to prove (Chapman 8). This girl seems hopeless, unconfident and the girl can not meet other people’s objectives because she’s to occupied helping her alcoholic daddy and the lady can’t whatever it takes for herself.

I feel that teenagers experience hopeless at times too, mainly because we are certainly not adults therefore we get treated like youngsters, like we are generally not capable of things. Sometimes this is true, nonetheless it is also true that at times we need to learn how it feels in order to do things on our own and be able to put issues in our very own hands, just like the girl did in the narrative lyric by saving up cash to go to a much better place in your life.

“Let the annual Hunger Games begin (The Being hungry Games Suzanne Collins). This novel is about Katniss a teenager that provides on her family because her daddy dies and her mother is in a depression via his fatality. As the annual Being hungry Games strategy which means you have to fight for your daily life to either die or perhaps win for the life of luxury, Katniss’s sister Primrose is selected, but Katniss sacrifices her self since she’d alternatively die than have her sister move. From there, the lady gets cured like vips at The Capital before the great war to have a feel pertaining to how her life could be, and begins to fall for boys.

She and her enthusiast battle most of these people, and end up earning the game and get treated to a lifetime of prosperity and luxury. This compares to the composition because Katniss starts out which has a rough your life just like the lady in the lyric, but uses hope and determination to get through theirbattles, only to get to a brighter long term, because if they don’t have hope and determination they would have a sad and short lived existence.

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