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PART 1 The students attending the pre-intermediate program are mostly Czech nationals (except one Polish student) and are in their early on thirties to sixties. Each of them have a great level of determination and their reasons behind learning English include personal development, transferring to an English speaking region, obtaining a better job, travelling, teaching English language at higher level of00, and conntacting native speakers or loved ones living in another country.

Most of them possess learnt the language at university and/or university or college for at least some years (often with long breaks) and were taught simply by teachers whom used the two Czech and English in their classroom. The lessons had been teacher-centred and focused on grammar, dictation and homework, leaving few options for speaking practice. A single student has also been attending English language course offered by her workplace, and also understands English on their own. Two of the students are multilingual (they speak either The german language or French). A number of them possess attended English language lessons by Akcent IH in the past, that they can enjoyed because they were confronted with various decorations of indigenous speakers.

They will prefer lessons where just English is usually spoken and are very open to CELTICO teaching approaches. Students want to work in pairs or groups, though some want to be fixed more often and feel they learn more once talking to the teacher. They will enjoy a combination of speaking practice and sentence structure work, which usually most perceive as difficult, but easier than being attentive or speaking because grammar can be learned.

They are all eager to communicate successfully with linguists, develop their very own listening expertise (difficult because of accents/talking speeds) and speaking skills (fluency, improving their accents). The students should also broaden all their vocabulary and improve their producing skills. Almost all students happen to be passionate about venturing, music, dance and athletics, and positively pursue these kinds of hobbies. PORTION 2A: SENTENCE STRUCTURE VOCABULARY PRONUNCIATION PART 2B: PART several Rationale: College students have difficulties pronouncing requirements /w/. Generally they say /vi: kend/ rather than /wi: kend/ or /ver/ instead of /w? r/.

Requirements /w/ would not exist inside their native vocabulary, so each uses the best sound in Czech: /v/. I found that the error is usually widespread amongst the students. The experience I have picked is suitable because, apart from drilling the pronunciation of /w/ and /v/, it stimulates students to recognize rules concerning which of sound to include in which words and phrases. I’ve modified the task to incorporate some of the words they had difficulty with in category.

Activity two: Summer camp Goal: To give students practice making use of the correct sort of the present basic 3rd person singular in the context of organizing a summer camp. Reason: Students happen to be familiar with the rule pertaining to forming the present tense to get the 3rd person singular. However , especially during speaking jobs, they omit the -s at the end in the verb and use the uncovered infinitive kind.

The activity I use chosen can be described as speaking activity, because I think that students will benefit from practice to avoid making this kind of error within a productive task and it will motivate fluency.

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