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Excerpt from ‘Literature Review’ chapter:

An additional study simply by Guilloux, Gauzente, Kalika, and Dubost (2004) indicated that the most important aspects of successful franchising are tips as well as assistance then followed by the level of name recognition in the franchisor, the likelihood of eventually proudly owning multi-outlets, support services as well as the potential earnings.

The existing literature indicate the advantages of more theoretical backing (Combs et at, 2011, g. 102).

Even more studies are essential in order to explain the reasons as to the reasons one would always be attracted to franchising as well as franchising is a wonderful opportunity for the aspiring/potential franchisees.

4. Consequences of Franchising

Extant literature has become dedicated to the study of the consequences of franchising. Spines et in, 2011, (p. 102) looked into the consequences of franchising. This can be in line with the opinion of Busenitz ou al., (2003) that the process of building a new company venture must involve the prediction of its success and failure prices. Nag, Hambrick, Chen (2007) further indicated that the willpower of the performance of a presented company markings the cornerstone of various proper management research. In regard to franchising, Kalnins Mayer (2004) analyzed the survival of dispenses, Szulanski Jensen (2008) examined growth although Yin Zajac (2004) studied financial efficiency.

Other final results such as business satisfaction were also studied simply by Bordonaba-Juste Polo-Redondo (2008). Shane et al. (2006) studied the system size while the prospensity towards free riding was studied by simply Kidwell, Nygaard, Silkoset (2007).

Consequences of Franchising

In regard t to the results of franchising, Kaufmann Lafontaine (1994) and also Michael Moore (1995) centered on the sum of revenue which is allocated to various dispenses.

The work of Holmberg and Morgan (2004) after an examination of 8-10 hundred operation systems within a four-year period indicated that the median quit rate was between 9-10. 5%.

This kind of suggested this particular location should be searched on additional.

The effect of franchise offers on get out of were also researched by Eileen and Spines (2008) who have found that the level of franchisor investment about advertisement and training absolutely impacts the likelihood of survival.

Guilloux et ing., (2004) alternatively found out the fact that quality with the sev=rvice delivery by the franchisor is an important element in the success of a business.

5. Recognition of critical successful factors for franchising


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