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When a lot of people think of the word family, mom, father, kids, and family members immediately come to mind. If you research the word in the Oxford English dictionary you would probably read:

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family (făm’É™-lÄ”, făm’lÄ”) n. ” the group of persons comprising the parents and their children, whether actually living together or perhaps not; in wider feeling, the unity formed simply by those who are nearly connected by blood or affinity. Although all this could be true of a family, it is far from the only and also the correct approach that relatives can be identified.

Family is better described as a group of people who might not be related by simply blood or marriage although who really care and love the other person. They are there for you every step of the way and provide support you could never get anywhere else.

Since the beginning, family members have been the building blocks of any society. Almost every aspect of our lives involves the term family.

In our religious beliefs we are part of a “family of believers. At Penn State were part of 1 big “family of learners and faculty. One individual unites the country like a “family to whom we all choose for guidance. While these kinds of examples could possibly be accepted by society today, it only describes family members in wide terms. Friends and family love is much deeper than all of that which is the love you share with your friends and relatives.

One quite typical misconception about family, while seen in the Oxford definition, is that the members typically have to be related by blood vessels, marriage, or adoption. In truth, family is any person you love and care about and who also feels the same way about you. The german language poet Johann Schiller defined family flawlessly when he stated; “It is not drag and bloodstream but the center which makes us fathers and sons.  I believe that my family isn’t only my parents, my little sibling and my other relatives, but as well my best friends. My great-aunt is my blood comparable but she knows as much about me personally as another person. For example , my friend Caitlin can tell you anything you would ever need to know concerning me personally and we can practically browse each other’s mind. My spouse and i am not really saying that my great-aunt is definitely not regarded as part of my family but Caitlin is just as very much as my personal aunt.

Relatives goes hand-in-hand with companionship. In order to have a family group you need a friendly relationship. My family and I do not get along just because our company is forced to live together. My family are my best friends and get along because we truly love the other person and want to be with each other. Every family is going to have their problems, in the end no-one can deny the love they have for every other.

In the current society most of the people consider family to be just blood associations but in truth family is manufactured from the bonds you share with those you care for one of the most. Family is a completely necessary element of anyone’s life. Your family can help you through the a down economy. They provide the needed support to get you through life. Family cares about how it changes you, are always there for you, and above all, they will love you no matter what.


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