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This comes up most poignantly in her relationship with her granddaughter, the “mixed” child who causes the comment at the beginning of the tale and who basically drives the story of the account forward. The narrator provides difficulty understanding her granddaughter Sophie’s behavior, but simply partially blames this along the way she is increased. Instead, the grandmother recognizes this primarily as a function of Sophie’s mixed ethnic identity, saying by the regarding three “already I see her nice Oriental side ingested up simply by her untamed Shea area. ” The narrator will associate every thing negative regarding her daughter and granddaughter with the Irish and American influences, when claiming that if they acted even more Chinese points would get better. This shows that racism can be not an issue related solely to the country, yet that – ironically – it is actually a universal aspect of all cultures; a commonality that all people share.

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One specific illustration of this sensation is given when the Irish grandma is speaking to the Chinese language narrator. Following she feels that her family’s talk might have offended the narrator, the Irish grandmother attempts to reassure her by expressing “I was never resistant to the marriage, you understand… I hardly ever thought John was marrying down. I always thought Nattie was just as good while white. ” The fact that she feels a need to tell the narrator this kind of reflects the Irish female has her own ethnocentric and hurtful thoughts; if perhaps Nattie (the daughter) had been automatically as effective as white, that wouldn’t must be said. Your term “good as white” reflects the fact that white skin area is the tag of higher school and/or an improved race. Therefore, in the moment when she is attempting to dispel any kind of feelings of racism inside the narrator, the Irish granny actually shows her bias, again observing the peculiar way that the thoughts associated with prejudice which can be normally considered divisive work in this history to link gaps and locate commonalities.

Eventually, the Chinese grandmother narrating the story locates that this lady has more in common with the Irish grandmother than she really does with her own girl and granddaughter. This shows that there are in fact a lot more commonalities between people of different ethnicities than differences. This is a reasonably common topic in thought and literary works, but the way it is illustrated in this story is especially interesting. Rather than merely pointing out many ways in which folks are the same, mcdougal creates unforgettable characters that reveal the similarities with their prejudices. The effect is to create not only a better and less preachy story than might be expected, but as well to cause introspection and realization regarding secret bias in the brain of the target audience.

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