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As a part of this course, learning positive in both theory and practice is crucial as imagined in our syllabus. As such, 1 learns how to help others increase their delight and wellbeing with a goal of producing a smiling world. In theory, there are numerous concepts of positive psychology such as appreciation, forgiveness, autonomy action, and mindfulness. Moreover, there are hypotheses such as broaden and build theory all supposed to expound around the idea of great psychology. Yet , to get a better understanding for the implementation of the concepts, having a plan of action of action by which to realize all of them is imperative. Accordingly, this report includes an activity where the main purpose was to place gratitude into action.

Gratitude as a great Psychology Construct


According to oxford, gratitude implies your being pleased or grateful to someone for performing something that had a positive impact impact on one’s feeling. The word first known use was in 1523 by Anglo-French or Ancient Latin expression “gratitudo” or perhaps Latin word “gratus” which means grateful. As a positive mindset construct, gratitude is a basic tendency to offer recognition and response with grateful sentiment to those people whose jobs have been of benevolence to us bringing on positive experiences and final results in our lives. Gratitude shares similar connotations with phrases like admiration, thankfulness, and gratefulness.


Gratitude can be described as a great affirmation of goodness since Robert Emmons, world’s leading expert upon gratitude, states in his composition, “Why Honor Is Good. inches He also argues that gratitude likewise makes all of us recognize that what makes us feel good is outdoors ourselves. Subsequently, we admit that the almighty or others may showering us with gifts whether big or small that will assist us achieve the amazing benefits inherent in our lives. As a result, gratitude is seen as a relation-ship strengthening sentiment as it needs us to appreciate the support that others had expanded to our lives. As such, appreciation has three main facets. Intensity may be the first feature where someone who had skilled a positive function feels deeply grateful. Second facet involves frequency in which a dispositionally grateful person may possibly exhibit gratitude’s numerous time a day mostly elicited by simple party favors or politeness. Span is definitely the third feature referring to number of circumstances which is why an individual might feel happy at a particular point in time. Finally, density may be the facet describing the number of persons to whom a single feels happy for a presented positive end result.

The Actions Project


i. Establish how one particular own a sense of happiness and wellbeing because of gratitude might help us serve others.

2. Practically recognize how to exhibit gratitude although examining the growing body system of study into the construct’s contribution into one feeling of joy and well-being.

iii. Lear how to use the gratitude to increases the well-being of others whilst strengthening civic engagements.


For a few individuals, ahead of their family goes to fold, they do a roundtable prayer in which they earn a prayer thanking God for what they feel thankful of in life. However , for several, they by no means feel the need to remove their satisfaction from the comfort of their pillows and convert this to actions. Accordingly, this course of action plan aims making learners learn through direct knowledge how they can share their appreciation or enhance their feeling of gratification by aiding others. The project is going to entail pupils working with a nearby self-help group in providing the much less privileged from your community. In the act, the objective is that students will be able to apply concepts discovered in positive psychology to facilitate all their ability to communicate gratitude and deepening their very own understanding on a single. Finally, the project will assist students learn how to civically engaged, reduce stereotyping about those living in poverty, strengthen their very own leadership abilities, and contribute to the development of global citizenship.


To implement the program, students will work with the self-help group to get a series of initiatives. The 1st initiative will probably be purchasing cleanliness kits and accepting monetary gift for the same. Then, we is going to donate these kinds of hygiene sets to the destitute in the contemporary society. Such individuals include those living in the streets as well as those residing in temporally. In so doing, students will be taught to appreciate the actual have when they come across individuals who lack that. Another motivation would doing a meals drive wherever students is going to collect processed food and seek for help from other folks. The students will certainly thereafter donate the food to a children’s residence and some to a home for the aged. As such, when pupils learn that there others to whom affording a daily meals is a bustle, they will learn how to express gratitude for they are able to afford. Making greeting cards for those struggling with complicated medical problems will be one other initiative. In the activity, the students will have to make cards with messages to encourage those they know are experiencing their overall health. In so doing, the scholars will have learned to express all their gratitude because of their good health simply by mingling with those who are fighting theirs. Donating clothes college students do not use will be one more initiative intended to help them express gratitude intended for abundance inside their lives. Last but not least, the students will certainly visit a neighborhood nursing house to spend time with individuals who do not have households. Most of these persons include the older people who would want to feel cherished and looked after. In so doing, the student will have discovered how to appreciate the fact that they have people and someone who cares about them because of intermingling with individuals who lacks the privilege.

As a part of the project, students will choose any of the activity in which to participate in. in addition, they will have to keep a refractive journal. The journal records will be built after completing daily service several hours. Other forms information such as images will also help students doc their encounters. Moreover, pupils will have to evaluate their record and set a report through which they identify and clarify positive mindset constructs and theories that better helped them share their honor. Such theories include broaden and build theory, judgement theory, and Associationistic theory. In addition, the record needs to cover positive and negative feelings felt before and after participating in the initiative. Then, at the end in the activity, learners will engage in reflection period where they will share all their experiences on the different initiatives they were involved. Moreover, an agent from the self-help group is going to join the scholars during the refractive session to go over the concept of honor and other concepts that support us better express each of our gratitude. Moreover, there will be a play music with pictures and quotes linked to the project. The slideshow will help students review the learning activities that they can and their classmates undertook count of hours and remarks from people who revived their service.

Rationale and Ideal Outcomes

At the conclusion of the actions project, the scholars are required to have got learnt how to use actions expressing their gratitude. The wish is that towards the end, because of involving oneself in a of the previously discussed, the students are expected to learn ways they can exhibit their appreciation via actions. Secondly, the students are supposed to love how several concepts of positive psychology connect with appreciation in permitting us obtain happiness and a sense of health. Moreover, at the end of the project the students are required to be familiar with civic engagement and find out how they can employ what they have to register an endearing smile in other someones lives. Finally, there is an expectation that at the end of the project learners will learn regarding leadership and the way to use the position to achieve positive development intended for global citizenship.

As a result of students having been to choose which usually initiative they would like to use in understanding how to express appreciation in action, they will have easier time learning as the game is of all their interest. As such, they will be capable of devote a lot of their efforts in the activity into the motivation they are pursuing thereby poising them to better learn how to make use of action showing their appreciation. Secondly, the activities in the project consume a fraction of the time and the economical obligation pupils need achievable as they can easily donate things they already have but not using. As such, the students require little initiatives in order to carry out the project. As such, they may be less likely to despair providing them with ample a chance to learn. Lastly, the physical exercise makes use a great already proven self-help group as a major partner in executing the project. Accordingly, there exist well-established set ups on where you should work. As such, students may have easier period pinpointing their particular target group thereby making the workout less tiresome. Moreover, having established buildings will help get rid of the fear of as being a stranger that first time starters in this kind of experiences face. Consequently, students will have a less complicated time in having their activities thereby having the ability to achieve the specified outcomes.

Action Project Examination


After commencing the plan of action, there was an evaluation on the student and the goal groups’ answers to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions project. There was fifty learners participating in the action tasks. Responses from forty pupils indicate that their feeling for gratitude more than doubled after doing the actions project. Additionally, ninety percent of the learners reported to obtain learnt something totally new in applying actions to boost their emotions of gratitude. To some, for instance , they hardly ever conceptualized that their old clothes will make someone else think happier or perhaps enhance their a sense of well-being. Every one of the students replied that they believed to have changed other people’s lives. Each college student in all the groups seemed optimistic that their particular actions experienced made other folks fell adored and their impression of health and wellness grows because of their actions. Last but not least, most students indicated their optimism on the performance of learning through knowledge as it contributes to a deeper understanding of the actual learnt in class regarding appreciation and other confident psychology ideas learnt in the lecture. However , college students expressed concern on problems associated with arranging of the actions. Most of the pupils felt that crashing among other classes and time they ought to have the recorded learning turned out challenge them. As such, a lot of the students hardly ever met each of the objectives even though they met most of the targets.

Allowing college students choose what initiative to use in learning could possibly be the reason as to the reasons most of the goals were attainable. Secondly, while the guitar tutor, I worked well together with the pupils thereby performing as part model. As such, students experienced able direction and could quickly seek for clarification where they felt they needed. Finally, before executing the actions project, there is an in-class orientation program where the college students intermingled with all the partners inside the self-help group. Accordingly, they were cordial contact between the pupils and the associates. Consequently, learners had an easy time dealing with the member in the organization making them easily meet the set objectives.

If the action project had been of choice in the foreseeable future, I would give the students even more autonomy in coming up with the ideas upon type of endeavours they would similar to the projects. Moreover, I would personally allow them to create a framework by which to implement the initiatives. As such, the scholars will feel that they own the job thereby very much devotion to find out.


Despite the wonderful role played out by learning in classes, much knowledge of the concepts may expand through knowledge. In positive psychology, a sense of well- being due to honor may be achieved by appreciating those whose their action experienced positive affects on our lives. However , by utilizing action to express a feeling of satisfaction may enable us feel happier and enhance the sense of well-being.

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