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Ultimately, his system generally seems to the best for several reasons, which includes ease of understanding. Aristotle is definitely clearly looking to define joy while still noting how you can live gladly, while Epicurus is simply providing advice means live a happy life. Delight certainly means different things to different people, because these two guys show, although Epicurus has a much deeper understanding of it, while Aristotle is still attempting to specify it, prior to he can live it. Being a reader of both philosophies, it seems Epicurus was a just man who have wanted delight for everyone, while Aristotle was a snob, who felt the “masses” would not understand the the case nature of happiness. They were shallow, and could not probably lead happy and completely happy lives. That alone makes Epicurus’ philosophy more appealing and more equitable for all, rather than the “superior” beings Aristotle believes can easily find delight. Aristotle also believes happiness is a gift of the gods, and if this is correct, then various people can not be content, and that just does not seem right, good, or equitable. Epicurus had a better outlook it seems, and did not have to reduce his philosophy to a chosen handful of or the maximum members of society. It is a better beliefs that includes everyone and excludes no one, regardless of rank or perhaps station.

Epicurus’ theories could possibly be made even better by just a few minor modifications. He believes some items are up to possibility, and so, may not be controlled simply by man. Nevertheless , man always has control over his emotions and his responses, and how he reacts to these items of chance will be certainly under his control. For example , a male loses his job. Epicurus would say that was a product of opportunity. However , how a man reacts to losing his job is definitely not opportunity, and it can affect his happiness. He can look for another task with passion, network along with his friends, revise his resume, and keep a positive and hopeful attitude right up until he finds another work. On the other hand, he can become despondent, never go out, live on joblessness, and then blame everyone nevertheless himself for his misfortune. Clearly, the two of these reactions can be different, and as evidently, they both affect the pleasure of the individual. The individual with a great reaction may have anxiety and worry, but his outlook will be happier compared to the person who chooses to be stressed out with a extremely negative reaction. Epicurus believes things happen by opportunity. By living a prudent but completely happy life, and choosing to react positively to circumstances, a person can live an even more happy and more complete life than even Epicurus imagined.

In summary, these two philosophers clearly benefit happiness above all else in life, yet certainly not at the expense of responsibility and moderation. Aristotle has a even more scientific and unemotional look at of delight and what it takes, while Epicurus has a more emotional and down to earth watch of pleasure. Both males find happiness essential for lifestyle, and one of life’s most critical pursuits, but they go about finding this and identifying it in very different techniques. It is difficult to talk about which method is best, yet there are certainly positive regions of each beliefs. Happiness, both equally men consent, bring a much better world

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