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Control of Solar Energy

Harnessing of Solar Energy

Connection of the natural photosynthesis and the semi-conductor-based solar cellular

Harnessing of Solar Energy

The two photosynthesis plus the semi-conductor solar panels are important in regards to the human life-style. Photosynthesis assists with the production of sugars that are used for food by simply humans. Semi-conductor-based solar cells provide energy as electricity that is also used by individuals.


The natural photosynthesis in its larger definition is known as a process that entails the change of sunshine into mobile energy of any kind. The photosynthetic process involves distinct stages, among them; energy is absorbed applying antenna processes, undergoing of photochemical reactions and conversion rate into substance energy. Not simply green plant life involve the natural photosynthesis for the vitality to grow (trees, scrubs, water lilies among others) but also some algae and bacteria (Burghardt, May Micha, 2009, pg 4).

Semi-conductor-based solar cell

A photo voltaic cell, which can also be referred to as a photo voltaic (PV), is any unit, that is designed to convert sunlight in to electric forces. A semi-conductor-based solar cellular is, consequently , an appliance with a semi-conductor diode that works over a mechanism of internal electric fields. Two semi-conductors, the p-type plus the n-type that are positively and in addition negatively charged respectively, will be scientifically helped bring together to remodel light to electric pushes. The energy is usually later utilized by humans advise of electrical power. Many people around the globe are taking advantage of this kind of technological mechanism that shows efficiency which is user friendly (Cau Brinker, 08, pg 594).


There is certainly an element of sunshine involved in the operations of the two cells. Mild, in plant cells, allows convert drinking water and co2 to carbs. In regards to solar panels, light can be converted to electricity by make use of positive airport terminal and the adverse charged semi-conductors. Similarly, equally cells, you will find processes bringing on the conversion rates from one state to another. Solar powered energy converts mild to electricty and grow cells convert water and carbon dioxide to energy in the form of carbohydrates. There is also a common part of energy storage area in equally plant skin cells and solar panels. Solar cells store the energy in storage services like DC batteries. Herb cells shop their energy in the stems, roots and even leaves.


The taking on solar power by both equally methodologies is faced with different contrasts inside the incorporation from the two explained processes. While the photo voltaic cell should have an electric fill for instance DC batteries or AC tools, the plant cell

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