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Harvey Bernard Milk was a north american politician who will be known for becoming the first man being elected to a public office while becoming openly gay and lesbian (Scruggs). He was born back in 1930 May possibly 22 and was killed on Nov 27, 78. Up until now, he made a name like a San Francisco detrimental rights powerhouse who mainly helped advertising campaign for the rights of homosexuals hence opening up the American society to gay and lesbian issues (Milk Foundation). Nevertheless , this was not the only field he dealt with but as a human legal rights visionary, he championed improvement of education, housing, day care and public transportation.

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Using the off his numerous vocations by signing up for the Navy blue in 51 from which he was honorably dismissed in 1955 in the get ranking of junior lieutenant (Milk Foundation). He then took up a teaching work in a secondary school and later on did finance jobs. All this time having been not inside the public spotlight until a 1970 protest of Cambodian invasion simply by America where he publicly burnt his BankAmericard.

He was then dismissed from his job after which it he attempted in vain to strive for community office in the Board of Supervisors 3 times in Bay area triggered by a public scandal known as the Watergate.

However this individual finally succeeded in 1977 becoming the first gay official to be thus elected. Milk’s goal in politics consisted of campaigns for the federal government to respond to individual needs, emphasis on gay rights and also retention of San Francisco neighborhoods uniqueness (Gardner, and Krakow 31). During this tenure a gay and lesbian rights law was approved barring discrimination of folks in respect to housing and employment based upon sexual positioning. In the same period, it had been announced that even more gay individuals were to be chosen as police officers.

Milk also initiated courses that were to benefit minority groups, older people and also workers. He obtained popularity for being behind the quashing of a senate proposal to bar gay and lesbian professors from public schools in California. Milk was taken on The fall of 27 78 in Metropolis Hall by simply Dan White-colored a former town supervisor who have protested on the passage with the gay legal rights law (Jim 71). This resulted to nationwide protest with riots erupting in San Francisco specially in light in the light word handed to Dan Light who later committed committing suicide.

The advantages of Harvey Dairy are mainly created in his man rights advertisments. He was strong to deal with against the govt of the day and as a result programs to cater for transportation issues and housing particularly for the poor had been created. Additionally , Milk was able to champion triggers against data corruption in federal government evidenced simply by his primary prompting to join politics throughout the Watergate scandal which led to the resignation of Director Richard Nixon (Scruggs).

Dairy can be said to acquire generally affected generations to stand up and fight for their rights especially in the face of strong competitors. He is said to indeed become an inspiration. The drawbacks on the other hand are mostly entrenched in moral issues which his main adversaries fielded (Scruggs). Such folks argue that Dairy made errors that have experienced rippling results on world especially upon moral argument. Milk has been said to have helped open up culture to breach of family values that are central towards the advancement of society.

His bold stand in favor of homosexuality can be demonized by many. In addition , it is usually argued that Milk’s hard-line stand about various problems was among his grave mistakes. It could be said that this kind of stands triggered unnecessary scrubbing in contemporary society and annoyed social harmony by inciting people resistant to the government. In spite of these shortcomings milk has become immortalized because evidenced inside the names of Harvey Dairy Democratic Membership, the Harvey Milk High school graduation in Nyc and the gross annual Harvey Dairy Memorial Parade in Bay area.

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