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Material System Inventory Select and one of the following assignments: Choice 1: Electronic Organization Program Inventory Alternative 1: Digital Organization Program Inventory Select one of the pursuing Virtual Agencies: Smith Systems Consulting Ryan Trucking Kudler Fine Foods Full the following data, filling in details for each program used at that Virtual Business. Add rows to the graph and or chart as necessary. Program Name Brief Description Office to Use the System Purpose of the device Connects With Development Details Corporate Intranet This system helps the Business Facilities consisting of seventy two clients with 15 machines and you plotter.

The phone system is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) with 68 stations over the company. Executive offices, Marketing, Sales Dept., HR, Accounting departments This product allows the company to talk, run the organization, update HOURS information and accounting Total mesh WAN, running an OC-2 encryption, fiber based dedicated VPN- Ohio Office, Remote Operations, Remote IT operations, Remote control Trucking Functions, Hub features in Cleveland, OH, Oregon, CA, St Louis, MO, Bayonne, NJ Huffman Trucking is a native of Cleveland Oh. and was founded in 1936. The growth of the organization was as a result of WWII as well as the demand for companies services in the factories towards the ports.

Quest statement: As a profitable, growing, adaptive company in an intensively competitive logistical services business environment. Eye-sight Statement: To be a model company to our stockholders, employees, buyers and all stakeholders.

System Brand Brief Information Department to work with the System Purpose of the System Attaches With Expansion Details SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS ERP This method supports the financial devices that are used inside the accounting office, inventory managing, HR, CRM, Accounting, HR, Trucking businesses Allows the corporation to record the financial aspects, Recruiting, Benefits, transportation operations Corporate and business Intranet Ryan employees over 1, three hundred and fifty personnel, supports over 800 road vehicles, 2, 100 trailers and 260 roll on/off devices. This system can easily adapt to a medium to large corporate and business infrastructure and meet almost all financial demands as well.

50 KVS A UPS This is actually the backup power for the corporations pc mainframe, machines Corporation IT Operations To supply power to the IT operations in event of a electricity outage, failing Corporation Network This system can be updated to compliment a larger network if required and additional or perhaps larger UPS systems can be installed. Transportation Operations: THIS BRAND Fleet Routine service Pro doze The MTC Fleet routine service keeps the corporation with a routine of repair, and vehicle repairs for the vehicles Trucking operations To keep a schedule of maintenance for all company vehicles, Firm Network This technique allows the business to track and conduct the preventive repair for the 800 in addition tractors and additional equipment in a interval of 25, 1000 miles. SW Package to get MTC Navy Maintenance Employed for management in the warehouses Warehouses Allows the company to keep track of the inventory at any given time or place Corporation Network Motorola MC 9090-C RFID / Pub code scanning device system Used for tracking the positioning of all cars owned by the corporation Businesses employees Allows the company to keep the products on hand up to date for parts Satellite locator and monitoring comm. ystem SW package pertaining to traffic management Traffic administration Truck motorists Allows the company to track the trucks and also to assign club codes to the Motorola two way radios Satellite locator and monitoring comm. Program, Motorola VC 6096 Network Backup system Used for back-up of all computers configurations and information Administration and THIS department Enables the company to revive their data and ventures performed each and every day Corporation Network System Brand Brief Description Department to Use the System Purpose of the System Attaches With Advancement Details

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