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The IAC has been around existent since 2014, even though it operated over a centralized system, it had made a remarkable success in the internet commerce industry. Based on its objective the IAC centralized program was able to present customers the best of assistance by addressing the challenges usually found by buyers in terms of conserving their restricted family price range. Base about this mandate businesses and organizations began to make use of their program for numerous display and purchases. In a space of three years the expansion experienced by the platform was massive, such that the number of users in its environment rose to 700, 000 while it as well boasted of over 12, 000 corporations on their platform.


In accordance with its eyesight of giving best of in order to all people of its ecosystem (supplier and customer) the IAC plans to adopting blockchain technology in solving the problems in the business market. Apart from the fact that there is no procuring service simply by foremost industry leaders, the current ones will be limited to on the net stores. In addition, the existing discount system is inefficient with producers or suppliers as the situation may be having little to no positioning on how they can use this tool (cash back support, discount program and discount service) to retain and catch the attention of more clients.


The decentralized IAC tackles all the challenges inherent in the commercial industry and in addition makes the existing system more effective. The decentralized IAC program offers customers cashback services and efficient payment system. Much more, it increases the average earnings of companies on its platform.


In a bid to attract even more members into its ecosystem. Sign up on the IAC is easy and free. In registering to the platform, the client has immediate access to all existing offers, special discounts and offers. Members of the IAC program who referred other people towards the IAC system will receive some percentage since cashback for all those purchases their very own referred makes on the system. This cashback which is in form of cryptocurrency can be taken in sort of fiat funds or accustomed to make various other purchases. Though access to the discount product is free pertaining to registered businesses, however they have to pay a certain amount in order to participate in the IAC project, advertising, internet marketing and positioning on the system resources.


The IAC token is definitely the value known on the IAC platform. Advantages are attained in IAC token. Nevertheless the internal money for the IAC program is the Automobile unit (AU). Member of the ecosystem will be needing convert their IAC Automobile Token (AT) to IAC Auto Unit (AU) in the rate of 1 Auto Token = 10 Auto Product. An estimate of 85 million AT and 860 mil AU will probably be created. The Auto Token (AT) will be available at an exchange rate of $1 CHF per symbol.


To achieve their vision IAC partners with law and trust worldwide company, I-link Company, Crypto reporter, O2O and PD pay.


IAC is managed by a 20-man team lead by Valery Schelkonogov and Evgeny Schelkonogov. The former, a very experienced business owner in the field of insurance and creation acts inside the capacity in the organizational corporate and business president as the later, Evgeny Schelkonogov works in the capacity of the CEO of the IAC.

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