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Post Conquest/Colonialism

Post Cure and Colonialism

In 1519, around five-hundred Spanish troops, called Conquistadors, marched in to the Aztec Disposition in what can be today modern day Mexico, and within couple of years of their entrance that empire had been completely conquered. These men were underneath the command of Hernan Cortez, a man who go down of all time as the man who overcome Mexico. Since the conquest of Mexico simply by Cortez in the early 1500’s, a new Philippine culture has developed, one that has become heavily influenced by the The spanish language conquest, damage of the native culture, and colonization. Freelance writers like Octavio Paz, and Camilla Townsend have written about the effect of the The spanish language conquest for the evolution with the culture of Mexico.

One of the first conclusion about the Spanish conquest of Mexico should be that it was a great inevitability. While it may have been difficult, with the Spanish coming near disaster on many situations, the Europeans “had the technological benefits. The outcome was not a coincidence. inch (Townsend) Technology was the deciding factor in the conquest of Mexico simply by Cortez fantastic handful of guys, but regardless if Cortez experienced failed, some other Spanish journey would have at some point conquered the Aztecs. The Aztecs were essentially a “stone age” culture, as the Spanish technology “included not simply blunderbusses and powder but also producing presses, stainlesss steel blades and armor, crossbows, horses and riding tools, ships, navigation tools-andan variety of diseases. inches (Townsend) As soon as the Europeans discovered the “New World, inches it was unavoidable that they will eventually get over it.

Among the results with the conquest by the Spanish has been the development of a Mexican culture that has been greatly influenced by conquest. Contemporary Mexicans need to rationalize the combination of their native culture with that with their Spanish conquerors. The result is a huge culture that is in conflict with itself. Octavio Paz, in the Mexican Masks, discusses this duality of Mexican tradition and explains it as a culture in which everyone wears masks to “build a wall of indifference and remoteness between reality and himself” (Paz 29-47) This kind of wall of separation involving the Mexican and reality comes, in part, from your nature in the Spanish conquest and colonization. The distinct indigenous individuals, cultures, ‘languages’, and religions were damaged en masse, as well as the survivors enslaved by the The spanish language. The Spanish made simply no cultural variation between their subject individuals and as a result, the current Mexican lifestyle is one that has been solid and designed by the conquerors. Indigenous values and practices have been damaged and subverted by

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