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Introduction: The inventory supervision of drugs is a key function in clinic administration in Ghana. Processes of medication management consist of purchasing, keeping, distributing and controlling the usage of drugs. These processes allow the hospital administration by achieving their aim or objective of improving patient care in the numerous hospitals. Clinic pharmacies through Ghana will be experiencing inventory problems that possess resulted in wastage and shortage of drugs. The most obvious outcome on this problem is a retrogressive impact on patient proper care due to postponed procedures and drug alternatives (Fox and Tyler 2003). While some medicine shortages happen to be uncontrollable (e. g. as a result of a natural disaster), others may be controlled. Inventory, which is a result of the getting process, has to be well handled. However , based on daily activities performed in the clinic pharmacy, the key concerns regarding managing inventory occur through the purchasing procedure. It is troublesome and time-consuming to decide once and how much to purchase. Improper inventory management could also result from the procurement expertise of those taking care of the inventory (Alverson, 2003).

Though pharmacists in hospitals possess expertise in the efficacy and treatment protocols of drugs which might be administered to patients, also, they are tasked with managing, purchasing, and generating the prescription drugs that are eventually dispensed to patients. The pharmacists serve as the gatekeepers of medication distribution restoration the reliability and appropriateness of approved medications. Pharmacists must make decisions regarding all their inventory levels on how and once to produce or perhaps purchase prescription drugs 2 in answer to, or in anticipation of, patient demand. Frequently, these decisions are made by measuring drug utilization from historical info and devising a common products on hand level (measured in days of inventory) which makes the process simple to manage but is not efficient (Baumer et ing. 2004). Yet , there is more information available that pharmacists are not serves to make inventory decisions. Medicine demand is actually a function with the patient’s state and the prescribing protocols from the physician. The patient’s condition provides a outlook of their medicine need during their length of stay. The consumption of a particular drug on a given time is depending on the mix of patients inside the hospital that want this drug and maybe for more than one particular unit of the drug. Seeing that drug usage changes over time and is not known with certainty, the daily demand is dynamic and stochastic.

Therefore individual care could be compromised if the pharmacy section of the medical center fails to implement proper inventory management procedures, so that drugs when needed could possibly be readily available. This is because there is a immediate linkage involving the patient-care and the efficiencies of the various models in the medical center, Gillerman and Browning (2000) found that there was an interrelationship between the patient’s condition and his or her drug use which could imply that drug unavailability may result in worsening sufferer condition in the hospital, translating in increased affected person stay in hospital. You will discover five hundred and thirty (530) health services in the Increased Accra area including 100 and eight (109) private hospitals that provide an overall total of four 1, 000, three hundred and eighteen (4, 318) bedrooms for individuals (CHMI/PPME-GHS, 2007). The clinics in the Region are from each of the four several types of hospital procedures currently in Ghana specifically: Government Medical center, Mission Medical center, Quasi Government hospital and Private Hospital. This kind of study for that reason seeks to unravel how drug inventory management at hospitals inside the Greater Accra region have an effect on patient proper care.

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