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Developed in 2013 by award winning sommelier and passionate italophile Lara Caraturo, the Italian language Wine & Food Festivity celebrates and promotes Italian language wine and food traditions in Australia. It can be produced by Lara and the crew at Piano Panevino, an events organization obsessed with everything wine and food, and especially all things Italian. Their mission is to make engaging and informative incidents with merchants, quality wineries, renowned chefs and personalities, allowing guests to discover industry luminaries and also rising celebrities, and expand their appreciate for real Italian wines and foodstuff.

In a bid for capturing the heart of Italy’s rich gastronomic culture as well as the diversity of its various regions, they offer guests a way to explore Italian language wines area by place, taste meals, coffee and beer, as well as feast in authentic Italian pizza, teigwaren and snack foods. Held in the Cutaway and Barangaroo Reserve, the Sydney incarnation with the festival found an appropriate foundation to celebrate its fifth year anniversary to appease a group ranging from spaghetti-loving kids to the most employed Italian-speaking wine beverages connoisseur Sydney’s top German chefs were turning in force for making it each day to remember, with much-loved locals Giovanni Pilu (Pilu at Freshwater), Lucio Galletto (Lucio’s), Federico Zanellato (LuMi), Stefano Manfredi and Gianluca Donzelli (Pizzaperta), Nino Zoccali (Pendolino), Richard Ptacnik (Otto Ristorante), Gabriele Taddeucci (Balla), Lucio de Falco (Lucio Pizzeria) and Youssef Touati (Salt Meats Cheese) leading the charge providing cooking presentations with chefs and providores on the Smeg Main Level. A market just like setup allowed for shopping and tasting opportunities, brimming with salami, cheese, pasta, bread, caffeine, olive oil, pastries and gelato featuring Vannella Cheese, Nudeln Emilia, Salumi Australia, Dirt Bakery, Berkelo, Dolcettini, Zippoli, Buon Testimonianza Olive Oil, Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, Consorzio delete Parmigiano Reggiano, Goose within the Loose, Luca Ciano Gravies, Salt Chicken Cheese, Gowns Amore Parmesan cheese, Arancini Art, Molecola, Truffle Traders, Rivareno Gelato, Beverage in Style, Basements V, Vinotopia, Botella, along with a Nutella Pop-up.

More than 200 Italian wines were on offer, segregated by the region, plus Italian-centric Aussie wines along with curated Italian Wine Masterclasses offering information into winemaking, grape kinds, the areas and on top of that, how good that they taste. Intended for the ones looking for a the liquid pick-up, there is coffee from Espresso pada Manfredi’s baristas, Moretti Dark beer on faucet, or sip on an real Italian aperitivi from Big Poppa’s pub team, providing up Negroni’s, Venetian Spritz and Americanos. Pizza Rugby by Italian language World Learn Pizza Chef and Australia’s Got Talent star Youssef Ben-Touati by Salt Meat Cheese, and Melbourne group Santa Taranta performing classic music coming from Southern Italy offered entertainment. A perfectly curated festival is focused on celebrating wine beverage, food and culture jointly in inimitable Italian style.

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