Law enforcement following 911 as september 10

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Police After emmergency 911

Since Sept. 2010 11, 2001, the United States offers faced an unprecedented degree of terrorist threat, forcing the U. S. Government to allocate additional resources and energy to get combating and preventing terrorism. In the face of every terror menace or tried terrorist acts against American civilians, a large number of critical experts and mass media commentators criticize the law enforcement agencies because of their inability to successfully overcome terrorism. The hypothesis of the paper, yet , is that the police agencies are becoming better equipped to handle terrorist threats since 9/11 and were able to stop terrorist attacks against the Us. Statistical info on foiled terrorist and building plots as well as the fresh strategies implemented by the FBI, CIA, the Department of Homeland Secureness and other agencies show that America today is better safeguarded from terrorism than ever before. The increasing degree of terrorist menace is due to raising level of willingness on the part of terrorists to strike at the U. S. as opposed to the inability of law enforcement firms to tackle the problem of terrorism.

Ahead of 9/11, the U. S. Government viewed international terrorism as a strictly law-enforcement trouble, leaving it to the FBI to handle. The FBI record of combating terrorism had not been poor before 9/11. The agency efficiently apprehended the 1993 Wtc bombers inside six times, prevented attacks on New York’s most significant landmarks by simply arresting and convicting the “Blind Sheik, ” sent agents over 10 years ago to East Africa, where they fixed the embassy bombing situations with limited resources available; and delivered agents to Yemen in 2000 to ascertain that ‘s Qaeda was behind the U. T. S. Cole bombing. “During this time, inches however , “the Justice Section severely and unnecessarily constrained the FBI’s ability to discuss intelligence info, and Our elected representatives acted haltingly to properly resource, fund and give the legal framework for the FBI’s counterterrorism plan, including new technology required to defend the nation” (Kallstrom, 2010).

After 9/11, the risk of terrorism from ‘s Qaeda and also other extremist groups dramatically improved. Despite the Bush Administration’s commitment to set aside the needed resources to combat terrorism, the FBI’s budget even so was “squeezed. ” The FBI’s obtain of 1. your five billion in additional money to improve the counterterrorism steps were cut to $531

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