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Data Collection and Management Techniques for a Qualitative Research Plan

Data management for my personal qualitative study:

Organizing my own interview benefits

Given that primary of my own qualitative research study is around the female subjects of human trafficking, observational analysis would not be suitable: my personal interviews might take place following your women was rescued from other situation. It might be unrealistic and impossible to deal with witness about what the women had been actually dealing with while they were being put through inhuman circumstances while becoming trafficked. Major of my own research will probably be on meeting with the women, which I do consider as an appropriate method of data collection.

However , even the selecting process is usually somewhat troublesome from the point-of-view of a investigator. Many of the girls that are the subjects of the research will have limited command of English. Translators must be provided who happen to be reliable and understand the social as well as the linguistic background from the women. In addition , speaking about the process of being kidnapped might be disturbing for the ladies. Counselors might need to be currently happening to deal with virtually any emotional problems which were activated by the interviews and the girls should have access to follow-up counselling, in case that they experienced PTSD as a result of the interviews following your fact.

A problem which always comes up with meeting with is opinion, of course. These types of women can be in a very vulnerable state, following your experience of all their trauma had occurred and they would be talking with me outside a familiar social context. Because of this, although I would always be asking semi-structured interview inquiries, I would be careful to keep the questions probing yet nonthreatening and open-ended in nature. All things considered, the objective of the research was to let these women ‘speak’ of the lives, chronicling their experiences as they acquired seen these people. I would start by asking inquiries like: why did you leave your home country? What did your abductors formerly tell you your position would be like? How was it different from what you expected? Were you subjected to physical violence in your scenario? What emotions did you experience (fear, craze, humiliation)?

The interviews would be staged inside the presence of your translator within a relatively nonthreatening place though to ensure precision, I would (with the subject’s consent) have interviews video-taped. I believe this really is necessary given that 1 . Issues of translation may arise and this enables me go over the interview text verbatim and 2 . The could body language may be just as revelatory as their phrases. Although there is a paucity of studies of victims of human trafficking in which the victims are allowed to are left out for obvious resons, in their very own voices, We would consult the interview methods and types of queries used in meeting with victims of

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