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Marketing Case Study

The case analyze being completed in this reviews asks the author of this respond to answer to three major questions. The first is what Fournier means when states that consumers have relationsihps with a manufacturer. The second query asks the writer two pick two out of 3 brands by a list provided in the assignment and explain if perhaps and/or how consumers do or you don’t have relationships with those brands. The third questions asks mcdougal to explain whether the relationship among brand and consumer can be universal or not and why the author of this response believes that to be the circumstance.

Questions Answered

As for the first question, Ms. Fournier talks inside the opening or perhaps her 98 treatise about how precisely there has been a whole lot of work completed regarding the interactions that businesses and distributors have vis-a-vis their established lines of communication and business agreements/arrangements. Fournier likewise notes that there was (at least in which time) a dearth of research linked to the associations that buyers do or do not kind with the brands that they buy. In other words, the concept of brand loyalty speaks for the concept of consumers having a romantic relationship and rapport with the brand and the organization behind it as well as the fact that they actually indeed keeping going back to this same brand is not a function of luck or laziness but instead that romance being as entrenched and established as it is (Fournier, 1998).

The two goods that will be analyzed for the other part of this report is a make of car and a fast food cafe. The author on this response declares unequivocally that folks do certainly form human relationships with brands for these two examples of sectors and the author will use Kia and McDonald’s as test cases to prove that affirmation. Both goods have an extreme amount of brand name loyalty even though they are different products and every single product type, while they may have loyalty for different reasons, have the same basic loyally precepts and concepts behind why people keeping employing and coming back to those brands.

There are a number of things that could be pointed to that define and explain how come Ford purchasers are usually extremely loyal. 1st, there is a kampfstark rivalry between General Engines and Honda (and The chrysler to a smaller extent) with regards to which company makes the better cars. The author public out Honda because Basic Motors offers struggled mightily as of late (including having to be bailed away by the Us taxpayers and going bankrupt) and the specific two things can be said for Chrysler, with the addition that they are right now owned mostly by Italian language automaker Fiat. The latter of people facts usurps the long-held bragging proper that Chrysler was a truly American company and that continues to be an issue since the short-lived and chaotic merger between Chrysler and Daimler motor company.

Ford, alternatively, can state that they have recently been party to probably none of that because they were one major automaker that would not file for bankruptcy during the

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