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NTeQ Lessons Plan

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Project Title: Expanding Time Managing

Unit Subject: Statistics and Data Collection

Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)

Overview: Learners all over the world appear to battle with period management. A large number of students take part in extra-curricular activities, or that they work while they enroll in school. Consequently , they not only have the responsibility of the everyday school assignments, they have several responsibilities outside of school by itself. This job will allow pupils to speak with students from other tellecollaborating classrooms to discuss the void of expectations compared to time and make a project on their data. This project will provide the opportunity to study topics how our life styles affect our overall health. Another important element of this task is to suggest ideas for why we are thus constricted simply by time and in the event our time constraints include changed over the years. The job will take 3 weeks to complete and it will address articles in math, health, record, and language arts.

The students will probably be responsible for producing their own concerns in the review they will conduct. The online surveys will need to be phrase processed. They may survey various people requesting fellow students how much period they dedicate various activities each day. The scholars will then classify the information in categories they will feel are important. These groups can be talked about with the tellecollaborating classrooms for more input. As soon as they have accumulated sufficient data they will present the information over a spreadsheet through a program like Microsoft Surpass. After studying the data the students will exploration the information that they found through resources such as the library and/or Internet. When the students include gained enough knowledge from their research they may need to develop a paper/presentation for the effects of time constraints and exactly how it has changed through out the years. They can begin by organizing all their ideas using concept map software. In displaying your data the student will have the opportunity to create a PowerPoint demonstration.


Students will be able to:

Collect info and present ideas that support the information.

Present your data in the form of a spreadsheet.

Analyze data to back up and bring conclusions.

Sort out information.

Discover ways to accumulate information.

Communicate data and interpretation of data in a business presentation.

Expand their particular understanding of mathematics in real-world settings.

Understand and understand graphs and charts.


Patterns, Relationships and Functions

(Strand I, Common I, and Benchmark II)

Analyze, understand and translate among illustrations of patterns including dining tables, charts, charts, matrices and vectors.

Habits, Relationships and Functions

(Strand I, Regular I, Benchmark III)

Research and make use of mathematical models of patterns to generate inferences, forecasts and decisions.

Patterns, Relationships and Capabilities

(Strand I actually, Standard I actually, Benchmark IV)

Use habits and thinking to solve complications and check out new articles.

Data Analysis and Stats

(Strand 3, Standard We, Benchmark I)

Collect and explore data through declaration, measurement, research, sampling tactics and simulations.

Data Evaluation and Stats

(Strand 3, Standard I actually, Benchmark II)

Organize data using desks, charts, graphs, spreadsheets and data facets.

Data Evaluation and Stats

(Strand 3, Standard My spouse and i, Benchmark IV)

Identify what data are needed to response a particular query or resolve a given trouble and design and style and put into action strategies to attain, organize and present those data.

Info Analysis and Statistics

(Strand III, Common II, Benchmark III)

Utilize the data and their characteristics to draw and support findings.

Data Evaluation and Statistics

(Strand III, Standard II, Benchmark V)

Formulate inquiries and challenges and collect and translate data to resolve those queries.

Data Research and Statistics

(Strand III, Standard III, Benchmark III)

Formulate and communicate fights and results based on info and evaluate their fights and those of others.

Prior Knowledge:

Students may have worked on the subsequent mathematical expertise:

Reading info from a chart, chart, and chart.

Exploring patterns and conveying mathematical interactions.

Classifying details into groups and groups based on identical properties.

Formulating and assisting arguments depending on statistical info.

Students will have performed this tasks with technological products:

Found causes of information by using a search engine over the internet.

Exchanged and responded to email messages from tutor and other students.

Expression processed paperwork.

Input info into a graphing calculator and displayed effects on a chart.

New technology abilities the students will acquire through this project include the following:

Develop a small computerized presentation.

Preserve and create different types of data.

Create charts and graphs.

Input data into a great Excel spreadsheet.

Make your computer projected idea map.

Pc Functions:


Computer PresentationCreate a small three-slide presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint Replicate charts and graphs onto slides.

Create title slide.

Incorporate go transitions.

Keeping FilesLearn the particular different types of data are by webpage. Net

Preserve files in jpg. and PDF. platforms.

Examine info. from your given web site.

Create graphs and chart. Take info and make a graph or chart. Microsoft Excel. Highlighting information wished for chart/graph.

Demonstrate various types of charts/graphs offered.

Display information utilizing a given graph.

Packaging axis within the chart/grid.

Continued on next web page.

Input data into chart. Enter data into a schedule. Microsoft Exceed. Input data into set up spreadsheet.

Label cellular material accordingly.

Make a concept map. Outline crucial concepts of their project. Ideas Software. Place ideas in to concept map.


Laptop Access

Cost to do business Projector

Laptop Programs (Excel, PowerPoint, Inspiration, Internet)


Graphing Calculators

Opening Established Activity:

This lesson will start by requesting the students to think about how much time they use through out your day on various activities. The scholars will then be asked to break down their day time by publishing the activities that consume the parts of their particular day (sleeping, homework, school, extra-curricular actions, video games, consuming, etc . ). Each college student will take their very own data and calculate the percent through the day spent on each activity.

Check for understanding: Can someone please tell me how to determine a number right percent? What number will need to we divide by?

When they have done this kind of the students will probably be divided directly into groups and compare their very own data with fellow classmates. In groupings they will go over if the method they spend their time constitutes a healthy lifestyle. And i also will raise the question in the event they think time constrictions have transformed over the yearsand whether or not more youthful generations are required to do even more? If therefore , what has brought about these adjustments? The students will need to come up with some sort of speculation and they will be given the chance to test the hypothesis through the task. This will serve as a great summary of the task they are about to partake in.


Once the learners have mentioned their own personal data within their groups I will hand all of them a supply filled with data for their task. The directions for the assignment will be handed out in the packet with the link to the project internet site. I will discuss the task with the college students.

Check for understanding: Does everybody understand what is being asked of which? Ask me personally some queries.

On the project website college students will be able to connect to the tellecollaborating classroom and also access one of a similar project. The guidelines for tellecollaborating with another class will be clearly outlined around the project web page. They will also include site data from the different classroom to their project. I will let the pupils know that I will be checking the messages among the classes on a regular basis and providing feedback and recommendations. The students can also be informed which the tellecollaboration area of the project can be described as large component to their quality, so it is critical that they engage in sharing their particular data with the other classrooms.

Through the first working day, the students can discuss in their groups how they are going to accumulate the information from your audience they intend to review. The student will also design and sign a contract with each other that must be approved by the educator. Since the utilization of the computer is limited (only three in the classroom), the students will need to come well prepared each day which has a description showing how they are going to utilize computer every day.

Check for understanding: Can somebody please describe what it means to tellecollaborate with another classroom? Where can I go to try this? Is it critical that I consist of this inside my project?

Format of Computer use:

Since the use of the computers is restricted and must be shared, the following is an idea of how the students will probably be rotated throughout the computer channels.

Providing the fact that there are three computers in the classroom, the students will probably be divided into six groups. Each day three organizations will be given to a laptop, while the various other three groups analyze all their data and receive training from the teacher in regards to the new-technology skills they will be acquiring. Everyday at the computer the students will get the information they need and insight the information into the programs which have been required. This will be turned back and forth right up until completion of the project. So basically, they may have a planning/learning day, followed by a day on the computer.

Such as:

Analysis Time (Before Pc Use)Computer Day time

*Round One: -Begin to formulate questions.

-Look within the project internet site.

Round Two: – Determine sample viewers

Type inquiries on Ms Word.

Round Three: -Lesson on Microsoft company Excel and saving documents. -Begin tellecollaboration.

-Look for webpage about saving documents and get suggestions.

Round 4: -Analyze data collected by survey.

Begin to develop keywords pertaining to search.

-Think about category of information.

Compare info found while using data with the tellecollaborating classroom.

Start to discuss feasible classification concepts w/tellecollaborating class room.

Round Five: -Lesson on Inspiration-Enter data in to Excel template chart and determine formulae.

Round Six: -Analyze spreadsheet and decide on the graphical information.

-Discuss part of research. -Graph the information.

-Begin search on chosen research element (lifestyle, record, etc . )

Round Several: -Lesson about PowerPoint-Discuss analysis idea with tellecollaborating class room.

Round Eight: -Discuss project idea.

-Outline key concepts. -Insert important concepts in to Concept Map template.

-Discuss project with tellecollaborating class room.

Round Seven: -Discuss presentation-Work on PowerPoint presentation.

-Save work with disk.

*Denotes that the pc time and evaluation time can be rotated with the half of the period, not a complete class period.

Once this is certainly complete the students will present the project towards the class and evaluate their fellow group members. They will also be responsible for writing their task experience.

Guided Practice:

During this job I will take some time in class to visually demonstrate to them how to use Stand out, PowerPoint, Creativity, and how to preserve files ahead of those items in their tasks (the fresh technical skills required for this kind of project).

Check for Understanding: I will be walking around the room through the students supportive group function. I will be accessible to answer any questions the students may independently have and to assess if they understand the materials.

At the end of every day, a spokesperson via each group will have the obligation of informing me what they accomplished everyday. The organizations will also need to write down any kind of questions they have about the project towards the end of each time and I should go over the questions with the whole class everyday. This will provide additional reviews on how the project goes.

The students will probably be required to hand in a copy of their computer operate each day they will work at the computer stations. And I will be exploring the tellecollaborating facet of the job regularly to steer student dialogue in case they can be getting off course. The students will likely have to journal their experience, so they can exhibit in writing the actual understood and what was challenging for them to figure out. These activities will every serve as a fantastic opportunity to measure the students understanding and familiarity with the material.


I will be examining the students during the task by wondering and noticing. The formal assessment of the project is definitely the completed task itself, the PowerPoint presentation. This will end up being graded by using a rubric, ensuring the key concepts were attained in the job. The tellecollaboration will also act as graded assessment, as well as the peer evaluations.

Plan for Reteaching:

For the scholars that require further assistance they are going to have the opportunity to work with practice assignments. I will give them additional worksheets that reiterate key ideas, such as switching numbers to percents, and reading information from a chart and graph. Let me also have my lecture notes around the various scientific skills designed for them to look over. They can as well access the instructions and an example within the project site for further understanding. I will end up being available after and before school for virtually any additional support that they may require.

Inclusion of Diverse Learners:

This lesson incorporates a multitude of different instructing techniques to combine all types of scholars. There is visible material, and auditory directions and discussions. For those students who will be better learning through social interaction, they may have the opportunity to do so in their teams. An edition that could be made to this activity to include students with a image impairment is always to make sure the area was pre-loaded with a computer than magnified the print on the screen. As for college students with ADHD, this project allows the scholars to move around the classroom, and they are generally not confined to their desks for an extended period of time. And then for the kinesthetic learners, the computer is a great hands-one activity by itself.

Implementing the routine:


-notes on laptop programs

-information packet describing the project

-sample concerns example

-question hand-out pertaining to daily queries

-worksheets the reiterate essential concepts

-sample surveys pertaining to references

-peer evaluation forms

-student contracts


advertise tellecollaborative task

identify tellecollaborating schools and set up ideas with instructors

create project webpage

bookmark internet sites

create project folder and group folders on each of your computer personal pc

Software icons available on computer’s desktop

create PowerPoint and Surpass examples

generate Excel and Inspiration themes

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